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The Irony And Incongruence Of "Scandal"

Secretary Of State - Condi Rice

Accused in the Black Progressive circles of "Sleeping Her Way To The Top"

ABC's "Scandal" 

Olivia Pope, the character played by actress Kerry Washington.

Pope was romantically involved with Republican President Fitzgerald Grand.  "Sleeping her way to the top" has not prevented Black people heard on Black-Wing Grievance talk radio from taking pride in having a "Strong Black Female" character on a quality television show.

Though Olivia Pope was an operative in a Republican administration - the show is a left wing propaganda platform so the labels used in the show should not be paid attention to.

Judy Smith - Former Bush Admin Dept Press Sec
Chief Of Staff Beene is a "Log Cabin Republican".  He lives at home with his HUSBAND.

In the 4th episode as President Grant thinks about resigning office as he learns that his pregnant mistress might go public - the gay Mr Beene loathes the thought of the president right-wing Vice-President will take the helm, denying him the possibility to achieve Gay Marriage.

The unnamed VP is a "Tea Party Favorite" and is their "Grand Wizard" in the 'Crazy States".

Note to show creator Shonda Rhimes  - if you are going to make a show about a Conservative Republican Administration - why don't you make them CONSERVATIVE.

Instead you achieve your left wing agenda by having the "left wing Republicans" in high positions attacking right-wing Republicans.  Strangely enough none of these players have attacked any of their LEFT-WING ENEMIES.
This is more "incredible" about your show than is the fact that Olivia Pope is so young yet has so much POWER and ACCESS to the White House.

A War Hero who is famous as a popular in his speeches for Conservative, Republican and gun rights groups finds his true self at the end of the show, coming out of the closet as a "homosexual soldier".

The message is directed at "the homophobes".   A decorated solider who was "Good Enough" for you while he was in the closet should be similarly welcomed now that you know that he is a homosexual

When "The Scandal" - which is based upon a Republican Administration - brings forth a RIGHT WING perspective that "sends a message" against a popular LEFT WING position - this blog will happily report this revelation.

Don't expect it to come in the first season of "Scandal" though.
The labels are just "stage props".  The left wing messages shine through.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Friend Black Diaspora Is Not An "Embedded Confidence Man" - I Am Just Trying To Get Agreement On Some Internal Constructs

Here is a discussion that my friend Black Diaspora and I are having. I created a new post to accommodate a key diagram for us to discuss based on the following exchange.

 Constructive Feedback:
"[F]or us both to agree that there needs to be some BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that prevents so much of OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to be encased into a system that ultimately IS NOT OUR OWN." 
Black Diaspora

I don't disagree. Ron Miller alluded to this as well. I stated there that my concerns center on the "form" of that "system" that we ultimately create for ourselves.
The vagaries of politics--Right or Left--set up barriers to the development of an agreed-upon form and heightens the conflict around the process.
We have no collection of values, ideals, or beliefs around which we can all coalesce. 
One of my goals has been to bridge this divide of conflicting values. To say to black liberals and black conservatives, we needn't be at odds one with the other. 
We may approach the problem from differing directions, but we have the same objective--a black people who can stand foursquare with anyone, look them straight in the eye, and announce their greatness. 
Constructive Feedback
"Despite having a CLEAR dominating ideology, and party loyalty that dominates ALL INSTITUTIONS in Black America - YOU would rather talk about:
* Black Republicans* Black Conservatives* George Bush"
Black Diaspora:
You miss my point entirely. I don't care about politics, or where on the political spectrum you reside, or anyone resides.
I care about people. I care about politics only to the degree that it impacts the lives of the powerless, and those who suffer the most because of it.

The Construct To Base A New Level Of Discussion Over
Here is a diagram that I made last year as an attempt to express the need for an INSTITUTIONAL CONSTRUCT within the Black Community that compelled our people to NOT become the essence of American politics but to retain a consciousness that is protected from it.   "It" being the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - where "The Black Struggle" becomes essentially a "Democratic Party Struggle".     (I would say Republican without any hesitation but the fact is that Blacks are monopoly majority Democrats. )

The diagram above details the need for the Black community to be CONSCIOUS about itself, its present condition, where it ultimately wants to go and, most importantly about the COMPETENCIES of the people within to operate as the main driver for this uplift.

It tells about a common goal that a people seek to achieve for their community.  It defines the need to first define the "domains" that this goal spans and the need to compartmentalize this reality, applying the unique techniques that are necessary in each of these domains to ultimately achieve the desired end.

The example of achieving a higher level of average education for the Black community is used.
There are elements within the "Political Domain" that are necessary to be addressed:

  1. Educational Policies on curriculum, funding priorities, school accreditation
  2. School Districting
  3. Transportation

There are elements in what I call "The Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain"
  1. Selling the majority of the ADULTS on the benefits to be achieved from lifting the average educational attainment upwards by 2 standard deviations
  2. Telling them THE PART THAT THEY MUST PLAY for this end to be achieved
  3. Develop the GOVERNING STRUCTURE by which ALL WHO SEEK TO EAT THE FRUIT of this effort MUST DO for the collective to be successful
  4. Specification of the process of how to handle those who are exceptions, choosing to not do their part - as well as the people who chose not to participate at all in the first place

The final domain was the "Spiritual Domain" 
(You don't need to be a Christian or a Muslim to make use of the the 'Spiritual Domain' column.   This is merely the "spirit" that we have, which we presently draw upon from a multitude of areas - "our ancestors", "our common struggle", etc")

  1. This is where the vision to go where the present circumstances don't make it seem possible
  2. This is where a person accepts certain things that are beyond his control
  3. This is also where a people shed the INFERIORITIES that they have been conditioned to assume as the trust
This is important for my friend Black Diaspora to understand about me.

I can tell right away that our respective ideological point of origin cause us both to have problems relating to the sense of THREAT that each other has.

He believes that FOX NEWS is a "threat" to Black people as they are a constant "racial innuendo" network.  The television version of Rush Limbaugh if you will.    

