Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Unconscious Negro Shows What He Values The Most - Just Not Directly

From the "Booker Rising" blog.

A poster named "TrueProgressiveVoice" pretends that he is a "strong defender of Blackness".

In truth he is merely a loyal Democrat who is a Racism Chaser.
Proving that the White folks in the Republican Party are RACIST IS his superior achievement.  

Even in a city like Philadelphia where there is no Republican threat is setting policy priorities (the last time I checked 14 of the 17 city councilmen were Democrats) - when someone (like me) calls out the irony of seeing the mayor of a public school system  with 65% Black people but which is FAILING being able to take to the podium and attack a former 1 term Republican governor about his flawed educational policy - a person like True Progressive Fundamentalist DOES NOT SEE THE IRONY.

He is quite pleased to see that BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE REPUBLICANS over any interest to accept that WHAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE PLEASED WITH has FAILED TO SUFFICIENTLY EDUCATE BLACK PEOPLE.  Thus my statement "Popularity" should not be mistaken for "Effectiveness".

DEAR CHUNKY - Please note how to deal with the BIGOT named TRUE PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALIST.

[quote]Black people don;t like Romney for a variety of reasons and Mayor Nutter
 does not like Romeny so what the fcck are you whining
about...???..There are republican mayors , governors , congressman and
talk show hosts that don't like Obama and you never complain about
them... Even when they use racism to comment on Obama your punk azz is
silent because you have mnarching orders to be a good knee-grow and
never say anything that will harm your precious racist conservative

Do you see his response to the video that I posted regarding how the mayor of a FAILED PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM with 65% Black people in it?

He shows that HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT.

He is MORE PLEASED that "Black People Don't Like Republicans" - more than he is concerned that BLACK PEOPLE WHO INVESTED their "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the hopes that THEIR COMMUNITY WOULD BE TURNED AROUND.................are now seen PLEASED because the MEN WHO ARE A PART OF THE MACHINE THAT IS FAILING THEM is heard talking about someone who is a SUPERIOR threat to them than is the failure of their schools.

His recurring theme is that I DON'T FIGHT RACISM AGAINST OBAMA sufficiently enough.

This is SUPERIOR to him than is the clear and observable compromise of Black Community Institutions and Priorities BECAUSE criticism of the "Return On Investment" would be bad for Obama's poll numbers from Black people.

True Progressive Fundamentalist is like "Killer Mike" without a recording contract.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fox (Local) News Reports On Racial Discrimination In New Jersey But Their Viewers Are Too Dumb To See It - According To Report

There may be a bunch of changes in one's assumptions here.

A News Corp owned media venue is reporting on RACISM(!!!) inside of a corporation.
This racism is taking place in a northern blue state that is not Mississippi or Alabama.

A progressive editorial cartoonist hits "Fox News Viewers" about claims of their intelligence.  This same author would NEVER render an article that made reference to the perceptions of Black people's intelligence - lest he would be called a "racist". 

The circular game indeed has rules that the players abide by after all.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

MSNBC's "The Grio.com" Changes Logo But SSDD With Its Content

They no longer claim to be telling "OUR stories.

Now they are just simply telling stories on behalf of their Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint Venture

To understand MSNBC's "The Grio.com" we must understand that they were chartered by their corporate media parent to feed Black people from the perspective of the PREVAILING BLACK POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Subsequently there IS NO CONDITION within the Black Community that persists or is created while this ideology is on watch that would cause any staff writer at "MSNBCs The Grio.com" to GO AGAINST THE GRAIN of "Black Thought" for the sake of advancing THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS.

The scheme of the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press then is simply a matter of keeping Black people focused upon that which is most appealing to us in this present consciousness.  The main beneficiary of this is that few among this crowd is going to operate as an INVESTOR - making note of how despite all of the promises and the effectiveness at luring us - they are forced to KEEP THEIR ENEMY ON TRIAL - because they understand that there is "nothing there" when they are forced to define a "Return On Investment" that the Black community receives - when kept upon ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT.

If you allowed them to tell it - the key advancement that this line of thinking has produced for us is in line with the clearance that they have crafted in preventing WHITE PEOPLE from attacking Blacks.

They can't form a coherent strategy on the number of Black people who are being attacked right now - BY PEOPLE WHO'S CONSCIOUSNESS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED FROM THE COMMUNITIES THEY NOW DOMINATE THE MESSAGING IN. 

