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The Powers That Be Don't Seem To Have To Twist The Arms Of Black Progressives To Get Them To Venerate Obama Above Challenging The Imperialism That Is Transpiring On His Watch

This is not a rebuttal to my good friend CNu's perspectives on:

  • How Rev Jeremiah Wright represents Black people who lived through Jim Crow and have a right to remain salty  
    • (Notice only Ideological enemies receive his attacks.  White Progressive Cheshire Fox seem 'white as the undriven snow - in the judgment book of Rev Wright.  What is it that makes them so pure while Clarence Thomas is a scoundrel?)
  • How "The Shadow Government" put Obama in place because they understand how "the Black mind" can be pacified, allowing the American Machine to continue its global trek without a "Hoodie March" against THIS President
  • How Conservativism represents "White Supremacy" but there seems to be no similar indictment against the "Black Inferiority" /' Non-White White Supremacy" practiced by the Progressive-Joint venture

My good man, CNu:
I printed out this entire message thread the other day and finally got a chance to read the posts while eating lunch.
Lunch, ironically at a local Black owned sandwich joint.  When I walked in I saw about 4 tables pulled together with a group of Black people who were either police men or (unarmed security guards).
As they walked out - EACH OF THEM STRAPPED with a Glock, I saw that they were "Georgia Department Of Corrections Officers".
I saw "The New Jim Crow" according to Michelle Alexander BUT they are not seen as "Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Allen West -type sellouts" in that vernacular.
While I agree with the general framework of your argument about Blacks who lived in the "belly of the beast" - a close relative to me feared getting on a riverboat in Savannah BECAUSE of fear that the White people might throw us overboard - I am forced to throw a few challenges your way.
Do you agree that TIME is the great sanitizer - from the perspective that an EQUAL HUMAN BEING who has not experienced this hatred directly can't claim to have lived the lashings of his ancestors?
What then do you say about the ACTIVE INDOCTRINATION that we are seeing as the "rites of passage" from the "Black Racial Services Machine" in the way of their "Struggle For Social Justice".
I just watched the news a few seconds ago.  Despite the fact that George Zimmerman was arrested - the Black students of the Atlanta University Center plan to PRESS ON.  Their target is Georgia's "Stand Your Ground Law".  Their mentor - from the SCLC is using this as a template for STRUGGLE.
Now mind you, Brother CNu - according to my research with only 23 "Stand Your Ground" claims made in the past 10 years - More than 4,900 homicides in Georgia, many of them Black - means that "Stand Your Ground" has a "0.4%" usage rate.
My bottom line question to you on this point is - With the "Activists Of Leisure" able to cherry pick their indictments - while showing INCOMPETENCE at managing the Misery Index Within The Black Community where today they either have a DIRECTLY elected "team member" in office or a "Favorable Joint-Venture Partner" - can we really claim that a young Black person today can live in these shackles that he is being custom fitted for by his elder mentor - OR are we at a point where we should look at their INCOMPETENCE in which they use "Bread And Circuses" to drive BLACK POPULARITY as a means of escaping their TERMINATION so that we might prosper?
SECONDLY - you argued that CONSERVATIVES house the WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISM that needs calling out.
My model has a notion of "Black Inferiority" as held by the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" as an EQUAL damning force.  Worse - since it is paired up with "Non-White White Supremacy" - held by some Blacks - THIS DAMNING COMBINATION has one advantage that WHITE SUPREMACY (from White Conservatives) does not have - A VECTOR INTO THE CONSCIOUS NUCLEUS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
Do you really believe that my dear friend Chauncey DeVega's friends from MSNBC has their "Paid Negro Progressives" on the air AND their '" auxiliary BECAUSE they LIKE BLACK PEOPLE?  OR are we FERTILE with EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS that they are waiting for us to ovulate every 2 years, as they know who is going to receive the deposit of the "Black Community Development Consciousness"?
You said that the POWERS THAT BE understand what makes BLACK PEOPLE TICK and thus they raised Obama as the face of the empire.
The one point that you did not make, however, is any evidence of a SELF-PROTECTION MECHANISM WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  One that SEES the GRAND COMPROMISES of BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that OBAMA ON STAGE has triggered IN THE RANK & FILE.
I want to repeat this.
I LOOK PAST OBAMA and instead look into the crowd.
We have a situation where Black Progressives'  "Martin Luther King / Jackie Robinson Character" is also THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the American Imperialist Military Machine.
CNu when these two roles reach a MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE zone (See Libya invasion) - like the old saying goes "When sugar and shyt are mixed together - ONLY ONE maintain's its consistency after the mix".  
Since the BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS value their VENERATION OF OBAMA more than they care to continue their ANTI-IMPERIALIST STANCE - they yield their CONSISTENCY.  While the US Military is more ROBUST than one occupant of the White House.
This is where your argument needed more girth.  
What good is it to have gained a "Black President' inside of the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN but have lost all credibility in the "Black Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain"?
After Obama - when the Black unemployment rate hits 15% and we then see UNEMPLOYMENT HOODIE RALLIES - the only thing that the opposition president needs to do is to scroll back to the years 2010-2012 and see the ABSENCE OF "I AM A MAN" rallies to show that this is not heart-felt by merely IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY.  
Kinda like what one could gather from most of the posts on some "Anti-Conservative Blogs" that pose as 'Pro-Black Blogs" - which show themselves via their inability to focus on ANY FORCE that harms the Black communities interests - ESPECIALLY those which receive our investments yet fail to produce a return on investment.

