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My Friend Black Diaspora Is Not An "Embedded Confidence Man" - I Am Just Trying To Get Agreement On Some Internal Constructs

Here is a discussion that my friend Black Diaspora and I are having. I created a new post to accommodate a key diagram for us to discuss based on the following exchange.

 Constructive Feedback:
"[F]or us both to agree that there needs to be some BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that prevents so much of OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to be encased into a system that ultimately IS NOT OUR OWN." 
Black Diaspora

I don't disagree. Ron Miller alluded to this as well. I stated there that my concerns center on the "form" of that "system" that we ultimately create for ourselves.
The vagaries of politics--Right or Left--set up barriers to the development of an agreed-upon form and heightens the conflict around the process.
We have no collection of values, ideals, or beliefs around which we can all coalesce. 
One of my goals has been to bridge this divide of conflicting values. To say to black liberals and black conservatives, we needn't be at odds one with the other. 
We may approach the problem from differing directions, but we have the same objective--a black people who can stand foursquare with anyone, look them straight in the eye, and announce their greatness. 
Constructive Feedback
"Despite having a CLEAR dominating ideology, and party loyalty that dominates ALL INSTITUTIONS in Black America - YOU would rather talk about:
* Black Republicans* Black Conservatives* George Bush"
Black Diaspora:
You miss my point entirely. I don't care about politics, or where on the political spectrum you reside, or anyone resides.
I care about people. I care about politics only to the degree that it impacts the lives of the powerless, and those who suffer the most because of it.

The Construct To Base A New Level Of Discussion Over
Here is a diagram that I made last year as an attempt to express the need for an INSTITUTIONAL CONSTRUCT within the Black Community that compelled our people to NOT become the essence of American politics but to retain a consciousness that is protected from it.   "It" being the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - where "The Black Struggle" becomes essentially a "Democratic Party Struggle".     (I would say Republican without any hesitation but the fact is that Blacks are monopoly majority Democrats. )

The diagram above details the need for the Black community to be CONSCIOUS about itself, its present condition, where it ultimately wants to go and, most importantly about the COMPETENCIES of the people within to operate as the main driver for this uplift.

It tells about a common goal that a people seek to achieve for their community.  It defines the need to first define the "domains" that this goal spans and the need to compartmentalize this reality, applying the unique techniques that are necessary in each of these domains to ultimately achieve the desired end.

The example of achieving a higher level of average education for the Black community is used.
There are elements within the "Political Domain" that are necessary to be addressed:

  1. Educational Policies on curriculum, funding priorities, school accreditation
  2. School Districting
  3. Transportation

There are elements in what I call "The Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain"
  1. Selling the majority of the ADULTS on the benefits to be achieved from lifting the average educational attainment upwards by 2 standard deviations
  2. Telling them THE PART THAT THEY MUST PLAY for this end to be achieved
  3. Develop the GOVERNING STRUCTURE by which ALL WHO SEEK TO EAT THE FRUIT of this effort MUST DO for the collective to be successful
  4. Specification of the process of how to handle those who are exceptions, choosing to not do their part - as well as the people who chose not to participate at all in the first place

The final domain was the "Spiritual Domain" 
(You don't need to be a Christian or a Muslim to make use of the the 'Spiritual Domain' column.   This is merely the "spirit" that we have, which we presently draw upon from a multitude of areas - "our ancestors", "our common struggle", etc")

  1. This is where the vision to go where the present circumstances don't make it seem possible
  2. This is where a person accepts certain things that are beyond his control
  3. This is also where a people shed the INFERIORITIES that they have been conditioned to assume as the trust
This is important for my friend Black Diaspora to understand about me.

I can tell right away that our respective ideological point of origin cause us both to have problems relating to the sense of THREAT that each other has.

He believes that FOX NEWS is a "threat" to Black people as they are a constant "racial innuendo" network.  The television version of Rush Limbaugh if you will.    

