Friday, April 20, 2012

Rolling Out Magazine - The Black Racial Services Machine Self-Congratulating Itself

As I conduct my longitudinal research on Progressive-Fundamentalism I find that the best source of research on what PURPORTS to be "Black Progressive Thought" is to go to "mainstream" progressive sources in magazines as a means of achieving a more basic understanding of their line of thinking.

I find that "mainstream" progressive sources  prove the most clear reference to how they are.  I can't call them "White sources" because, while mostly full of White content sources they have racial diversity held together by ideological entrenchment.

The best understanding of "Black Progressive media" is that it has the function of achieving the victory of instilling Progressivism into the Black community by representing themselves as perpetuating "Black Interests" by fighting on behalf of the Black community.

Please understand - they make it a foregone conclusion that Black people via our history and our present majority economic status are a "left wing people" who's growth will come from fighting against the system, ridding it of racism and free market capitalism via government control.  The popular will is proposed to fix it all.

The main flaw of progressive-fundamentalism and "Black Progressive-Fundamentalism" is that it is loathed to put itself on trial, making note that it has sufficient power to produce many of the promised benefit that they claimed their victory would deliver.  As they retain their POPULARITY among its base it understands that it doesn't have to maintain TRANSPARENCY of its actions.  This would be like voluntarily turning oneself into the police, after committing a crime under the cover of darkness - with YOU (yourself) being the police, having to arrest yourself in your own jail that YOU serve as the jailer.

Long story short - the best way to understand the damage that this system if "Ideological Insider Trading" is to accept that even though the Black community has achieved their own self described

checkpoints of success (ie: "This is the most important election in history before us.  Think about the benefit of having so many favorable people in power') ----- the rank & file can't bring themselves to demand that these forces that compelled their investments produce the evidence of the return on investment received within.

I call this "Institutional Integrity Corruption".

The "Black Racial Services Machine" - a loosely coupled band of ideologues that are fixed upon the common ideological goal uses the guise of "Black Racial Development" as the Trojan horse that their "Progressive-Joint Venture Partners" (pictured above) do not have ready access to.

The power of VICARIOUS LIVING is the primary agent of gravitational pull that those who seek to retain their power to define the priorities of Black people make use of.

"I Am Troy Davis" is a point of veneration that is not likely to be applied to the human being who's skeletal remains were found on I-20 in Atlanta - a few minutes walk from the Atlanta University Center, the site of recent "Hoodie Marches" in support of the value of the life of Trayvon Martin.

With President Obama in the White House the power of veneration - where "Blacks in good standing" are compelled to live via Obama's Blackberry schedule - has taken this scheme into triple overtime in its use.

After Rolling Out Magazine told of the crowd of "happy Blacks" who came to the airport to show their approval of President Obama - they go on to tell us 5 reasons why President Obama has earned another round of INVESTMENTS from the Black community toward his reelection.

My agenda is not to stop Rolling Out Magazine from projecting their opinion into the public space. In fact this is one of my most valued source of information in my research so I beg them to continue.

My agenda is to (ironically) put the CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY as the primary index and to appraise just how askew Rolling Out Magazine and other "Obama Fist Bump Black Press Operative" sources are in defending the interests of the community.


It is clear that Rolling Out Magazine, as it observes that its Atlanta-based reading constituency has not achieved the "return on investment" that more than 50 years of INVESTMENT of our "Black Community Development Consciousness" into Voting and Struggling - has NO INTENTION WHAT SO EVER to position itself where it must stand AGAINST THE "Black Racial Services Machine" and its AGENDA - in defense of the DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS of the Black Community.

They understand that the only produce necessary for the Black Progressive Fundamentalist to produce is BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.   The POPULARITY that results is all that is needed to retain the confidence and consciousness of the Black rank & file.

Issue Rolling Out Magazine Spin WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY Perspective
Effective Educational Institutions For Black People-In Line With Our Community Development Needs  #5: The Obama Administration's Race To The Top raised standards and expectations in our public school system (Editor's note:  If I am the only one seeing the FRAUD in this "Check List Item" then I am the one with the problem.  I will review my "Check List" theory below, after the table)

Do you see that the EXISTENCE of the "Race To The Top" program was more important for the operatives at "Rolling Out Magazine" than they have a desire to go to the NUMBERS and affirm the IMPROVEMENT IN ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE by Black students.

I won't even do the side track into "No Child Left Behind" under Bush.  The presence of NCLB was the source of "The Struggle" by educational actor-vists.  Former NEA president Reg Weaver started a tour in various progressive venues to organize the opposition to NCLB - energizing the base.

