Monday, May 21, 2012

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega Attempts To Have A "Malt Liquor Summit" Between His Dear Friends

You Are NOT Going To See This On Media Matters Or Oliver Willis' Blog As They Only Indict White Right-Wing Hate Speech

(I couldn't pass that one up)

In all seriousness -

The key distinction between myself and "Brother X" is that I would work to try and OPERATIONALIZE his rant.  (No, No, No - Not the "Killing White Folks" part)
I am talking about the need for more PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PRACTITIONERS to be trained up to provide these needed services closer to home, systematically reducing the dependency upon the centralized government, to which the prevailing Black Consciousness is forced to become dependent upon.

When it comes to firearms - it goes without saying that Bishop Henry McNeal Turner was consummately correct in his observation of the need for each household to acquire the provisions to defend itself.

The key problem that Brother X does not mention is that today - there is a greater chance of a gun owned by a Black person to kill another Black in the name of some petty squabble than there is for him to be DEFENDING HIS COMMUNITY.

I reject the RESENTMENT based strategy as it consumes people, drawing their need for strategic, organic development in exchange for the short term pacification of misdirected anger.

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