Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Irony And Incongruence Of "Scandal"

Secretary Of State - Condi Rice

Accused in the Black Progressive circles of "Sleeping Her Way To The Top"

ABC's "Scandal" 

Olivia Pope, the character played by actress Kerry Washington.

Pope was romantically involved with Republican President Fitzgerald Grand.  "Sleeping her way to the top" has not prevented Black people heard on Black-Wing Grievance talk radio from taking pride in having a "Strong Black Female" character on a quality television show.

Though Olivia Pope was an operative in a Republican administration - the show is a left wing propaganda platform so the labels used in the show should not be paid attention to.

Judy Smith - Former Bush Admin Dept Press Sec
Chief Of Staff Beene is a "Log Cabin Republican".  He lives at home with his HUSBAND.

In the 4th episode as President Grant thinks about resigning office as he learns that his pregnant mistress might go public - the gay Mr Beene loathes the thought of the president right-wing Vice-President will take the helm, denying him the possibility to achieve Gay Marriage.

The unnamed VP is a "Tea Party Favorite" and is their "Grand Wizard" in the 'Crazy States".

Note to show creator Shonda Rhimes  - if you are going to make a show about a Conservative Republican Administration - why don't you make them CONSERVATIVE.

Instead you achieve your left wing agenda by having the "left wing Republicans" in high positions attacking right-wing Republicans.  Strangely enough none of these players have attacked any of their LEFT-WING ENEMIES.
This is more "incredible" about your show than is the fact that Olivia Pope is so young yet has so much POWER and ACCESS to the White House.

A War Hero who is famous as a popular in his speeches for Conservative, Republican and gun rights groups finds his true self at the end of the show, coming out of the closet as a "homosexual soldier".

The message is directed at "the homophobes".   A decorated solider who was "Good Enough" for you while he was in the closet should be similarly welcomed now that you know that he is a homosexual

When "The Scandal" - which is based upon a Republican Administration - brings forth a RIGHT WING perspective that "sends a message" against a popular LEFT WING position - this blog will happily report this revelation.

Don't expect it to come in the first season of "Scandal" though.
The labels are just "stage props".  The left wing messages shine through.

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