I, on the other hand, look at the cluster upon which those who represent themselves as "The Black Press" gather around.   I make note of how MSNBC - which I view as the perfect mirror image of Fox News - has EMPLOYED forces that present themselves as "Black Leaders" - to echo their left wing message and I AM MADE TO BELIEVE PER MY VANTAGE POINT that the FORCE THAT IS INSIDE OF THE "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS" and which seeks to USURP our people's STRUGGLE for their agenda is a GREATER THREAT than the offensive entity that resides outside of the FORT, with all of the guns trained upon it.  The battle against them has become THE BLACK STRUGGLE.

It is fundamental to understand this as the key point of contention between my friend Black Diaspora and I.

I have little interest in having a "pissing match" to debate which is worse:  Fox News or MSNBC.

MY ONLY interest is to come to agreement that BOTH OF THESE FORCES are essentially elements of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and that BOTH need to be kept in abeyance from our core consciousness about ourselves.

The failure to do this shows in what we have today.
When I criticize "The Black Fox Embedded Confidence Men" who use the fact that President Obama is a Black, Progressive, Favorable Figure in the White House  - I do so because of the damage that this VICARIOUS LIVING through "The Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Imperialist Military" does to the will of Black people to STAND UP AGAINST actions that, if done by any other president THEY WOULD BE PROTESTING. 

In the recent news that President Obama has approved the expanded use of drone attacks on the sovereign nation of Yemen - under the guise of killing Terror Suspects - AGAIN - the only reason why this astounding news has been muted in the Black press is NOT because they believe that the CIA are now our friends.  I STILL see "CointelPro" books in the possession of certain Black people.    

The ONLY reason why this has not been countered by the "official Black struggle" - who is focused on the threat from the state enforcement of Immigration Laws instead - is because they don't want to stand against Obama.  PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The point that they can't see is that by living vicariously through Obama, wanting to avoid the attacks that Prof Cornel West and Tavis Smiley had suffered for "breaking ranks" what they see as STANDING WITH OBAMA is actually ENABLING THE MACHINE TO GO FORTH, UNCONTESTED.     

The contestation that they would have done, but for Obama in power, IN MY VIEW is proof of their own CORRUPTION.   My view is that in the future when an UNFAVORABLE President does the very same thing and then they are seen protesting - the only thing that this president need do is to PULL OUT THE VIDEO TAPES of the White House surveillance tapes from 2009 through 2012 and note that THERE WERE NO NEGRO PROTESTS captured.


Anyone with a spouse understands that you will not always agree on every point.
To try and obtain rote conformance - you lose your individual humanity.
The pinnacle of (real and transparent) "diversity" is the acceptance of our differences and how these distinctions in world views can expose us to a greater set of thoughts and interpretations about the world.

It is also true that there must be some fundamental constructs that all of these divergent people yield to lest their be chaos.  

While it might be in the advantage of the people who have the confidence of Black people to compel us to look past the truth of who has dominate control over our community institutions - after having won this control during the PAST "STRUGGLE" - it is to the long term DAMAGE of the Black community to have this same group (who I call "The Embedded Confidence Men") to stand in the wake of their FAILURE to deliver, only to have them to get the BLACK CONGREGATION to agree to argue that it is someone else's fault for the failure.  Their purposes being to develop a NEW INTERVAL OF STRUGGLE.  Them never having suffered any consequences for their incompetency.


Over time we hear of the "Black teen" who sees the corruption of the system.  Who sees that it is not HONOR and hard work that gets one to success but "getting over" that is the rule of the game.   Upon seeing this he loses his confidence that THE SYSTEM is transparent, that he has any chance of scraping out something for himself and his family.

THIS IS HOW I FEEL when I see the SCHEME that is the "Black Struggle" today.   It is a series of shifting goal posts - all based on the premise of POWER AGGREGATION on the backs of Black people - for the benefit of the Ideology and Political Parties that stand to benefit.  

