Saturday, April 7, 2012

Psst: I Am Monitoring "MSNBC's The" To See If They Will Report The Firing Of The Editor Of The 911 Tape

Source: NBC News fires producer involved in editing audio of George Zimmerman’s 911 call

With the line up of paid N..... (OK - I'll be nice) -  Black Progressive Contributors over at MSNBC/The (and The for that matter) who have called out the "Conservative Press" for their flawed coverage of the killing of Trayvon Martin - it will be interesting to see if any of these propaganda sources brave souls will mention the dismissal at NBC?

I am not talking about a "news report".
I am talking about ANALYSIS.  

You see - there are certain stories by which these type of operations merely "re-Tweet" and Associated Press report without their usual analysis.

If they were credible we would see one of their all-star progressive line up members (or 2 or 3) do a report opining - "While we are all frustrated that the wheels of JUSTICE have been slow moving - none of us in the journalism profession should cross below a certain threshold and begin to manufacture news, effectively throwing fuel on an open fire".

I understand that the Grio/Root was not commissioned by their corporate sponsors to serve in such a role.   The Black Progressive consumers of their product should content themselves with the fact that they will just have to go to another news source to hear about the consequences of the doctored audio tape.

Its not like any of them will dare do a SELF-INSPECTION to understand if THEY have the same "culture of corruption" like - uhh lets say "The News Corp", as we have heard them incessantly repeat.

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