Monday, April 16, 2012

Which Magazine Is Of Greater Concern To MSNBC's The Grio's Zerlina Maxwell?

Don Diva - 35 Murders & 100 Shootings
Contributing To The Notions That Even White Progressives Have
That Black Men Are Violent But No Fear That MSNBC
Will Ever Ask If These Type Of Magazines That Glorify
Street Pirate Violence Ultimately Are A Detriment Because
They Kill Black People Who Would Vote For The Democrats
If They Were Still Alive
Proof That The National Review Is RACIST
The First Black Attorney General Of The USA
Because They Can't Stand To See A Black
Man Anywhere Else But Behind Bars

[quote]  and that it's not poverty and inequality that is to blame for criminality.[/quote]
Ms Maxwell - your arguments tickle me so.  Still I need your help.
It seems that regardless of the incremental power that the Progressive-Fundamentalist achieves - even if this power was provided by "The Least Of These" based on the promises that the Progressive's placement into the seat of power would provide for their SALVATION - for some reason the Progressives that are in power never seem to be held still and made to PRODUCE what they had promised the people.
Let's look at Detroit or nearby Camden or Newark.   Even as they ran these "racist" Conservatives out of all elected seats of power and the Progressives had all of the "blueberry pie" to themselves - they implemented the "Progressive Public Policy" that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists support.   
Yet despite this truth - you are still able to find a way to practice what I call "Establishment Power Repudiation".   Regardless of the amount of power your ideology and party achieves you are going to DENY that you have the POWER to deliver upon your promises.
Honestly thought - this is not the problem.
The real problem is that the RANK & FILE that has invested in the Progressive-Fundamentalist machine that dominates their government is disinclined to protect their own interests - as a separate and distinct entity from their favored ideological/political vehicle.  
You and other propagandists fit in at this point as you keep feeding the people what they like to eat.  Always KEEPING YOUR IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY ON TRIAL so you ever get around to PUTTING YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE IN POWER on trial for their FAILURE.
Ms Maxwell - does anyone consuming your product note that - with MSNBC as your sponsor "your fruit" is not going to fall far from this tree?  Surely you are not going to ever write an article that causes the "brass" to question you.
I don't believe that you and the other "paid staff" see that the SHORT TERM success that you achieve in keeping the "Black Progressive Congregation" together using your tactics is ultimately causing long term damage to the Black Community's interests.   There is no GOVERNANCE CULTURE that you are promoting.
Just imagine the day that, as you Black Progressives say - "America Browns" beyond a tipping point and now PROGRESSIVES rue the day, Ms Maxwell.  Will you STILL be spending the balance of your time focusing on the RACIST WHITE FOLKS who have no power?   Or - get this - will you change your definition of the term "RACIST" - stripping from it the need to have POWER as a qualification?  
Might there be a psychological association where the thoughts of White folks are of a SUPERIOR interest to you that you don't care to report on the people who actually receive the votes from Black progressives and thus are in power running the institutions that are failing you?

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