I, on the other hand, look at the cluster upon which those who represent themselves as "The Black Press" gather around.   I make note of how MSNBC - which I view as the perfect mirror image of Fox News - has EMPLOYED forces that present themselves as "Black Leaders" - to echo their left wing message and I AM MADE TO BELIEVE PER MY VANTAGE POINT that the FORCE THAT IS INSIDE OF THE "BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS" and which seeks to USURP our people's STRUGGLE for their agenda is a GREATER THREAT than the offensive entity that resides outside of the FORT, with all of the guns trained upon it.  The battle against them has become THE BLACK STRUGGLE.

It is fundamental to understand this as the key point of contention between my friend Black Diaspora and I.

I have little interest in having a "pissing match" to debate which is worse:  Fox News or MSNBC.

MY ONLY interest is to come to agreement that BOTH OF THESE FORCES are essentially elements of the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" and that BOTH need to be kept in abeyance from our core consciousness about ourselves.

The failure to do this shows in what we have today.
When I criticize "The Black Fox Embedded Confidence Men" who use the fact that President Obama is a Black, Progressive, Favorable Figure in the White House  - I do so because of the damage that this VICARIOUS LIVING through "The Commander In Chief Of The US Allied Imperialist Military" does to the will of Black people to STAND UP AGAINST actions that, if done by any other president THEY WOULD BE PROTESTING. 

In the recent news that President Obama has approved the expanded use of drone attacks on the sovereign nation of Yemen - under the guise of killing Terror Suspects - AGAIN - the only reason why this astounding news has been muted in the Black press is NOT because they believe that the CIA are now our friends.  I STILL see "CointelPro" books in the possession of certain Black people.    

The ONLY reason why this has not been countered by the "official Black struggle" - who is focused on the threat from the state enforcement of Immigration Laws instead - is because they don't want to stand against Obama.  PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The point that they can't see is that by living vicariously through Obama, wanting to avoid the attacks that Prof Cornel West and Tavis Smiley had suffered for "breaking ranks" what they see as STANDING WITH OBAMA is actually ENABLING THE MACHINE TO GO FORTH, UNCONTESTED.     

The contestation that they would have done, but for Obama in power, IN MY VIEW is proof of their own CORRUPTION.   My view is that in the future when an UNFAVORABLE President does the very same thing and then they are seen protesting - the only thing that this president need do is to PULL OUT THE VIDEO TAPES of the White House surveillance tapes from 2009 through 2012 and note that THERE WERE NO NEGRO PROTESTS captured.


Anyone with a spouse understands that you will not always agree on every point.
To try and obtain rote conformance - you lose your individual humanity.
The pinnacle of (real and transparent) "diversity" is the acceptance of our differences and how these distinctions in world views can expose us to a greater set of thoughts and interpretations about the world.

It is also true that there must be some fundamental constructs that all of these divergent people yield to lest their be chaos.  

While it might be in the advantage of the people who have the confidence of Black people to compel us to look past the truth of who has dominate control over our community institutions - after having won this control during the PAST "STRUGGLE" - it is to the long term DAMAGE of the Black community to have this same group (who I call "The Embedded Confidence Men") to stand in the wake of their FAILURE to deliver, only to have them to get the BLACK CONGREGATION to agree to argue that it is someone else's fault for the failure.  Their purposes being to develop a NEW INTERVAL OF STRUGGLE.  Them never having suffered any consequences for their incompetency.


Over time we hear of the "Black teen" who sees the corruption of the system.  Who sees that it is not HONOR and hard work that gets one to success but "getting over" that is the rule of the game.   Upon seeing this he loses his confidence that THE SYSTEM is transparent, that he has any chance of scraping out something for himself and his family.

THIS IS HOW I FEEL when I see the SCHEME that is the "Black Struggle" today.   It is a series of shifting goal posts - all based on the premise of POWER AGGREGATION on the backs of Black people - for the benefit of the Ideology and Political Parties that stand to benefit.  

When the group that I am most critical of  (The Black Racial Services Machine")  for their hijacking of Black consciousness and their channeling of BLACK HATRED into their "struggle motion" - I am made to feel like the Black kid who sees that the system is fixed.

Here is what my friend Black Diaspora doesn't seem to get about my understanding:   If you talk to these "Embedded Confidence Men" that I am critical of - THEY WILL SAY that the AMERICAN SYSTEM IS FIXED.  That the REASON WHY they need to be corrupt is because THEY ARE PLAYING AGAINST CORRUPT PEOPLE.   (Of course these people who are indicted as corrupt are always going to be the EXTERNAL POLITICAL ENEMIES - in the case of Black people it is the Republicans).

In this circular reference - and the desire for THE TEAM to eek out a victory over the popular enemy - Black people are compelled to look past the flaws, diversions and corruption that take place in OUR NAME - because a greater VICTORY against the enemy is at hand.

When I call out the NAACP and the fraudulent "Color Of Change" for their smoke on "Photo Voter ID", for example - I factor in THEIR CLAIM that up to 5 million people might be impacted by the enforcement of ID requirements as a condition of voting.    I THEN CHOOSE TO LOOK AT the fact that in the highly concentrated Black areas that are MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the elected leadership to the liking of The NAACP - this organization which has its concerns about VOTING retired because of the favorable people running the voting administration.................never seem to get around to looking at the PROMISED FRUIT that having FAVORABLE PEOPLE IN POWER TO ADVANCE "PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY" and ensuring that the Black Community has received its yield.

Since when the Civil Rights Pharisees traveled to the failed city of Detroit and said NOTHING about the incompetent leadership that wrecked the city EXCEPT that they are 'OUR LEADERS' that "WE VOTED FOR" and thus must protect from the "White state Republican" (get this one) "Voting Rights Suppression Attempt"..................anyone who is just not purely blind with bigotry - can see that this FRAUDULENT SCHEME to protect incompetence is really an IDEOLOGICAL PROTECTION RACKET.

Do you see, Black Diaspora - this is an example of THE GOAL POSTS with a DIESEL ENGINE attached to it.

This corrupt Black Racial Services Machine KNOWS that the Black rank & file is not going to hold it accountable for its failure.  That it is going to shift the argument and STILL have this external enemy under INDICTMENT despite its damage done to the interests of Black people.

