Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Black Progressive Favorite Keith Olbermann Unveils That He Is Ultimately A CONSUMER And Not A Developer

Mediaite: Fragile? Keith Olbermann Tells David Letterman He’s A $10 Million Chandelier – Updated Full Segment

On the heels of his firing from Current TV, formerCountdown host Keith Olbermann makes his mildly-ballyhooed first appearance on CBS’ The Late Show with David Letterman. In a preview clip, Olbermann rehashes his passive-aggressive “It was my fault for not knowing everybody but me sucks” apology, and compared himself to “a $10 million chandelier” that Current TV “should have a house to put it in.”
He also revealed that he began looking for an escape pod within ten days of his show’s debut.

The passage above is bleeding with affirmation of what I have been saying all along.

Keith Olbermann - darling of the left and thus "the Black left".   Moves from the left-wing beacon MSNBC to the upstart CurrentTV.   The "non-corporate media" outlet where the "Progressive Message" won't be constrained.

But wait - since it is "All About Him" (and his large pay check) there was no spirit of "Let me compromise my SOCIAL INTERACTIONS with the staff who ultimately has the same interests as I do, while maintaining the integrity of my progressive fundamentalist message".

There WILL BE little scrutiny seen within the left-wing press, doing a psychological assessment of Keith Olbermann.   He is more than a diva that just can't seem to get along.

I would like to believe that the message of economics, social policy and order are more important than the songs and fashion styles of a entertainment diva.

With Mr Olbermann spending the majority of his air time "Keeping His Enemies On Trial" - making a perpetual list of "The Worst Person In The World" - surely many of those who have had the pleasure of keeping close company with him saw the irony that HE never seemed to "self-appoint" himself on this worst person list.

WHY is it that Keith Olbermann and other White Progressive Cheshire Foxes are allowed in as proxy voices for "The Black Political Struggle"?    It is clear with my analysis that the problem IS NOT that there is no "integrity" at the gate regarding who the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" will let in.  

The larger truth is that THEY ARE IDEOLOGICAL SOULMATES in the most successful "post racial" joint venture.    It is the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist that is guilty of attempting to FUSE their ideology UPON the institutions of Black America.  

The best thing about their present arrangement is that regardless of the failures of their agenda - they also dominate the VOICES that would otherwise be calling out their usurpation of the interests of Black America.

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