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NY Times Charles Blow Proclaims "OJ Wuz Guilty" Now That It Is Safe To Do So

NY Times Charles Blow: From O.J. to Trayvon

The last time I gathered together "With the boys" I got into an argument with my friend as he attempted to make the case that "All politicians are corrupt, including Obama".

I was expected to agree with his new found consciousness and go along with his new meme.

Instead I REFUSED.
As the first person that I actually saw with an "Obama Limited Edition Commemorative Plate" over his fireplace, I was not willing to pretend to hold hands nicely and walk together in the future.


Needless to say my intransigent position triggered an argument.

This is how I feel about Charles Blow.

Back on October 3, 1995 I recall being on an airplane when the captain notified the passengers of the OJ Simpson Murder Trial verdict.  I noted the majority of groans among the passengers.

Later on the news media shows gatherings of Black people who were seen cheering that "OJ was found not guilty".

Some right-wing commentators wondered why was this out pour of jubilation when there were 2 people murdered, none the less.

For SOME Black people, the findings of the jury was "turn about".   "Now you all see how it feels to have the US Justice system used against you".   This said with the hopes that White people would change rather than resolve to never allow Black folks have power over them.

Has Charles Blow EVER Gone Counter To The Prevailing Black Sentiment When It Counted?

Since Mr Blow has been writing at the NY Times since 2008 we don't have an official record of his public sentiments relative to OJ Simpson from 1995.

The only points that I have to base my appraisal of his disposition is my notation, through his present body of works in which I understand him to be a POPULIST, never contrariwise to the prevailing Progressive sentiment on any issue.

It would be unfair for me to superimpose my assumptions about the article Mr Blow would have penned had he been a staff writer for the NY Times back in 1995.  I just can't bring myself to believe that he would have staked a position that was strongly corrective of the prevailing sentiment among his ideological and racial base of consumers.

When I saw Mr Blow acting as a opposition attorney to one Joe Oliver, friend of George Zimmerman, I wondered why Mr Blow has never used such scrutiny to appraise elements of the "Obama Agenda".
With reports that Obamacare will greatly exceed the cost estimates that Mr Blow assisted in propagandizing - it would have been refreshing to see Charles Blow standing up for OBJECTIVE TRUTH in his use of graphs and statistics - once again - WHEN IT COUNTED THE MOST.

With all due respect, Mr Blow, even if you found the actual knife that OJ used to kill two people it would not matter.  Our double jeopardy laws prevent another trial.   You were silent when you should have spoken up.

Suggested Future Topics For Charles Blow To Write About

  • Obama's Invasion Of Libya Was An Act Of American Imperialism
  • Mumia Abu Jamal Is A Cop Killer?  Yes Or No
  • Jamil Al Amin Is Guilty Of Murdering One Black Sheriff (Married Father Of 4) And Shooting Another
  • Troy Davis Is A Cop Killer? Yes Or NO
    • If NO then why didn't the Pro-Troy Davis People Go After The Real Killer: Sylvester "Red" Combs?
These are active "Struggle" cases.   
Your opinions on these points are welcome.

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