(In all seriousness - IF I was not Black but instead an outsider who was watching Black people - I WOULD DO EXACTLY WHAT THE WHITE PROGRESSIVE MEDIA EXECUTIVES are doing - provide more platforms for Black Progressive Thought - knowing that my RETURN ON INVESTMENT is the loyalty that I foster - as my "Joint Venture" receives the monopoly balance of THEIR STRUGGLE". 

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Dear Friend Chauncey DeVega Attempts To Have A "Malt Liquor Summit" Between His Dear Friends

You Are NOT Going To See This On Media Matters Or Oliver Willis' Blog As They Only Indict White Right-Wing Hate Speech

(I couldn't pass that one up)

In all seriousness -

The key distinction between myself and "Brother X" is that I would work to try and OPERATIONALIZE his rant.  (No, No, No - Not the "Killing White Folks" part)
I am talking about the need for more PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PRACTITIONERS to be trained up to provide these needed services closer to home, systematically reducing the dependency upon the centralized government, to which the prevailing Black Consciousness is forced to become dependent upon.

When it comes to firearms - it goes without saying that Bishop Henry McNeal Turner was consummately correct in his observation of the need for each household to acquire the provisions to defend itself.

The key problem that Brother X does not mention is that today - there is a greater chance of a gun owned by a Black person to kill another Black in the name of some petty squabble than there is for him to be DEFENDING HIS COMMUNITY.

I reject the RESENTMENT based strategy as it consumes people, drawing their need for strategic, organic development in exchange for the short term pacification of misdirected anger.

This Post, While Anatomically Correct, Is Likely To Be Deleted From The Grio.com

From "The Roots Of Homophobia In The Black Community" post on MSNBC's The Grio.com


1) The vagina of EVERY human female, regardless of her sexual orientation produces self-lubrication as she anticipates sexual intercourse.  The body seeks to reduce the possibility of laceration from friction from the complimentary genitalia

2) The human anus produces no such "self lubrication" to protect itself.  The high concentration of nerve endings in this part of the body - while pleasurable to sexual stimulation - is the purpose of these nerves is to ensure that you don't tear any sensitive tissues during a bowel movement.

Do you find it interesting that YOU call someone an "idiot" by making a "Drive By" reference to nature - but you can't get beyond the anatomical TRUTH that is enumerated above.

Or has "evolution" not yet realigned this anomaly between the end of the human digestive system and the human reproductive system?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Conversations With My Dear Friend Yeri - Mission Accomplished Cities

From Booker Rising:

I thought that I had laid out a rather non-"trickery" based request from my friend Yeri on the Booker Rising blog.
Of course the fact that I am critical of the fraudulent operations of the majority of the "Black Racial Services Machine" then it must be ME who stands against the development of Black people by leaders who are fighting against "racist" attacks.  
For the "Fish Don't Know He Wet" people - they can't see that that which they believe is "True Black Political Consciousness" - is merely what they have adopted as POPULARITY.  
When I demand "effective outcomes", in line with their promises to the effect - it's like I grew a second head - as they can't rationalize that someone actually EXPECTS production for our people to come out of their scheme.


Yeri says:

Your anti-black confirmation bias is showing. To blame the ills of cities on the "black racial services machine" or the "black progressive establishment" betrays a pathological disrespect for the integrity, intellectual ability, and leadership qualities of black officials trying to govern in hard economic times.[/quote]
Constructive Feedback responds - seeking to frame the argument in a more productive form.
It comes as no surprise that YOU would attempt to claim that the ESSENCE of the "Black Racial Services Machine" is their BLACKNESS rather than their PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST BIGOTRY in which their BLACKNESS is merely a FACADE for Negroes like YOURSELF to claim a "racial attack" over.
Can you detail ANYWHERE in recent Black Electoral history in which:1) A Racial Services Machine Candidate for elective office
2) Worked in conjunction with the "Progressive Joint Venture (The racially diverse but ideologically "lily white" coalition) to COMPEL near UNANIMOUS collection of the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT
3) Having OBTAINED monopoly POWER over a district (see Philly, Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis)
FOR EXAMPLE - Telling Black people to WITHDRAW their EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, continue to vote BUT shift the BALANCE OF THEIR DEVELOPMENT CONSCIOUSNESS into NON-POLITICAL, ORGANIC community development interests - AS THEY ARE SEEN FIGHTING to keep the POLITICAL OPERATIVES OUT from taking CREDIT of the benefits achieved from this CHANGE OF COURSE.
(Personal Note:  I like you Yeri BUT your response to this post will determine my long term views of YOU and your INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY.    My sentiment of YOU may matter to YOU.  I accept this.   But you will not be able to say that I was CLOSED MINDED and never gave you an OPEN MIC to speak your peace. )

