Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bill Mayer - Corporations Don't Want "Blackie" Reelected

Bill Mayer has a view on why the economy is not recovering that mirrors what I have heard said on Black Wing Grievance Radio.

It is important to model this line of thinking.
Recently as the economy has shown sign of recovery - THEY are heard saying "Jobs are being created THANKS TO OBAMA'S POLICIES" (this was what I heard on "Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton" in response to the March 2012 jobs increase).

Of course when the job numbers for April 2012 does not register as strongly as they had hoped - they return to the theme that RACISM from corporate America which does not want to see "the Black President" re-elected is the problem.

It is important that we move above the transactional debate.
It is clear that they sway with the wind.

If you make note of these "expert economic and political analysts" - they are merely marketing for Obama, criticizing him ONLY when he does not fight against the right-wing Republicans to their linking.

The obvious point is that Bill Mayer is incompetent at rendering legitimate economic analysis.  Certainly he can't manage to go beyond his bigoted, leftist viewpoints.  But hey - he is a comedian, after wall.

My central argument, however, is that he is a reference model for White Progressive Cheshire Fox paternalistic bigotry against Black people - can't manage to judge a BLACK PRESIDENT on his own merits, instead choosing to push the point that the larger array of the system is the reason for our present condition.

To the Black person who thinks transactionally, and who "Live Vicariously Through Obama" - Bill Maher's support for Obama is proof of his high minded, evolved consciousness.

IF you observe how OBAMA IN POWER has caused his base to compromise themselves on so many issues:

  • Their Anti-War stance against the USA determining the terrorist status of an individual and then killing them, the "Due Process" being left up to the drone pilot sitting thousands of miles away
  • Their aversion to high deficit spending when it reached $490 billion having turned into silence now that the yearly deficit is at $1,200 billion
  • Their previous attacks on job destruction now switched to marketing about "return of private sector jobs" back to the point before Bush destroyed them
The last bullet point proves interesting.
If you read The Daily KOS and some other operate channels - you will see them lauding Obama for the return of private sector jobs while the public sector is still at a net negative.
I assure you that you will NOT read on any progressive blog a rebuttal of Maher's claims after they have stitched together this irony as I have.

In the end FACTS do not matter as much as IDEOLOGICAL unity.

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