Monday, May 7, 2012

MSNBC's Black Democratic Operative Karen Finney Puts Forth A Hypothetical On Romney's "Death Policies" While Avoiding Discussing The Polices In The Mission Accomplished Cities

Source: Newsbusters

In the unchecked world of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist thought the HYPOTHETICAL in which the Republican threat from Mitt Romney and its effect of allowing American women to die IF he is elected is SUPERIOR to the real world data in the Mission Accomplished cities that are governed by people that Ms Finney is thrilled to have in power.

More people have been murdered in Mission Accomplished cities in the past 10 years - without arousing the ire of "Democratic Operatives who are Black" like Ms Finney than will die under a scheme by Romney that won't provide women with the free health care that Finney is looking for.

Beyond that - the fiscal insolvency of the United States in the future is going to take away far more health care and "social justice" than anything any (racist) Republican will be able to do.

Does anyone recall MSNBC calling in Ms Finney to talk about the predicted insolvency of Social Security and Medicare?

Trustees Warn Of Closer Date For Insolvency For Social Security And Medicare

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