While the cover of "Republican/Democrat" is used to compel Black people to respond in a predictable manner - Brother BD - the reason why I created this following graphic is to make note that the FRAUD and CORRUPTION of "shifting sands" for this goal post might work in the AMERICAN SYSTEM - but it engenders a CONSCIOUSNESS that WILL NEVER STAND in a place where WE ARE ALL ALONE BY OURSELVES, we the main ENGINE for our own uplift.

Do you see - Black Diaspora!!!!
This picture is NOT the work of a BLACK REPUBLICAN!!!!


The only way to combat this fraud, Brother BD it so cause THE RANK AND FILE to cleave onto a consciousness that is greater than their present entrapments here in America - where they can b compelled to yield their INTEGRITY in support of the next political campaign against their enemy.

THEY FAIL TO SEE that their REAL ENEMY - is the failure to DEVELOP and RETAIN THE INTEGRITY of the Black Community's institutions DURING THIS TIME in which our RIGHTS are more protected than at any other time of our existence in North America.

As it stands today the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE that Black people show in the present SCHEME that the "Black Racial Services Machine" has set up is NOT by VOTING against the machine in an American election.  We do so by calling a U-HAUL TRUCK and MOVING away from the area where this machine has unchallenged power - but it can't sustain our Black community consumer interests.  Ironically we are more likely to move next to our sworn ideological enemy and then fight him again to make sure he doesn't racially discriminate against us after we "Flew" right behind him - except when he did his "White Flight" away from Blacks - HE was called a racist.

What should we call Black people who feel their interests similarly threatened by staying put but never choosing to FIGHT THE LOCAL SYSTEM so that it might change from USING our people into DEVELOPING our people?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simulcast - Quiet On All Fronts About The CIA In Yemen While The Black Press Fronts As It Focuses On Other Matters Its Readers Want To Hear About

This is the first ever simulcast across my key blog properties.
Since each of my blogs are compartmentalized to focus on various subjects that are related by essentially distinct - the news that the Obama Administration proving approval for expanded use of Drones in the sovereign nation of Yemen provides a great opportunity to view this latest act by the "American Military Imperialist Machine" - NOT from the perspective of the Obama Administration, but instead to look into the audience who is "living vicariously through Obama" to make note of their reaction.
I have no interest in telling any blog or web site that represents itself as a "Black Site" what they should post.

To the contrary I use what they do post to make an inference of the agenda that they are seeking to propagate to Black people, with the intent on shaping the "Black Conscious Attention" toward a given end.

For years I heard how the CIA was the force operating around the world (South American and Africa in particular), undercutting governments for the purposes of advancing American interests.  Surely the tale of the CIA in Haiti is well known during the time of Aristide.

For some strange reason that I can't put my finger on - today's CIA does not trigger the same angst.  They now loudly broadcast their operations in various nations and this does not seem to trigger the same outrage in some progressive press circles.

TO BE CLEAR - in order to understand the "left wing press" you have to understand the segmentation.
Credit is due to:
  • Democracy Now
  • The Nation Magazine
  • Others
that have been following the increases in the use of drones by the US military - they having remained consistent even as Commander In Chief Obama took the helm and expanded their use.

The best way to understand how things work is to understand things from the perspective of the INDICTMENT.

While it is true that while some of the progressive/left news sources that pride themselves in being consistent in their advocacy - regardless of who is in office - it is the progressive rank and file - that ultimately must take what their journalist friends have fed to them and run with it - forming protests marches, boycotts, petitions and "Occuations".

I assure you that Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now" will be talking about the expansion of drone use in Yemen when I watch the recording later on.

All of the news sources listed below might indeed be "progressive-fundamentalist".  Their agenda is, however, very different than the mainstream leftist news organizations - even if these "black news aggregation blogs" are satellite operations of the parent.

These sites below work as filters of the news INTO the Black community.
In as much as they are staffed with operatives from the "Black Racial Services Machine" their goal is to slant the news from the perspective of the "Black establishment"/ the Progressive agenda and the Democratic Party.

When it comes to reporting on military news related to Obama they make sure that they speak of the US Military / CIA as a separate and distinct entity from Commander In Chief Obama.
The most clever rationalization - which is partially true - is there insistence in making the case that the "US War Machine" is going to do what it is going to do, regardless of who is in power.  Obama in the White House is there to first apply compassion to ensure that as few Americans and no foreign "collateral damage" takes place as the military operation is executed.

Thus Obama is seen as "The More Efficient Imperialist".  The conversation in the ranks of the Black Press becomes how Obama is more competent militarily than his predecessor.  All the while they are sure that the loyal audience will miss the JUSTIFICATION that did not appear in the write up from the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press"  - See LIBYA as a perfect example.

Just to make sure that the congregation stays unified - they typically include some reference to what "Dick Cheney" had to say in criticism of Commander In Chief Obama's military actions.   As the JingOists are heard defending Obama against the attacks from the right wing - who refuses to venerate Obama as a STRONG MILITARY LEADER - they fail to note that the majority of Obama's military machismo (per the view of the JingOists) have come at the expense of people of color around the world.  A point that they would be certain to make against an adversarial Commander In Chief.

As we see below, however, a viable coverage option when there is a need for criticism of the Obama Administration is to NOT COVER IT AT ALL.  With sufficient other "self-chum nuggets" to feed off of - the consumers of these propaganda sources won't even realize anything about Yemen - let alone the fact that it is a short flight from the AFRICOM air base in Djibouti East Africa where the drones take off from.

The Successful Construction Of The US Air Base For Drones Has
Been A Boone For US Military Operations In
Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia 

Washington Post's "The"

MSNBC's "The"

Tom Joyner's Black America Web



News (Comcast)
Special Note - Is as much as NewsOne is telling everyone
that Obama's Health Care Rebates Will Top $1 Billion
- what are the chances that NewsOne has told
its readers that the US Federal Deficit has been
over $1,200 BILLION for 3 years straight? That THIS, more
than the GOP is the long term threat to
their health care?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Does Filled-Negro Believe That The "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" Is Fair And Balanced?

