Saturday, May 26, 2012

MSNBC's "The" Changes Logo But SSDD With Its Content

They no longer claim to be telling "OUR stories.

Now they are just simply telling stories on behalf of their Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint Venture

To understand MSNBC's "The" we must understand that they were chartered by their corporate media parent to feed Black people from the perspective of the PREVAILING BLACK POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Subsequently there IS NO CONDITION within the Black Community that persists or is created while this ideology is on watch that would cause any staff writer at "MSNBCs The" to GO AGAINST THE GRAIN of "Black Thought" for the sake of advancing THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS.

The scheme of the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press then is simply a matter of keeping Black people focused upon that which is most appealing to us in this present consciousness.  The main beneficiary of this is that few among this crowd is going to operate as an INVESTOR - making note of how despite all of the promises and the effectiveness at luring us - they are forced to KEEP THEIR ENEMY ON TRIAL - because they understand that there is "nothing there" when they are forced to define a "Return On Investment" that the Black community receives - when kept upon ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT.

If you allowed them to tell it - the key advancement that this line of thinking has produced for us is in line with the clearance that they have crafted in preventing WHITE PEOPLE from attacking Blacks.

They can't form a coherent strategy on the number of Black people who are being attacked right now - BY PEOPLE WHO'S CONSCIOUSNESS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED FROM THE COMMUNITIES THEY NOW DOMINATE THE MESSAGING IN. 

(In all seriousness - IF I was not Black but instead an outsider who was watching Black people - I WOULD DO EXACTLY WHAT THE WHITE PROGRESSIVE MEDIA EXECUTIVES are doing - provide more platforms for Black Progressive Thought - knowing that my RETURN ON INVESTMENT is the loyalty that I foster - as my "Joint Venture" receives the monopoly balance of THEIR STRUGGLE". 

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