Sunday, May 13, 2012

As a new presidential administration came in, shifting from the "right-wing" to the "left-wing" the greatest mistake that I made at the time was to assume that left-wing sites like "Crooks & Liars" and "The DailyKOS" would alter their muckraking scrutiny of the Executive branch in line with their acknowledged preferences for Democratic leadership BUT with the intent of retaining their integrity about protecting their core interests from violations by the government - regardless of who was at the helm of power.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall Has Indicted Mitt Romney For His Bullying Than She Cares To Talk About President Obama's Policies On Identifying And Killing Terror Suspects In Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan

Statistics That You Will NEVER Hear From Charles Blow:

  • What Percentage Of Anti-Torture Protesters Believe That Water Boarding Is Torture But Targeting Of Individuals Labeled As Terrorists By The CIA And US Military And Then Blowing Them Up Is Not Torture - The Bodies Are Not Left Intact To See The Evidence Of Bruising Or Water In Their Lungs
  • What Percentage Of People Who Believe That Romney's High School Behavior Is More Important Than The Fact That We Are In The Third Year With A $1.2Trillion + Deficit And Their "Social Justice" In In Peril In The Long Run?

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