Here is CNu's series of posts:

Sledge, write lived for 24 years under Jim Crow, 28 years under restrictive housing, essentially, the better part of his life as a young man in service to his country under the taint and constraint of 2nd class citizenship. For Wright to be in any way forgiving toward white America at all is heroic and Christian faaaaar beyond my capacity for forgiveness, and I never experienced any of that as a young man, and only traditional, habitual, midwestern white racism, ostracism, and denial of access and opportunity up until about my 18th birthday.
Wright has done nothing more severe than to recount living-memory truths as he experienced them and as he sees them.
There's no need to go back to slavery. For black men of Wright's generation, and absolutely and incontrovertibly for black men of my late father's generation, they experienced and bore witness to legally sanctioned and enforced racist evil up close and personally.

 commentary on racism is most incisive when it keeps its focus on the economic dimension -- which I believe is central -- rather than the emotionalism about "hate" wallowed in to excess by infotainment for the unthinking. It is better to focus on the intent and the purposes of the racism, which are to create and maintain economic disparities. From such focal points, one can advance policy and law enforcement arguments to eliminate these imbalances. Then, you are speaking about the here and now in a clear, unvarnished and rational manner. This can be extremely hard-hitting without being pitiful and cloying. This is in the spirit of Malcolm X and Frantz Fanon, and that is momentum, that is self-respect, that is pride. If we got enough of this, it might also be revolution.
Yes, there is White-on-Black racism (along with many other forms), but its root is not primarily simple emotional hatred, rather it is both fear (of two kinds: xenophobia and the historical guilt over slavery that Thomas Jefferson admitted to) and greed. The mania for control is driven by greed, and the essential fear is the anxiety over the loss of that control. Ascribing White-on-Black racism to simple emotional hatred is the most comfortable overt explanation, as is clear from its prominence in the depictions of racism in popular culture (e.g., movies). The dominant culture finds it comforting to imagine that racism is confined to people with ungovernable hatreds and undisciplined minds. This relieves the majority who are comfortable with inequitable economic arrangements from any responsibility for the inevitable consequences of those arrangements; and even from any reproach in the eyes of recognized public opinion.
Racism is an instinctive tool to capture resources and deny them to competitor "species." This is why Obama is backed by the Wall Street bankers. To them, he is a tool to safeguard their fortunes against the rising tide of public resentment. They are excellent psychologists, and psychic abusers of the popular Black mind. They know, through their experts in PR (advertising and the management of the public mind), how the popular Black mind pines for symbols of "hope," for action heros on basketball courts and on the big screen -- Will Smith saving the fantasy worlds Hollywood conjures with smoke and mirrors. Any hero in any arena can be produced to distract and quell the masses, so long as it is not an actual hero in any arena of actual power.
Look at our Black "symbols" in those real arenas today: Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell; they've done precious little for Blacks in America, and have cashed in handsomely for precisely that reason. Most blacks are "supporting" (deluding themselves over) Obama for the same reason that older spoiled whiney white women are "supporting" Hillary: identification, they want what they see in the mirror to be honored, to be loved, to get attention, to be in control.

 Your inability to fathom that racism is not the personal, anecdotal phenomenon you're stuck on seeing it as, has brought us to a simple and common intellectual impasse.
Racism, as experienced by Jeremiah Wright and men of his generation and earlier was a systemic, commonplace, entrenched fact and way of life.
That its effects systematically linger and in about 20% or so of politically active whites remains an intractable fact of life - is something that the rest of us continue to have to deal with. 
Your agnosognosia can't be talked away any more than the intractably racist whites who function as the core of so-called conservatism (really white identity politics) can be talked out of their pathological speciation of non-whites. 
The simple fact that you refuse to challenge such knucledragging pathological whites, that you collectively share and support many of the political positions that they promote, well...,
Coupled with the fact that it really bothers you that a man of Jeremiah Wright's generation unabashedly speaks truth to the fact of such racism in America, well....,
Has nothing to do with guilt. I don't know you from Adam's off-ox, and that's not going to change. The simple fact of the matter is that I couldn't care less what you think or feel about the truths spoken by Jeremiah Wright, in much the same way I couldn't care less about your stance concerning whether water is wet.

And that's how the U.S. Armed Services were integrated, right?
Your worldview is so riddled with factual and historical errors that what you consider good or bad is of even less consequence than the wrongheaded superficiality of the academic racism chasers. 
I go hard on the chasers because they too tend toward the personal, anecdotal and superficial - which is why it falls to a working physicist like Manuel Garcia Jr to call out the truth of the situation, inclusive of an opportunistic tool like the Hon.Bro.Preznit.Double-O who is blithely supported by many of the superficial chasers.
As for this horseshit here The only other answer for those not willing to put forth the effort and time to inspire change at the personal level was found in Yugoslavia. 
Then minute white America flexes in that general direction is the minute white America basically, and literally commits suicide. You should never forget the black colonels and iron majors and how long they've had to systematically study and prepare for the Guns, Gold, and Grain yahoos that continue to pop up like whack-a-moles even in the contemporary armed services. 

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