Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dr Boyce Watkins Tells Of Jesse Jacksons' Work For The Black Community - Fails To QUALIFY If It Was COMPREHENSIVE Enough To Work

(Note:  I did not realize how many leftists the Black community has lurking in our 'messaging channels' as a people)

Dr Watkins something tells me that YOU believe that MSNBC, The Grio.com, The Root.com and - all of YOUR web sites are "legitimate journalism".    This is your problem.   You want to be the exclusive judge, where you can't see your own corruption.

Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Is Now Employed by Fox News

I’ve known Santita for a few years and find her to be an outstanding journalist.  She deserves every opportunity thrown her way, and was one of the leading talents at my favorite radio station in the country (WVON).  I’ll admit though, that I don’t quite understand her move to Fox News, the network that did irreparable harm to her father’s reputation back in 2008.
If you’ll recall, Fox News is the network that blasted out the audio in which Rev. Jesse Jackson was accused of saying that he wanted to cut off the testicles of Barack Obama.  I was scheduled to appear on WVON at the very moment that Rev. Jackson’s slip up took place, and I remember the producer coming back from a commercial break and saying, “Dr. Watkins, we’re going to have reschedule due to an emergency.”
The next day, Rev. Jackson gave me a call and expressed his regret over his unfortunate remarks.  The truth, however, was that there was no apology necessary, at least not to me.  I respect Rev. Jackson immensely, in spite of his imperfections.  The truth is that all of us who want to write  Jesse Jackson off as a race hustler should take a moment and compare their own sacrifices for the black community to those of Rev. Jackson.  Most of us don’t spend a fraction of our time fighting for civil rights and are gladly willing to take money from any white man who offers it, as we proudly spend our time slaving 40 hours per week for some corporation that is not owned by black people.  For some reason, when Rev. Jackson does the same thing, we consider that to be unacceptable.
The bottom line is that I don’t agree with Santita’s decision to help legitimate the network that has served as an embarrassment to the entire journalistic profession. I don’t care if they offered her $10 million dollars and a birthday cake, there is no way I would allow any network to embarrass my father in that way and still expect to have me as an employee.  I am sure that Santita’s role with the network will be one that is designed to provide a balanced perspective and alternative viewpoint, but she still has to be careful about the fact that she is simply helping the most evil news network in American history achieve their goal of gaining more black viewers.  Fox News doesn’t deserve the attention of the African American community, for liars and bigots are not worth our time.

Sadly - I believe that Dr Watkins believes what he writes.

Recall, please that Dr Wakins said that BET was worse than the Klan.
Maybe its that time of the month for him?

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