Yeri Responds:
  I've read this post a couple times and the profligate use of the upper-case doesn't amplify the low decibals of your ignorant accusations when "those who have obtained majority power", and have always had majority power, in cities you refuse to acknowledge, with white leadership and majority white or other non-black populations, are facing similar financial, economic senarios as your so-called "mission accomplished" cities. Only you, for some pathological reason, attribute socio-economic difficulties to some intellectual ineptitude inherent in the black political mind rather than the macro-economic reality of a national and international reccession, rapidly becoming a global depression.
I was not surprised that when given the floor to explain away my supposition that what is purported to be "The Black (Development) Agenda" has NEVER cleaned house in the face of failure which caused a loss of "return on investment" for our people - that my friend Yeri - AGAIN - sought to turn the conversation onto me.  This is KEEP YOUR ENEMY ON TRIAL 101.   
It is ME WHO HATES BLACK PEOPLE - who fails to look around and see all of the "White-lead" cities who are also in dire straits.   
Yeri can't see that I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT "BLACK".  I am talking about PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM as the first ingredient on the box.   "Blackness" is merely the "food coloring" that is thrown in for "curb appeal" to the consumer of the chum.
I was disappointed, but not surprised that the response above was ultimately a PUNT.
A person who is bent on EQUALITY-chasing has no shame in gaining power over institutions based on the indictments of the inequality of the present governance of institutions -only to proclaim his consummate EQUALITY with his contemporaries who are failing when he now has the seat of power and someone (like me) is crazy enough to actually demand the PRODUCTION that he promised would occur when he obtained his POWER.
All that I ask is that you note that there will be no SELF-PROTECTION movement baked from within the Black community - defending our people from the Embedded Confidence Man - as he, in the future, attempts to lure us in with the promises of future grandeur.
For you see - the problem is not actually with the Embedded Confidence Men - it is with the self consciousness and self-worth of the body of individuals through which he trolls for emotional attachment to his cause.
C.S. Responds
  Yeri:I am not surprised by your response.   I really am not.
YOU - just as the group of people who I talked with last night - assume that my criticism of what is PURPORTED TO BE "Black Progress" - as merely "Black Ideological Political Expression" CAN'T BRING YOURSELVES to see that it is NOT "Intrinsic" or Immutable and thus your inability to see this is YOUR myopia - not MY "BLACK HATRED".
Here is the proper rebuttal - on two different tracks
1) YOU NOW HAVE "Favorable People In Power" - who GOT THEIR POWER via the support and convincing of BLACK PEOPLE - that once IN POWER - the Black condition would improve as THE WHITE FOLKS that used to run things were RACISTS who had no interest in Blacks.
THE KEY POINT - The FAILURE from you on this track is that THERE IS NO PRESENT ATTEMPT TO PREVENT FUTURE USE OF "RACIAL GRAVITATIONAL PULL" - as you now seek out EFFECTIVE MEANS of building up YOUR CITIES that YOU IDEOLOGICALLY CONTROL - no longer content that OTHER CITIES are in the mud as well.  UNLIKE these other cities - YOUR is not controlled by a RACIST.  YOURS is controlled by forces who got 50%+1 of the Black Vote.
(Further clarity - no caps:   What you can't bring yourself to accept is the counter-narrative to the narrative that is the essence of the "Racism Chasing Meme" that you have based your entire existence upon.   You ran against racism to get this present power, based on the promises made to Black people about the future.   Now you stand in power - and are at the point where you should be made to come through upon the lure that got you the power - but now you are telling us all about your commonality.   Are there not cities that are doing far, far better than your own?  Is there any evidence that you have search out to figure out what makes them tick?  What made your present city grow to its past glory?  Or is racism chasing used to forge ideological power your only goal?)
2) Has YOUR ORIGINAL AGENDA OF "BLACK DEVELOPMENT FOR  OUR PEOPLE" not been compromised and molested by your quest for political power?
To add context - I am  now watching the Melissa Harris-Perry Show.   The essence of her Saturday broadcast is that the RACIST REPUBLICANS are seeking to use the "Black Church" as a wedge to peel off Black voters as "Obama the Metrosexual" is hit by an "Articulate Black Conservative".
Yeri - As I listened to this entire segment - with great irritation I might add - Ms Perry paraded through various ministers from "Trinity United" to talk about how "Black Liberation Theory" was a key body of knowledge which allowed the Black community to align its RACIAL goals of development as a people with its CHRISTIAN goals of following Christ through helping THE LEAST OF THESE.
The Southside Of Chicago - MAY be an example that B.L.T. can compel Black folks to built big churches BUT THERE IS LITTLE EVIDENCE that this LEFTIST PSEUDO-REVOLUTIONAL meme can BUILD UP NEGROES into "proper thinking" people - prepared to stand on their own.
Ms Perry is EXACTLY the type of lost soul - political operative - that I speak about when I notate that the BLACK PRESS must be INDEPENDENTLY OWNED for it to ever move from mere ideological and political hackery over to the voice of GOVERNANCE and protection of BLACK INTERESTS from POLITICAL USURPATION that POPULARITY and SELF-SERVING compels one to do. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