On a comparative basis this accounting by Rolling Out regarding "Race To The Top" is a whimper.

Race To The Top provided more funding IN THE CONTEXT OF a competition to receive this fund. Ironically the very same forces who are normally against "educational lotteries" (for charter school admissions) are seen heralding Obama's contest - the state school system with the best proposal winning the money.

What about the most NEEDY school systems who make the claim that FAIRNESS in the name of "Social Justice" should be the determining factor of this "Race To The Top" funding?

Note: I must say that some Black Progressives have called Race To The Top as "NCLB II", dismissing it as more Washington theatrics.

Rolling Out Magazine shows itself as an non-serious agent for Educational Attainment - as it shills on behalf on Obama on this point.

Ironically the SAME people that run the problem plagued school systems in Atlanta, Dekalb and Clayton County that educate the majority of Black schools in Rolling Out's distribution zone ALSO are staunch Obama supporters - they all have the understanding that they will suffer no sanction from the Black community for failing to field a better product.  The PARENTS themselves understand that they are part of the problem and thus don't push too hard against the favorable people in power.

Healthy Living Within The Black Community / Clinical Health Care #4 - The Obama Administration's Affordable Care Act now allows 2.5 million young adults to have thes ecurity of health care coverage (stay on your parents health insurance up to the age of 26),as well as 17 million kids who are no longer denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  President Obama also expanded drug discounts to seniors. More than an ideological divide on this point there is a TIME DOMAIN divide and a basic disagreement on "Community Development".

Those people who believe who take a more "Social Justice" view of the Black Community's struggle for "equality and development" tend to see the Affordable Care Act as a VICTORY against the historically oppressive forces that have stood against "universal health care" and thus "Black Interests".   I no longer choose to debate the point as it produces a "When did you stop beating your wife?".

Instead of accepting the presumption that by GIVING OUT more "social justice" from the national resource pool - I choose to make in inspection of the COMPETENCIES developed by the Black community in support of our registered needs.

Those who promote their own success by noting the People and Policies that they have promoted into power are also loathed to report upon the RESULTS as expressed via the condition of the people, lest they form a self-indictment.

I have said from the founding days of this blog:
"There is a distinction between BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT that allows your interest group to live up to a desired STANDARD OF LIVING versus DEVELOPING THE COMPETENCIES OF YOUR PEOPLE to produce the desired STANDARD OF LIVING as the INSTITUTIONS that you now control MOLDING these talents into the Human Resources."

Beyond the rhetorical claim that "Progressivism builds strong governments at the cost of smaller people" we must challenge the Black status quo, forcing them to PROVE that - with reference to HISTORY - a "Fully Serviced Black American CONSUMER" is a wise strategy.   When we ponder the day when EITHER America is no longer able to fiscally provide the high level of "social justice customer service" OR the Black American is compelled to scale his consciousness outward to other "Black Diasporatic Populations" internationally - the present strategy of CONSUMERISM while politicking away the concerns about the operation of our INSTITUTIONS should produce the needed repudiation of the present scheme where increased dependency /nationalization is a positive.

Bottom line - the percentage of Black Physicians has not changed and still resides below the needs of the community and, more importantly, any claim that the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM is effect at producing candidates from our community.

Healthy Living Within The Black Community / Clinical Health Care #3 The Obama Administration put into place the Patience [sic] Bill Of Rights so Americans will no longer see their health care coverage capped or dropped when illness strikes. Take all that I have said above and now shift the issue from MEDICAL ARTS over to FINANCING.

I have pointed out in several posts - 2 years ago - that despite all of the rhetoric against "Profiteering Insurance Companies" - the health care insurance industry had about $16 billion in REVENUES, while "ObamaCare" would trigger $60 billion in additional spending per year". The greedy health care executive and his bonuses was the indictment that triggered the "Occupation"

Just as today we are being drawn to focus on "The Buffet Tax" - a proposal that would raise at most $5 billion in new tax revenues per year - President Obama and the US Congress has been running more than $1,000 BILLION per yer in debt spending.

I can't force anyone to NOT BE FOOLED.   The US Debt is merely "magic money" because its presence doesn't yet impact our lives and thus BOTH the "Social Justice Treasury Raiders" and the "US Military / Wall Street Treasury Raiders" continue on their expansionary trek with reckless abandon.

Like it or not - private health care insurance providers seek to retain their "resource pool" by optimizing the profile of people by their likelihood in paying premiums and consuming services.   It is ONLY the abstraction of the US $16,000,000,000,000 DEBT that the brilliant minds from Rolling Out are able to pretend that the US government lacks the "greedy" intent that the private insurance carriers exhibit.  The US government - short term - doesn't go out of business  per their insolvency.