When the group that I am most critical of  (The Black Racial Services Machine")  for their hijacking of Black consciousness and their channeling of BLACK HATRED into their "struggle motion" - I am made to feel like the Black kid who sees that the system is fixed.

Here is what my friend Black Diaspora doesn't seem to get about my understanding:   If you talk to these "Embedded Confidence Men" that I am critical of - THEY WILL SAY that the AMERICAN SYSTEM IS FIXED.  That the REASON WHY they need to be corrupt is because THEY ARE PLAYING AGAINST CORRUPT PEOPLE.   (Of course these people who are indicted as corrupt are always going to be the EXTERNAL POLITICAL ENEMIES - in the case of Black people it is the Republicans).

In this circular reference - and the desire for THE TEAM to eek out a victory over the popular enemy - Black people are compelled to look past the flaws, diversions and corruption that take place in OUR NAME - because a greater VICTORY against the enemy is at hand.

When I call out the NAACP and the fraudulent "Color Of Change" for their smoke on "Photo Voter ID", for example - I factor in THEIR CLAIM that up to 5 million people might be impacted by the enforcement of ID requirements as a condition of voting.    I THEN CHOOSE TO LOOK AT the fact that in the highly concentrated Black areas that are MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the elected leadership to the liking of The NAACP - this organization which has its concerns about VOTING retired because of the favorable people running the voting administration.................never seem to get around to looking at the PROMISED FRUIT that having FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER TO ADVANCE "PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY" and ensuring that the Black Community has received its yield.

Since when the Civil Rights Pharisees traveled to the failed city of Detroit and said NOTHING about the incompetent leadership that wrecked the city EXCEPT that they are 'OUR LEADERS' that "WE VOTED FOR" and thus must protect from the "White state Republican" (get this one) "Voting Rights Suppression Attempt"..................anyone who is just not purely blind with bigotry - can see that this FRAUDULENT SCHEME to protect incompetence is really an IDEOLOGICAL PROTECTION RACKET.

Do you see, Black Diaspora - this is an example of THE GOAL POSTS with a DIESEL ENGINE attached to it.

This corrupt Black Racial Services Machine KNOWS that the Black rank & file is not going to hold it accountable for its failure.  That it is going to shift the argument and STILL have this external enemy under INDICTMENT despite its damage done to the interests of Black people.

While the cover of "Republican/Democrat" is used to compel Black people to respond in a predictable manner - Brother BD - the reason why I created this following graphic is to make note that the FRAUD and CORRUPTION of "shifting sands" for this goal post might work in the AMERICAN SYSTEM - but it engenders a CONSCIOUSNESS that WILL NEVER STAND in a place where WE ARE ALL ALONE BY OURSELVES, we the main ENGINE for our own uplift.

Do you see - Black Diaspora!!!!
This picture is NOT the work of a BLACK REPUBLICAN!!!!


The only way to combat this fraud, Brother BD it so cause THE RANK AND FILE to cleave onto a consciousness that is greater than their present entrapments here in America - where they can b compelled to yield their INTEGRITY in support of the next political campaign against their enemy.

THEY FAIL TO SEE that their REAL ENEMY - is the failure to DEVELOP and RETAIN THE INTEGRITY of the Black Community's institutions DURING THIS TIME in which our RIGHTS are more protected than at any other time of our existence in North America.

As it stands today the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE that Black people show in the present SCHEME that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has set up is NOT by VOTING against the machine in an American election.  We do so by calling a U-HAUL TRUCK and MOVING away from the area where this machine has unchallenged power - but it can't sustain our Black community consumer interests.  Ironically we are more likely to move next to our sworn ideological enemy and then fight him again to make sure he doesn't racially discriminate against us after we "Flew" right behind him - except when he did his "White Flight" away from Blacks - HE was called a racist.

What should we call Black people who feel their interests similarly threatened by staying put but never choosing to FIGHT THE LOCAL SYSTEM so that it might change from USING our people into DEVELOPING our people?

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