As a new presidential administration came in, shifting from the "right-wing" to the "left-wing" the greatest mistake that I made at the time was to assume that left-wing sites like "Crooks & Liars" and "The DailyKOS" would alter their muckraking scrutiny of the Executive branch in line with their acknowledged preferences for Democratic leadership BUT with the intent of retaining their integrity about protecting their core interests from violations by the government - regardless of who was at the helm of power.

MSNBC's Tamron Hall Has Indicted Mitt Romney For His Bullying Than She Cares To Talk About President Obama's Policies On Identifying And Killing Terror Suspects In Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan

Statistics That You Will NEVER Hear From Charles Blow:

  • What Percentage Of Anti-Torture Protesters Believe That Water Boarding Is Torture But Targeting Of Individuals Labeled As Terrorists By The CIA And US Military And Then Blowing Them Up Is Not Torture - The Bodies Are Not Left Intact To See The Evidence Of Bruising Or Water In Their Lungs
  • What Percentage Of People Who Believe That Romney's High School Behavior Is More Important Than The Fact That We Are In The Third Year With A $1.2Trillion + Deficit And Their "Social Justice" In In Peril In The Long Run?

Bill Mayer - Corporations Don't Want "Blackie" Reelected

Bill Mayer has a view on why the economy is not recovering that mirrors what I have heard said on Black Wing Grievance Radio.

It is important to model this line of thinking.
Recently as the economy has shown sign of recovery - THEY are heard saying "Jobs are being created THANKS TO OBAMA'S POLICIES" (this was what I heard on "Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton" in response to the March 2012 jobs increase).

Of course when the job numbers for April 2012 does not register as strongly as they had hoped - they return to the theme that RACISM from corporate America which does not want to see "the Black President" re-elected is the problem.

It is important that we move above the transactional debate.
It is clear that they sway with the wind.

If you make note of these "expert economic and political analysts" - they are merely marketing for Obama, criticizing him ONLY when he does not fight against the right-wing Republicans to their linking.

The obvious point is that Bill Mayer is incompetent at rendering legitimate economic analysis.  Certainly he can't manage to go beyond his bigoted, leftist viewpoints.  But hey - he is a comedian, after wall.

My central argument, however, is that he is a reference model for White Progressive Cheshire Fox paternalistic bigotry against Black people - can't manage to judge a BLACK PRESIDENT on his own merits, instead choosing to push the point that the larger array of the system is the reason for our present condition.

To the Black person who thinks transactionally, and who "Live Vicariously Through Obama" - Bill Maher's support for Obama is proof of his high minded, evolved consciousness.

IF you observe how OBAMA IN POWER has caused his base to compromise themselves on so many issues:

  • Their Anti-War stance against the USA determining the terrorist status of an individual and then killing them, the "Due Process" being left up to the drone pilot sitting thousands of miles away
  • Their aversion to high deficit spending when it reached $490 billion having turned into silence now that the yearly deficit is at $1,200 billion
  • Their previous attacks on job destruction now switched to marketing about "return of private sector jobs" back to the point before Bush destroyed them
The last bullet point proves interesting.
If you read The Daily KOS and some other operate channels - you will see them lauding Obama for the return of private sector jobs while the public sector is still at a net negative.
I assure you that you will NOT read on any progressive blog a rebuttal of Maher's claims after they have stitched together this irony as I have.

