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Simulcast - Quiet On All Fronts About The CIA In Yemen While The Black Press Fronts As It Focuses On Other Matters Its Readers Want To Hear About

This is the first ever simulcast across my key blog properties.
Since each of my blogs are compartmentalized to focus on various subjects that are related by essentially distinct - the news that the Obama Administration proving approval for expanded use of Drones in the sovereign nation of Yemen provides a great opportunity to view this latest act by the "American Military Imperialist Machine" - NOT from the perspective of the Obama Administration, but instead to look into the audience who is "living vicariously through Obama" to make note of their reaction.
I have no interest in telling any blog or web site that represents itself as a "Black Site" what they should post.

To the contrary I use what they do post to make an inference of the agenda that they are seeking to propagate to Black people, with the intent on shaping the "Black Conscious Attention" toward a given end.

For years I heard how the CIA was the force operating around the world (South American and Africa in particular), undercutting governments for the purposes of advancing American interests.  Surely the tale of the CIA in Haiti is well known during the time of Aristide.

For some strange reason that I can't put my finger on - today's CIA does not trigger the same angst.  They now loudly broadcast their operations in various nations and this does not seem to trigger the same outrage in some progressive press circles.

TO BE CLEAR - in order to understand the "left wing press" you have to understand the segmentation.
Credit is due to:
  • Democracy Now
  • The Nation Magazine
  • Others
that have been following the increases in the use of drones by the US military - they having remained consistent even as Commander In Chief Obama took the helm and expanded their use.

The best way to understand how things work is to understand things from the perspective of the INDICTMENT.

While it is true that while some of the progressive/left news sources that pride themselves in being consistent in their advocacy - regardless of who is in office - it is the progressive rank and file - that ultimately must take what their journalist friends have fed to them and run with it - forming protests marches, boycotts, petitions and "Occuations".

I assure you that Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now" will be talking about the expansion of drone use in Yemen when I watch the recording later on.

All of the news sources listed below might indeed be "progressive-fundamentalist".  Their agenda is, however, very different than the mainstream leftist news organizations - even if these "black news aggregation blogs" are satellite operations of the parent.

These sites below work as filters of the news INTO the Black community.
In as much as they are staffed with operatives from the "Black Racial Services Machine" their goal is to slant the news from the perspective of the "Black establishment"/ the Progressive agenda and the Democratic Party.

When it comes to reporting on military news related to Obama they make sure that they speak of the US Military / CIA as a separate and distinct entity from Commander In Chief Obama.
The most clever rationalization - which is partially true - is there insistence in making the case that the "US War Machine" is going to do what it is going to do, regardless of who is in power.  Obama in the White House is there to first apply compassion to ensure that as few Americans and no foreign "collateral damage" takes place as the military operation is executed.

Thus Obama is seen as "The More Efficient Imperialist".  The conversation in the ranks of the Black Press becomes how Obama is more competent militarily than his predecessor.  All the while they are sure that the loyal audience will miss the JUSTIFICATION that did not appear in the write up from the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press"  - See LIBYA as a perfect example.

Just to make sure that the congregation stays unified - they typically include some reference to what "Dick Cheney" had to say in criticism of Commander In Chief Obama's military actions.   As the JingOists are heard defending Obama against the attacks from the right wing - who refuses to venerate Obama as a STRONG MILITARY LEADER - they fail to note that the majority of Obama's military machismo (per the view of the JingOists) have come at the expense of people of color around the world.  A point that they would be certain to make against an adversarial Commander In Chief.

As we see below, however, a viable coverage option when there is a need for criticism of the Obama Administration is to NOT COVER IT AT ALL.  With sufficient other "self-chum nuggets" to feed off of - the consumers of these propaganda sources won't even realize anything about Yemen - let alone the fact that it is a short flight from the AFRICOM air base in Djibouti East Africa where the drones take off from.

The Successful Construction Of The US Air Base For Drones Has
Been A Boone For US Military Operations In
Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia 

Washington Post's "The"

MSNBC's "The"

Tom Joyner's Black America Web



News (Comcast)
Special Note - Is as much as NewsOne is telling everyone
that Obama's Health Care Rebates Will Top $1 Billion
- what are the chances that NewsOne has told
its readers that the US Federal Deficit has been
over $1,200 BILLION for 3 years straight? That THIS, more
than the GOP is the long term threat to
their health care?

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