The "self-chumming award" winning anti-Republican posing as a Pro-Black blog "Filled Negro" presents a blog piece in which he believes that the myth of "Liberal Media Bias" has been shattered.

The Liberal Media Bias Myth

(Watch this one folks)

The key rebuttal against my friend Filled Negro is NOT to counter him with examples of "Left Wing bias" that makes the study incredulous (I would like Pew to detail their list of media outlets studies and understand the "left/right" proportionality of the news sources that were studied.  We all know that MSNBC is going to slant toward Obama and that Fox News is going to cheer for the Republicans).

The proper rebuttal of my friend Filled-Negro, however, is to go WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and make measure NOT of what the POPULAR sentiment is - that which the masses BELIEVE to be the course toward the community salvation but instead to make a dispassionate assessment of the RETURN ON INVESTMENT that this course has produced - proportional to the INVESTMENT of our 'Equal Black Ballots' in line with the fusion of the "Black Community Development Consciousness" in which the Black community was convinced that we would prosper as a result.

With this noted short changing in mind - make note of how many so called "Black Press Operations" take the position that IF THEY DON'T stand in the breach - protecting the BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS from molestation - inside and out - then the "Embedded Confidence Men" will continue to exploit our people - because they retain their popularity, using it to channel the people's anger externally and thus are never worried about losing their seat of power.

At the present time the best way to accomplish this is to LIVE VICARIOUSLY through every attack on Obama that the Republican enemy renders.  Over time the Black Community's integrity will be necessarily compromised as it forgets that Obama is not just THEIR "Martin Luther King/Jackie Robinson Figure" but is also the "Commander In Chief"  Of The US Military Imperialist Forces - that they USED to protest against.

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Words Like WHOA Blog

Words Like Whoa blog

Personal note - Black blog aggregation site.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rolling Out Magazine - The Black Racial Services Machine Self-Congratulating Itself

As I conduct my longitudinal research on Progressive-Fundamentalism I find that the best source of research on what PURPORTS to be "Black Progressive Thought" is to go to "mainstream" progressive sources in magazines as a means of achieving a more basic understanding of their line of thinking.

I find that "mainstream" progressive sources  prove the most clear reference to how they are.  I can't call them "White sources" because, while mostly full of White content sources they have racial diversity held together by ideological entrenchment.

The best understanding of "Black Progressive media" is that it has the function of achieving the victory of instilling Progressivism into the Black community by representing themselves as perpetuating "Black Interests" by fighting on behalf of the Black community.

Please understand - they make it a foregone conclusion that Black people via our history and our present majority economic status are a "left wing people" who's growth will come from fighting against the system, ridding it of racism and free market capitalism via government control.  The popular will is proposed to fix it all.

The main flaw of progressive-fundamentalism and "Black Progressive-Fundamentalism" is that it is loathed to put itself on trial, making note that it has sufficient power to produce many of the promised benefit that they claimed their victory would deliver.  As they retain their POPULARITY among its base it understands that it doesn't have to maintain TRANSPARENCY of its actions.  This would be like voluntarily turning oneself into the police, after committing a crime under the cover of darkness - with YOU (yourself) being the police, having to arrest yourself in your own jail that YOU serve as the jailer.

Long story short - the best way to understand the damage that this system if "Ideological Insider Trading" is to accept that even though the Black community has achieved their own self described

checkpoints of success (ie: "This is the most important election in history before us.  Think about the benefit of having so many favorable people in power') ----- the rank & file can't bring themselves to demand that these forces that compelled their investments produce the evidence of the return on investment received within.

I call this "Institutional Integrity Corruption".

The "Black Racial Services Machine" - a loosely coupled band of ideologues that are fixed upon the common ideological goal uses the guise of "Black Racial Development" as the Trojan horse that their "Progressive-Joint Venture Partners" (pictured above) do not have ready access to.

The power of VICARIOUS LIVING is the primary agent of gravitational pull that those who seek to retain their power to define the priorities of Black people make use of.

"I Am Troy Davis" is a point of veneration that is not likely to be applied to the human being who's skeletal remains were found on I-20 in Atlanta - a few minutes walk from the Atlanta University Center, the site of recent "Hoodie Marches" in support of the value of the life of Trayvon Martin.

With President Obama in the White House the power of veneration - where "Blacks in good standing" are compelled to live via Obama's Blackberry schedule - has taken this scheme into triple overtime in its use.

After Rolling Out Magazine told of the crowd of "happy Blacks" who came to the airport to show their approval of President Obama - they go on to tell us 5 reasons why President Obama has earned another round of INVESTMENTS from the Black community toward his reelection.

My agenda is not to stop Rolling Out Magazine from projecting their opinion into the public space. In fact this is one of my most valued source of information in my research so I beg them to continue.

My agenda is to (ironically) put the CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY as the primary index and to appraise just how askew Rolling Out Magazine and other "Obama Fist Bump Black Press Operative" sources are in defending the interests of the community.


It is clear that Rolling Out Magazine, as it observes that its Atlanta-based reading constituency has not achieved the "return on investment" that more than 50 years of INVESTMENT of our "Black Community Development Consciousness" into Voting and Struggling - has NO INTENTION WHAT SO EVER to position itself where it must stand AGAINST THE "Black Racial Services Machine" and its AGENDA - in defense of the DEVELOPMENT INTERESTS of the Black Community.

They understand that the only produce necessary for the Black Progressive Fundamentalist to produce is BLACK CONGREGATIONAL UNITY.   The POPULARITY that results is all that is needed to retain the confidence and consciousness of the Black rank & file.

Issue Rolling Out Magazine Spin WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY Perspective
Effective Educational Institutions For Black People-In Line With Our Community Development Needs  #5: The Obama Administration's Race To The Top raised standards and expectations in our public school system (Editor's note:  If I am the only one seeing the FRAUD in this "Check List Item" then I am the one with the problem.  I will review my "Check List" theory below, after the table)

Do you see that the EXISTENCE of the "Race To The Top" program was more important for the operatives at "Rolling Out Magazine" than they have a desire to go to the NUMBERS and affirm the IMPROVEMENT IN ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE by Black students.