Again I ask - once the capitalistic financial market that must field the US Treasury Bonds that enables this massive debt no longer chooses to agree to purchase the debt at low interests rates - WILL YOU CONTINUE TO GET YOUR HEALTH CARE once the CAPITAL forces that enable your "Social Justice" are taken away?
US MILITARY IMPERIALISM  #2 The Obama Administration kept their promise to bring the troops home from Iraq from a 9 year deployment When I make the case that the "Dark Matter Analysis" technique is a necessary tool to counter left-wing propaganda that is forced into silence lest it create a SELF-INDICTMENT - believe what I tell you.

With Rolling Out - we must PRETEND that "The War In Iraq" is the only theater of American Imperialist Military Intervention.

Since their goal is to PROMOTE OBAMA and not to retain their INTEGRITY for "Anti-War Progressivism" they understand that their readers are not going to write a letter to the editor to ask about:

  • Body bags that continue to come from Afghanistan
  • NATO bombing of the sovereign nation of Libya
  • Drones that fire missiles into sovereign nations with people of color :
    • Pakistan 
    • Yemen
    • Somalia 
    • Kenya 

Just as the Black Progressive operative in his domestic scope is loathed to talk about the "injustice" that Black on Black crime yields - they also understand that "silence is golden" when it comes to leaving out "military interventions" that THE AMERICAN MILITARY MACHINE conducted under Commander In Chief Obama.

While this is great for Obama's reelection chances - it is even better for the MACHINE, knowing that with Obama in the seat of power - the Anti-War Left will no longer protest the machine's actions.
US MILITARY IMPERIALISM/THE VENERATED FIGURE AS A SYMBOLIC FIGURE OF CONQUEST  #1 The Obama Administration refocused the military and America's efforts on the mastermind behind the Sept 11 2001 attacks, Osama Bin Laden, who was killed bu [sic] US forces under the president's orders in May 2011. I am proud that Rolling Out included the word "The President's Orders' as it relates to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

They can't bring themselves to demand to see the written orders that initiated two US Navy SEAL Commando raids into the sovereign nation of Somalia.

In the first raid a US ship captain who was held hostage by "Somalian Pirates" was rescued after the US SEALS shot 3 Somalians in the head, killing them and immobilizing the threat.

In the second raid 2 Western hostages were rescued in Somalia with 9 Somalians left dead in the wake of the rescue.

UNLIKE a domestic US police raid that produces "Dead Black People" - the Black Progressive Press - on balance- CHEERED the rescue of 3 westerns while withhodling condemnation of the killing of 12 Somalians - asking if their lives were worth anything - just as would be asked in America.

The IRONIC point of it all is that while the domestic rhetoric says "Black lives are not worthy - as proven by the police shootings of Black people (and George Zimmerman's shooting)...........the limited consciousness of the Black Political Operative - necessarily forces him to limit his extension of valuation to the border limits of the UNITED long as WITHIN they aren't made to conflict with his goal to venerate President Obama as well.

The body of my work can be summed up into one short sentence:

An effort to document the damage that violation of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY (which is our culture when you think about it) in pursuit of short term, marginal gains in the context of the American Political Domain - at the expense of developing the CONSCIOUSNESS and INSTITUTIONS that would otherwise support a stronger INDIVIDUAL - regardless of his physical state of being.

The worst violators of the Permanent Interests of Black Americans - are those who do so with the POPULAR CONFIDENCE of the Black Rank & File, who's present consciousness provide for the signal to "go ahead".

The "Self-Affirming Check List".
In the annals of "All That I Have Done To Help Black People' there is a tactic that I have noted.

It involves the assembly of a list of evidence of one's "Real Blackness".   It values the LENGTH of the list than it does the measure of EFFECTIVENESS, the imposition of such standard would provoke a necessary purging.

The purpose of the list is only to feed "Bread and Circuses" to the Black Rank & File, who is made comfortable that the Embedded Confidence Man who provided the list is indeed a worthy leader - if if the list is printed in triple spaced, 36 point font.

The only way to rebut the "Self-Affirming Check List" is to look past the list and focus on ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE.  Make note of their present condition and then force the Embedded Confidence Man to put aside his list and EXPLAIN - how after taking their INVESTMENTS made for their development - the people remain in the condition that they are in?

The list, you see, appeased the people in their present state.  It must never be confused with an EFFECTIVE strategy to transform the consciousness of the people.  Such a strategy might trigger a purge of the leadership.

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