Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr Bacon:

Why is it so painful for you to ponder that the people of West Virginia "hate Obama" and you to attribute it to RACISM(!!!!) as evidenced by their voting AGAINST Obama................
Yet for some reason you seem unable to apply intellectual curiosity and ponder why "The Blacks" have fused our Black Community Develop Consciousness to Progressive-Fundamentalism and the Democratic Party so much that - despite making substantial INVESTMENTS of our 'Equal Black Ballots" into the build up this machine - more than 50 years after taking the balance of our Black Community 401k development fund the Black Racial Services Machine is telling Black people to KEEP INVESTING - never asking to see the 401k statement balance as a means of determining our RETURN ON INVESTMENT? The coup of having MSNBC capturing what purports to be "The Black Agenda" is a greater example of self-hatred among Black progressives than anything that one can conclude about the average West Virginian.

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