I won't even do the side track into "No Child Left Behind" under Bush.  The presence of NCLB was the source of "The Struggle" by educational actor-vists.  Former NEA president Reg Weaver started a tour in various progressive venues to organize the opposition to NCLB - energizing the base.

On a comparative basis this accounting by Rolling Out regarding "Race To The Top" is a whimper.

Race To The Top provided more funding IN THE CONTEXT OF a competition to receive this fund. Ironically the very same forces who are normally against "educational lotteries" (for charter school admissions) are seen heralding Obama's contest - the state school system with the best proposal winning the money.

What about the most NEEDY school systems who make the claim that FAIRNESS in the name of "Social Justice" should be the determining factor of this "Race To The Top" funding?

Note: I must say that some Black Progressives have called Race To The Top as "NCLB II", dismissing it as more Washington theatrics.

Rolling Out Magazine shows itself as an non-serious agent for Educational Attainment - as it shills on behalf on Obama on this point.

Ironically the SAME people that run the problem plagued school systems in Atlanta, Dekalb and Clayton County that educate the majority of Black schools in Rolling Out's distribution zone ALSO are staunch Obama supporters - they all have the understanding that they will suffer no sanction from the Black community for failing to field a better product.  The PARENTS themselves understand that they are part of the problem and thus don't push too hard against the favorable people in power.

Healthy Living Within The Black Community / Clinical Health Care #4 - The Obama Administration's Affordable Care Act now allows 2.5 million young adults to have thes ecurity of health care coverage (stay on your parents health insurance up to the age of 26),as well as 17 million kids who are no longer denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  President Obama also expanded drug discounts to seniors. More than an ideological divide on this point there is a TIME DOMAIN divide and a basic disagreement on "Community Development".

Those people who believe who take a more "Social Justice" view of the Black Community's struggle for "equality and development" tend to see the Affordable Care Act as a VICTORY against the historically oppressive forces that have stood against "universal health care" and thus "Black Interests".   I no longer choose to debate the point as it produces a "When did you stop beating your wife?".

Instead of accepting the presumption that by GIVING OUT more "social justice" from the national resource pool - I choose to make in inspection of the COMPETENCIES developed by the Black community in support of our registered needs.

Those who promote their own success by noting the People and Policies that they have promoted into power are also loathed to report upon the RESULTS as expressed via the condition of the people, lest they form a self-indictment.

I have said from the founding days of this blog:
"There is a distinction between BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT that allows your interest group to live up to a desired STANDARD OF LIVING versus DEVELOPING THE COMPETENCIES OF YOUR PEOPLE to produce the desired STANDARD OF LIVING as the INSTITUTIONS that you now control MOLDING these talents into the Human Resources."

Beyond the rhetorical claim that "Progressivism builds strong governments at the cost of smaller people" we must challenge the Black status quo, forcing them to PROVE that - with reference to HISTORY - a "Fully Serviced Black American CONSUMER" is a wise strategy.   When we ponder the day when EITHER America is no longer able to fiscally provide the high level of "social justice customer service" OR the Black American is compelled to scale his consciousness outward to other "Black Diasporatic Populations" internationally - the present strategy of CONSUMERISM while politicking away the concerns about the operation of our INSTITUTIONS should produce the needed repudiation of the present scheme where increased dependency /nationalization is a positive.

Bottom line - the percentage of Black Physicians has not changed and still resides below the needs of the community and, more importantly, any claim that the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM is effect at producing candidates from our community.

Healthy Living Within The Black Community / Clinical Health Care #3 The Obama Administration put into place the Patience [sic] Bill Of Rights so Americans will no longer see their health care coverage capped or dropped when illness strikes. Take all that I have said above and now shift the issue from MEDICAL ARTS over to FINANCING.

I have pointed out in several posts - 2 years ago - that despite all of the rhetoric against "Profiteering Insurance Companies" - the health care insurance industry had about $16 billion in REVENUES, while "ObamaCare" would trigger $60 billion in additional spending per year". The greedy health care executive and his bonuses was the indictment that triggered the "Occupation"

Just as today we are being drawn to focus on "The Buffet Tax" - a proposal that would raise at most $5 billion in new tax revenues per year - President Obama and the US Congress has been running more than $1,000 BILLION per yer in debt spending.

I can't force anyone to NOT BE FOOLED.   The US Debt is merely "magic money" because its presence doesn't yet impact our lives and thus BOTH the "Social Justice Treasury Raiders" and the "US Military / Wall Street Treasury Raiders" continue on their expansionary trek with reckless abandon.

Like it or not - private health care insurance providers seek to retain their "resource pool" by optimizing the profile of people by their likelihood in paying premiums and consuming services.   It is ONLY the abstraction of the US $16,000,000,000,000 DEBT that the brilliant minds from Rolling Out are able to pretend that the US government lacks the "greedy" intent that the private insurance carriers exhibit.  The US government - short term - doesn't go out of business  per their insolvency.

Again I ask - once the capitalistic financial market that must field the US Treasury Bonds that enables this massive debt no longer chooses to agree to purchase the debt at low interests rates - WILL YOU CONTINUE TO GET YOUR HEALTH CARE once the CAPITAL forces that enable your "Social Justice" are taken away?
US MILITARY IMPERIALISM  #2 The Obama Administration kept their promise to bring the troops home from Iraq from a 9 year deployment When I make the case that the "Dark Matter Analysis" technique is a necessary tool to counter left-wing propaganda that is forced into silence lest it create a SELF-INDICTMENT - believe what I tell you.

With Rolling Out - we must PRETEND that "The War In Iraq" is the only theater of American Imperialist Military Intervention.

Since their goal is to PROMOTE OBAMA and not to retain their INTEGRITY for "Anti-War Progressivism" they understand that their readers are not going to write a letter to the editor to ask about:

  • Body bags that continue to come from Afghanistan
  • NATO bombing of the sovereign nation of Libya
  • Drones that fire missiles into sovereign nations with people of color :
    • Pakistan 
    • Yemen
    • Somalia 
    • Kenya 

Just as the Black Progressive operative in his domestic scope is loathed to talk about the "injustice" that Black on Black crime yields - they also understand that "silence is golden" when it comes to leaving out "military interventions" that THE AMERICAN MILITARY MACHINE conducted under Commander In Chief Obama.