In the end FACTS do not matter as much as IDEOLOGICAL unity.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr Bacon:

Why is it so painful for you to ponder that the people of West Virginia "hate Obama" and you to attribute it to RACISM(!!!!) as evidenced by their voting AGAINST Obama................
Yet for some reason you seem unable to apply intellectual curiosity and ponder why "The Blacks" have fused our Black Community Develop Consciousness to Progressive-Fundamentalism and the Democratic Party so much that - despite making substantial INVESTMENTS of our 'Equal Black Ballots" into the build up this machine - more than 50 years after taking the balance of our Black Community 401k development fund the Black Racial Services Machine is telling Black people to KEEP INVESTING - never asking to see the 401k statement balance as a means of determining our RETURN ON INVESTMENT? The coup of having MSNBC capturing what purports to be "The Black Agenda" is a greater example of self-hatred among Black progressives than anything that one can conclude about the average West Virginian.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Test Of A Racism Chaser's Integrity - Cross Domain Applicability

Racism Chasing, Embedded Confidence Men can be cute and female as well.

Why don't we see that there are "Secular Progressive Rituals" that are being executed upon, just as we believe to be the case in Africa?

Now I understand why Caphart thinks the way that he does.  He
is trying to "Out Left" Keli Goff in his commentaries

Keil Goff:  Obama Held To Higher Standard On Gay Marriage Since He's Black

Yahoo News: (RACIST, Homophobiic ) South African Traditional Leaders Oppose Gay Rights - Because They Are Racist And Homophobic 

South Africa's National House of Traditional Leaders wants parliament to delete a clause in the constitution that guarantees equal rights to homosexuals, a media report said Sunday.
The leaders, who advise the government on traditional laws and customs among ethnic groups such as the Zulu and Xhosa, made the request in reply to the annual invitation to submit suggestions to parliament's constitutional review committee, City Press reported.
The weekly newspaper said the ruling African National Congress(ANC) would consider the proposal.
South Africa is the only African country to allow gay marriage and adoption.
Its constitution, adopted after the fall of apartheid in 1994, reads: "The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including... sexual orientation."
ANC lawmaker Patekile Holomisa, who chairs the constitutional review committee and is also a traditional leader, said ANC leaders had imposed equal rights for gays on party members and the country.
"The great majority does not want to give promotion and protection to these things," he told City Press.
"The last time this issue was discussed was about same-sex marriages. Most of the people in the (parliamentary) caucus were opposed to it, but then Luthuli House (ANC headquarters) and the leadership instructed us to vote for it."
Holomisa, who said he fears the ruling party will lose votes if it ignores the traditional values of its electoral base, called homosexuality "a condition that occurred when certain rituals have not been performed".
The ANC quickly distanced itself from Holomisa's remarks, releasing a statement that said the ruling party's chief whip in parliament would call a meeting with him "for clarity regarding his media statements".
"The ANC caucus distances itself from these views and would like it noted that at no stage has it considered debating this issue before parliament," it said.
"The ANC believes that any law which denies people the right to their sexual expression devalues them in our broader society and as such is an affront to their dignity and a breach of... our constitution."
Despite South Africa's liberal constitution, homosexuals still face discrimination, harassment and violence, especially in black townships, where lesbians are commonly targeted for "corrective rape" in the belief that sex with a man can change their sexual orientation.

Monday, May 7, 2012

MSNBC's Black Democratic Operative Karen Finney Puts Forth A Hypothetical On Romney's "Death Policies" While Avoiding Discussing The Polices In The Mission Accomplished Cities

Source: Newsbusters

In the unchecked world of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist thought the HYPOTHETICAL in which the Republican threat from Mitt Romney and its effect of allowing American women to die IF he is elected is SUPERIOR to the real world data in the Mission Accomplished cities that are governed by people that Ms Finney is thrilled to have in power.

More people have been murdered in Mission Accomplished cities in the past 10 years - without arousing the ire of "Democratic Operatives who are Black" like Ms Finney than will die under a scheme by Romney that won't provide women with the free health care that Finney is looking for.

Beyond that - the fiscal insolvency of the United States in the future is going to take away far more health care and "social justice" than anything any (racist) Republican will be able to do.

Does anyone recall MSNBC calling in Ms Finney to talk about the predicted insolvency of Social Security and Medicare?

Trustees Warn Of Closer Date For Insolvency For Social Security And Medicare