Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesse Jackson's Daughter Appears On The 'Evil Network', Fox News

The two things that are obvious about Fox News hiring Santita Jackson are:

  1. She plays the role of the "Black Progressive Democrat" against which the Fox News hosts will bounce their idea about the Black community against
  2. She will represent the viewpoint of the "Black Progressive Democrat" and the "Black Racial Services Machine" in her responses

I give credit to Sanitita Jackson in her first exchange with Bill O'Reilly.
I literally have never heard of her before.   I did not realize that Jesse Jackson even hand a daugther
From what I understand, Ms Jackson is a talk radio host in Chicagoland (as referenced by Bill O'Reilly).

I thought that she put forth a disposition that this "was not all about her".   She judiciously represented the "Black Racial Services Machine", agreeing that they had a responsibility to engage in civil discourse on important matters BUT she ultimately asked O'Reilly to consider two points of "Black inferiority":
  1. The memory of 400 years of Oppression
  2. The fact that Blacks are Christians and thus are forgiving
The slight of hand - from my perspective is as follows -

If Oppression - meaning injustice - "make it all up as you go along" in regard to the spirit of law creation and law enforcement is what we as Black people have faced - then Ms Jackson and others should understand more clearly that as 13% of the US population Black people can't afford to be as arbitrary as the White majority has shown itself to be.   The best thing that the Black community can do is to demand that THE LAW be fair and be enforced.   The lynch-mob effect shown in Florida (police car shot up, the New Black Panthers - and quite honestly the hyper focus on "Justice For Trayvon Martin" in which thousands of local murder scenes [nationally] had to be walked past) are examples of arbitrariness.

Secondly if it is "Christianity" that is driving this then it is the Professional Political Progressive Preacher that needs to have his "Jesus" recalibrated.  The #1 theft of Black Consciousness Attention today is the contamination of our religious faith with worldly politics per the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".   There can be no "forgiveness" of the past as it is an ANCHOR ON OUR FUTURE CONSCIOUSNESS, that must be erected so that we can forge a more effective, comprehensive address of our global challenges.

I prefer Sanitita Jackson, from my first and only view of her, to some of the other alternatives (Marc Lamont "Killa Mu" Hill,  Dr Michael Eric 'If You Disagree With Me You Are A Racist' Dyson) because she didn't appear to be interested in debate for the sake of debate. 

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