While this is great for Obama's reelection chances - it is even better for the MACHINE, knowing that with Obama in the seat of power - the Anti-War Left will no longer protest the machine's actions.
US MILITARY IMPERIALISM/THE VENERATED FIGURE AS A SYMBOLIC FIGURE OF CONQUEST  #1 The Obama Administration refocused the military and America's efforts on the mastermind behind the Sept 11 2001 attacks, Osama Bin Laden, who was killed bu [sic] US forces under the president's orders in May 2011. I am proud that Rolling Out included the word "The President's Orders' as it relates to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

They can't bring themselves to demand to see the written orders that initiated two US Navy SEAL Commando raids into the sovereign nation of Somalia.

In the first raid a US ship captain who was held hostage by "Somalian Pirates" was rescued after the US SEALS shot 3 Somalians in the head, killing them and immobilizing the threat.

In the second raid 2 Western hostages were rescued in Somalia with 9 Somalians left dead in the wake of the rescue.

UNLIKE a domestic US police raid that produces "Dead Black People" - the Black Progressive Press - on balance- CHEERED the rescue of 3 westerns while withhodling condemnation of the killing of 12 Somalians - asking if their lives were worth anything - just as would be asked in America.

The IRONIC point of it all is that while the domestic rhetoric says "Black lives are not worthy - as proven by the police shootings of Black people (and George Zimmerman's shooting)...........the limited consciousness of the Black Political Operative - necessarily forces him to limit his extension of valuation to the border limits of the UNITED long as WITHIN they aren't made to conflict with his goal to venerate President Obama as well.

The body of my work can be summed up into one short sentence:

An effort to document the damage that violation of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY (which is our culture when you think about it) in pursuit of short term, marginal gains in the context of the American Political Domain - at the expense of developing the CONSCIOUSNESS and INSTITUTIONS that would otherwise support a stronger INDIVIDUAL - regardless of his physical state of being.

The worst violators of the Permanent Interests of Black Americans - are those who do so with the POPULAR CONFIDENCE of the Black Rank & File, who's present consciousness provide for the signal to "go ahead".

The "Self-Affirming Check List".
In the annals of "All That I Have Done To Help Black People' there is a tactic that I have noted.

It involves the assembly of a list of evidence of one's "Real Blackness".   It values the LENGTH of the list than it does the measure of EFFECTIVENESS, the imposition of such standard would provoke a necessary purging.

The purpose of the list is only to feed "Bread and Circuses" to the Black Rank & File, who is made comfortable that the Embedded Confidence Man who provided the list is indeed a worthy leader - if if the list is printed in triple spaced, 36 point font.

The only way to rebut the "Self-Affirming Check List" is to look past the list and focus on ACTUAL BLACK PEOPLE.  Make note of their present condition and then force the Embedded Confidence Man to put aside his list and EXPLAIN - how after taking their INVESTMENTS made for their development - the people remain in the condition that they are in?

The list, you see, appeased the people in their present state.  It must never be confused with an EFFECTIVE strategy to transform the consciousness of the people.  Such a strategy might trigger a purge of the leadership.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ted Nugent - The Right-wing Fails To Show Its Contempt For Disrespect For The "Office Of The Presidency", The Left Usings This As Yet Another Distraction To Avoid Talking About Their Failed "Hope"

Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" Ted Nugent Page

My confidence in the people who operate the media in this country is at an all time low.

Still I can't get past the ultimate fact that if they did not have an audience who was consuming their "Bread and Circuses" they would be out of business.

I just can't get my arms around the outright ignorance that is at play at a time when our nation is at a critical crisis.  Beyond the obvious financial crisis there are many social and cultural changes that are without sound footing as it leads the people forward on shaky ground.

In the latest "self-chummed" attack / volley response - red neck Ted Nugent cast an insult on President Obama and the Democratic establishment.  He apparently caught the attention of the US Secret Service.

Instead of his Republican friends standing their ground AGAINST the use of such language in the public discourse - they made a passing condemnation but ultimately issued a series of redirections about when "the other side" does the same thing.

Not to be out done - the Democrats and all of their sycophants put a microphone in the face of assumed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and demanded that he provide condemnation and distance to Nugent's words.

I keep assuming that there is some larger consciousness that Americans operate with.  That these obvious fraudulent attempts at "clan unity", forged in outrage are going to be called what they are - a distraction that pacifies the people's want for salacious news, akin to TMZ, Worldwide Hip Hop and People Magazine.

Unfortunately this type of tabloid politics are allowed to enter into the halls of our official government body - without leadership who demands that this ignorance be stopped not just at "this time of crisis" but because this ignorance that drew away our attention from important matters  is what allowed the crisis to be arrived at in the first place.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Which Magazine Is Of Greater Concern To MSNBC's The Grio's Zerlina Maxwell?

Don Diva - 35 Murders & 100 Shootings
Contributing To The Notions That Even White Progressives Have
That Black Men Are Violent But No Fear That MSNBC
Will Ever Ask If These Type Of Magazines That Glorify
Street Pirate Violence Ultimately Are A Detriment Because
They Kill Black People Who Would Vote For The Democrats
If They Were Still Alive
Proof That The National Review Is RACIST
The First Black Attorney General Of The USA
Because They Can't Stand To See A Black
Man Anywhere Else But Behind Bars

