Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ted Nugent - The Right-wing Fails To Show Its Contempt For Disrespect For The "Office Of The Presidency", The Left Usings This As Yet Another Distraction To Avoid Talking About Their Failed "Hope"

Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" Ted Nugent Page

My confidence in the people who operate the media in this country is at an all time low.

Still I can't get past the ultimate fact that if they did not have an audience who was consuming their "Bread and Circuses" they would be out of business.

I just can't get my arms around the outright ignorance that is at play at a time when our nation is at a critical crisis.  Beyond the obvious financial crisis there are many social and cultural changes that are without sound footing as it leads the people forward on shaky ground.

In the latest "self-chummed" attack / volley response - red neck Ted Nugent cast an insult on President Obama and the Democratic establishment.  He apparently caught the attention of the US Secret Service.

Instead of his Republican friends standing their ground AGAINST the use of such language in the public discourse - they made a passing condemnation but ultimately issued a series of redirections about when "the other side" does the same thing.

Not to be out done - the Democrats and all of their sycophants put a microphone in the face of assumed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and demanded that he provide condemnation and distance to Nugent's words.

I keep assuming that there is some larger consciousness that Americans operate with.  That these obvious fraudulent attempts at "clan unity", forged in outrage are going to be called what they are - a distraction that pacifies the people's want for salacious news, akin to TMZ, Worldwide Hip Hop and People Magazine.

Unfortunately this type of tabloid politics are allowed to enter into the halls of our official government body - without leadership who demands that this ignorance be stopped not just at "this time of crisis" but because this ignorance that drew away our attention from important matters  is what allowed the crisis to be arrived at in the first place.

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