[quote]  and that it's not poverty and inequality that is to blame for criminality.[/quote]
Ms Maxwell - your arguments tickle me so.  Still I need your help.
It seems that regardless of the incremental power that the Progressive-Fundamentalist achieves - even if this power was provided by "The Least Of These" based on the promises that the Progressive's placement into the seat of power would provide for their SALVATION - for some reason the Progressives that are in power never seem to be held still and made to PRODUCE what they had promised the people.
Let's look at Detroit or nearby Camden or Newark.   Even as they ran these "racist" Conservatives out of all elected seats of power and the Progressives had all of the "blueberry pie" to themselves - they implemented the "Progressive Public Policy" that you and other Progressive-Fundamentalists support.   
Yet despite this truth - you are still able to find a way to practice what I call "Establishment Power Repudiation".   Regardless of the amount of power your ideology and party achieves you are going to DENY that you have the POWER to deliver upon your promises.
Honestly thought - this is not the problem.
The real problem is that the RANK & FILE that has invested in the Progressive-Fundamentalist machine that dominates their government is disinclined to protect their own interests - as a separate and distinct entity from their favored ideological/political vehicle.  
You and other propagandists fit in at this point as you keep feeding the people what they like to eat.  Always KEEPING YOUR IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY ON TRIAL so you ever get around to PUTTING YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE IN POWER on trial for their FAILURE.
Ms Maxwell - does anyone consuming your product note that - with MSNBC as your sponsor "your fruit" is not going to fall far from this tree?  Surely you are not going to ever write an article that causes the "brass" to question you.
I don't believe that you and the other "paid staff" see that the SHORT TERM success that you achieve in keeping the "Black Progressive Congregation" together using your tactics is ultimately causing long term damage to the Black Community's interests.   There is no GOVERNANCE CULTURE that you are promoting.
Just imagine the day that, as you Black Progressives say - "America Browns" beyond a tipping point and now PROGRESSIVES rue the day, Ms Maxwell.  Will you STILL be spending the balance of your time focusing on the RACIST WHITE FOLKS who have no power?   Or - get this - will you change your definition of the term "RACIST" - stripping from it the need to have POWER as a qualification?  
Might there be a psychological association where the thoughts of White folks are of a SUPERIOR interest to you that you don't care to report on the people who actually receive the votes from Black progressives and thus are in power running the institutions that are failing you?

Sure You Heard What You Thought You Heard Joe. Sure You Did

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Powers That Be Don't Seem To Have To Twist The Arms Of Black Progressives To Get Them To Venerate Obama Above Challenging The Imperialism That Is Transpiring On His Watch

This is not a rebuttal to my good friend CNu's perspectives on:

  • How Rev Jeremiah Wright represents Black people who lived through Jim Crow and have a right to remain salty  
    • (Notice only Ideological enemies receive his attacks.  White Progressive Cheshire Fox seem 'white as the undriven snow - in the judgment book of Rev Wright.  What is it that makes them so pure while Clarence Thomas is a scoundrel?)
  • How "The Shadow Government" put Obama in place because they understand how "the Black mind" can be pacified, allowing the American Machine to continue its global trek without a "Hoodie March" against THIS President
  • How Conservativism represents "White Supremacy" but there seems to be no similar indictment against the "Black Inferiority" /' Non-White White Supremacy" practiced by the Progressive-Joint venture

My good man, CNu:
I printed out this entire message thread the other day and finally got a chance to read the posts while eating lunch.
Lunch, ironically at a local Black owned sandwich joint.  When I walked in I saw about 4 tables pulled together with a group of Black people who were either police men or (unarmed security guards).
As they walked out - EACH OF THEM STRAPPED with a Glock, I saw that they were "Georgia Department Of Corrections Officers".
I saw "The New Jim Crow" according to Michelle Alexander BUT they are not seen as "Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Allen West -type sellouts" in that vernacular.
While I agree with the general framework of your argument about Blacks who lived in the "belly of the beast" - a close relative to me feared getting on a riverboat in Savannah BECAUSE of fear that the White people might throw us overboard - I am forced to throw a few challenges your way.
Do you agree that TIME is the great sanitizer - from the perspective that an EQUAL HUMAN BEING who has not experienced this hatred directly can't claim to have lived the lashings of his ancestors?
What then do you say about the ACTIVE INDOCTRINATION that we are seeing as the "rites of passage" from the "Black Racial Services Machine" in the way of their "Struggle For Social Justice".
I just watched the news a few seconds ago.  Despite the fact that George Zimmerman was arrested - the Black students of the Atlanta University Center plan to PRESS ON.  Their target is Georgia's "Stand Your Ground Law".  Their mentor - from the SCLC is using this as a template for STRUGGLE.
Now mind you, Brother CNu - according to my research with only 23 "Stand Your Ground" claims made in the past 10 years - More than 4,900 homicides in Georgia, many of them Black - means that "Stand Your Ground" has a "0.4%" usage rate.
My bottom line question to you on this point is - With the "Activists Of Leisure" able to cherry pick their indictments - while showing INCOMPETENCE at managing the Misery Index Within The Black Community where today they either have a DIRECTLY elected "team member" in office or a "Favorable Joint-Venture Partner" - can we really claim that a young Black person today can live in these shackles that he is being custom fitted for by his elder mentor - OR are we at a point where we should look at their INCOMPETENCE in which they use "Bread And Circuses" to drive BLACK POPULARITY as a means of escaping their TERMINATION so that we might prosper?
SECONDLY - you argued that CONSERVATIVES house the WHITE SUPREMACIST RACISM that needs calling out.
My model has a notion of "Black Inferiority" as held by the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox" as an EQUAL damning force.  Worse - since it is paired up with "Non-White White Supremacy" - held by some Blacks - THIS DAMNING COMBINATION has one advantage that WHITE SUPREMACY (from White Conservatives) does not have - A VECTOR INTO THE CONSCIOUS NUCLEUS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.
Do you really believe that my dear friend Chauncey DeVega's friends from MSNBC has their "Paid Negro Progressives" on the air AND their '" auxiliary BECAUSE they LIKE BLACK PEOPLE?  OR are we FERTILE with EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS that they are waiting for us to ovulate every 2 years, as they know who is going to receive the deposit of the "Black Community Development Consciousness"?
You said that the POWERS THAT BE understand what makes BLACK PEOPLE TICK and thus they raised Obama as the face of the empire.
The one point that you did not make, however, is any evidence of a SELF-PROTECTION MECHANISM WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.  One that SEES the GRAND COMPROMISES of BLACK INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that OBAMA ON STAGE has triggered IN THE RANK & FILE.
I want to repeat this.
I LOOK PAST OBAMA and instead look into the crowd.
We have a situation where Black Progressives'  "Martin Luther King / Jackie Robinson Character" is also THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the American Imperialist Military Machine.
CNu when these two roles reach a MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE zone (See Libya invasion) - like the old saying goes "When sugar and shyt are mixed together - ONLY ONE maintain's its consistency after the mix".  
Since the BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS value their VENERATION OF OBAMA more than they care to continue their ANTI-IMPERIALIST STANCE - they yield their CONSISTENCY.  While the US Military is more ROBUST than one occupant of the White House.
This is where your argument needed more girth.  
What good is it to have gained a "Black President' inside of the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN but have lost all credibility in the "Black Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development Domain"?
After Obama - when the Black unemployment rate hits 15% and we then see UNEMPLOYMENT HOODIE RALLIES - the only thing that the opposition president needs to do is to scroll back to the years 2010-2012 and see the ABSENCE OF "I AM A MAN" rallies to show that this is not heart-felt by merely IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY.  
Kinda like what one could gather from most of the posts on some "Anti-Conservative Blogs" that pose as 'Pro-Black Blogs" - which show themselves via their inability to focus on ANY FORCE that harms the Black communities interests - ESPECIALLY those which receive our investments yet fail to produce a return on investment.

Here is CNu's series of posts:

Sledge, write lived for 24 years under Jim Crow, 28 years under restrictive housing, essentially, the better part of his life as a young man in service to his country under the taint and constraint of 2nd class citizenship. For Wright to be in any way forgiving toward white America at all is heroic and Christian faaaaar beyond my capacity for forgiveness, and I never experienced any of that as a young man, and only traditional, habitual, midwestern white racism, ostracism, and denial of access and opportunity up until about my 18th birthday.
Wright has done nothing more severe than to recount living-memory truths as he experienced them and as he sees them.
There's no need to go back to slavery. For black men of Wright's generation, and absolutely and incontrovertibly for black men of my late father's generation, they experienced and bore witness to legally sanctioned and enforced racist evil up close and personally.

 commentary on racism is most incisive when it keeps its focus on the economic dimension -- which I believe is central -- rather than the emotionalism about "hate" wallowed in to excess by infotainment for the unthinking. It is better to focus on the intent and the purposes of the racism, which are to create and maintain economic disparities. From such focal points, one can advance policy and law enforcement arguments to eliminate these imbalances. Then, you are speaking about the here and now in a clear, unvarnished and rational manner. This can be extremely hard-hitting without being pitiful and cloying. This is in the spirit of Malcolm X and Frantz Fanon, and that is momentum, that is self-respect, that is pride. If we got enough of this, it might also be revolution.
Yes, there is White-on-Black racism (along with many other forms), but its root is not primarily simple emotional hatred, rather it is both fear (of two kinds: xenophobia and the historical guilt over slavery that Thomas Jefferson admitted to) and greed. The mania for control is driven by greed, and the essential fear is the anxiety over the loss of that control. Ascribing White-on-Black racism to simple emotional hatred is the most comfortable overt explanation, as is clear from its prominence in the depictions of racism in popular culture (e.g., movies). The dominant culture finds it comforting to imagine that racism is confined to people with ungovernable hatreds and undisciplined minds. This relieves the majority who are comfortable with inequitable economic arrangements from any responsibility for the inevitable consequences of those arrangements; and even from any reproach in the eyes of recognized public opinion.
Racism is an instinctive tool to capture resources and deny them to competitor "species." This is why Obama is backed by the Wall Street bankers. To them, he is a tool to safeguard their fortunes against the rising tide of public resentment. They are excellent psychologists, and psychic abusers of the popular Black mind. They know, through their experts in PR (advertising and the management of the public mind), how the popular Black mind pines for symbols of "hope," for action heros on basketball courts and on the big screen -- Will Smith saving the fantasy worlds Hollywood conjures with smoke and mirrors. Any hero in any arena can be produced to distract and quell the masses, so long as it is not an actual hero in any arena of actual power.
Look at our Black "symbols" in those real arenas today: Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell; they've done precious little for Blacks in America, and have cashed in handsomely for precisely that reason. Most blacks are "supporting" (deluding themselves over) Obama for the same reason that older spoiled whiney white women are "supporting" Hillary: identification, they want what they see in the mirror to be honored, to be loved, to get attention, to be in control.

 Your inability to fathom that racism is not the personal, anecdotal phenomenon you're stuck on seeing it as, has brought us to a simple and common intellectual impasse.
Racism, as experienced by Jeremiah Wright and men of his generation and earlier was a systemic, commonplace, entrenched fact and way of life.
That its effects systematically linger and in about 20% or so of politically active whites remains an intractable fact of life - is something that the rest of us continue to have to deal with. 
Your agnosognosia can't be talked away any more than the intractably racist whites who function as the core of so-called conservatism (really white identity politics) can be talked out of their pathological speciation of non-whites. 
The simple fact that you refuse to challenge such knucledragging pathological whites, that you collectively share and support many of the political positions that they promote, well...,
Coupled with the fact that it really bothers you that a man of Jeremiah Wright's generation unabashedly speaks truth to the fact of such racism in America, well....,
Has nothing to do with guilt. I don't know you from Adam's off-ox, and that's not going to change. The simple fact of the matter is that I couldn't care less what you think or feel about the truths spoken by Jeremiah Wright, in much the same way I couldn't care less about your stance concerning whether water is wet.

And that's how the U.S. Armed Services were integrated, right?
Your worldview is so riddled with factual and historical errors that what you consider good or bad is of even less consequence than the wrongheaded superficiality of the academic racism chasers. 
I go hard on the chasers because they too tend toward the personal, anecdotal and superficial - which is why it falls to a working physicist like Manuel Garcia Jr to call out the truth of the situation, inclusive of an opportunistic tool like the Hon.Bro.Preznit.Double-O who is blithely supported by many of the superficial chasers.
As for this horseshit here The only other answer for those not willing to put forth the effort and time to inspire change at the personal level was found in Yugoslavia. 
Then minute white America flexes in that general direction is the minute white America basically, and literally commits suicide. You should never forget the black colonels and iron majors and how long they've had to systematically study and prepare for the Guns, Gold, and Grain yahoos that continue to pop up like whack-a-moles even in the contemporary armed services.