Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When Your Seed Money Comes From MSNBC - Keep An Eye On The Fruit That The Burning Bush Produces

Propaganda 101

The reason why the corporate media operatives invested money into incubating their respective "Black Channels" into the Black Community is evident at this present time.

MSNBC's The Grio.com; Washington Post's The Root.com and a panoply of other "staff Black journalists" make up the most important cog in the wheel of the "Black Racial Services Machine": The Governor Of The Timing Belt.

Their ability to indict those that stand as ideological threats and execute a "Passover Ritual" in protection of those who are in power and that have molested the Black Community's interests, dutifully redirecting the focus of their editorialization upon a target that can achieve the maximum effect for their agenda.  That being:

  • Protecting the Progressive Public Policy franchise that they are erecting
  • Appeal to the hatred that is resident within Black America of their ideological enemies
This enemy that oppresses us when he is proximate can be called a "Racist(!!!!)" when he leaves us all alone, charged with "abandonment" for breaking his social justice contract that we had in common.  As we attempt to leverage the "civil rights" laws that make it illegal for him to assault us as we integrate...............the loyal Black Press won't do an investigative report as to WHY we are choosing to depart from the "Mission Accomplished Zones" that are exiting.  

Now  their "WE" is a description of"The Blacks" departing the "Mission Accomplished Cities" and "The Hispanics" who are similarly exiting Mexico and beyond.   The White Progressive Cheshire Fox stands agreeable to him.  The offense of his history as defined by his skin color is absolved because of his ideological membership card that is of use today.

Per their common ideological consciousness - the assaults that "The Least Of These" suffer in the lands where their "progressive public policy" reigns supreme and unchallenged are not due to the incompetency of the prevailing power to achieve their desired ends through the INSTITUTIONS that they now control.  Instead they are more interested into compelling the masses of people into a "Permanent Struggle".  By struggling they remain congregationally unified behind the vision of "Nationalized Social Justice".   This an untapped resource that presently resides in the hands of the ideological enemy who is blocking progressivism from scaling into the next rung of power that is needed for their elusive attainments to come true. 

The Artifacts  The Constructive Feedback With Hopes Of Seeing Corrected Action
The Good

Upon seeing the set up of MSNBC's hired hand Sam Fulwood III's I knew that some how the narrative would get past the coffee shops and churches in his community and begin to focus on how the Republican enemy are the devils.

Unfortunately, some political and religious leaders fail to understand or appreciate the value in the blooming of faith traditions within a secular government. For them, religion is a one-size-fits-all edict, or a blunt weapon used to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with their narrow and exclusive views.

Mr Fulwood can't bring himself to see that a "one size fits all - Nationalized Social Justice" as great of a threat than a national religion.

After several long decades of promising "The Least Of These" that their salvation would be revealed IF they make their investments into the offering plate of politics" - we now stand at a check point where those who were "taken in" should stand before the political preacher in the pulpit - that appears to be spewing favorable words to Mr Fulwood - and demadning "WHERE IS OUR YAWEH?  I will not invest one more portion of my silver before you reveal this to me!".

The division of municipal, state and national governments (I could also add 'the home") was to provide a platform by which those who "agreed to disagree" would be able to live as they will.

The thumb on the scale that the "Black Progressive-Fundamentalist" will use is that this "States Rights Model" allowed Black people to be murdered as the powers that be had their way.

My rebuttal is to ask - HOW IS THIS ANY DIFFERENT THAN TODAY - where Black people are murdered and educated in a manner that is misaligned with our community needs?  The POWERS THAT BE benefiting from the Progressive Protection Racket that is being run are allowed to retain their powers while "Ninjas Get Kilt".

Indeed you are a fully EQUAL man.

The "Nationalized Social Justice Meme" merely serves to ratchet up the INDICTMENT for a certain standard of living - away from the Mission Accomplished Zones that the progressives now dominate, making it into a federal mandated birthright that an increasing number of line items will be added to the social contract.

Modern day Europe that had been sold as our guiding light just a few short years ago when the religion of Obamacare was being hoisted is now strangely taken away from the their discussions.

Once our national credit card exceeds its multi-trillion dollar credit line - surely Mr Fulwood will agree that absent certain ORGANIC COMPETENCES for our people to rely on to provide the desired goods and services - we stand little chance of surviving the loss of the "Social Justice Provider".

Why not try to synergize Social Justice as close to home as possible?   I believe that "Jesus" sees the fear in your heart about doing so, Mr Fulwood.

Conservative doctrines must be met and challenged by progressive views, and vice versa. Out of the jumble of competing beliefs, informed and enlightened citizens will be the earthly judges of public policy. (What you believe to come in the next life will, by necessity, remain the exclusive province of faith.) If viewed in this light, free and lively expressions of public faith don't harm our republic.

The key point that Mr Fulwood can't bring himself to see is that "conservative doctrines" ARE being pitted against his favored Progressive-Fundamentalism.  The migration patterns of Progressives out of Mission Accomplished Zones and into the suburbs and the South stand as proof that a committed progressive need not VOTE for conservative public policy.   A U-Haul truck and well placed Civil Rights Laws are all they need to do to remove themselves from the threat to their interests that the progressive take-over has produced.  They are now able to make the case that any RACISM or (what is the new term?)  Hetero-sexism that they experience in their new abode is cause to drive the next phase of the "Progressive Struggle".

"Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religious-specific, values," he said. "Politics depends on our ability to persuade each other of common aims based on a common reality."

I REJECT this supposition by Barack Obama, just as I rejected his warning given in the Philadelphia "Race Speech" in which he warned the nation of the negative consequences of leaving Black kids all alone in our own schools.

DEMOCRACY makes no such demands upon the RELIGIOUS.

A Christian's RELIGIOUS WALK demands that a person seek to walk in the ways of his God. THE PRODUCT OF THIS CONSCIOUSNESS is Christian Charity.

A Christian person who is compelled by the government to pay a 40% tax rate so that expanding National Social Justice programs might be funded HAS NOT done anything that will draw him closer to "Jesus". 

I wonder if President Obama or Mr Fulwood III sees social workers as "Church Angels" - going out into the community to preach the gospel while ensuring that the parents who have not set foot into the local church to gain consciousness about good parenting skills will one day be saved?


The only difference between you and a Right Wing Evangelical is that you compel the Anti-Religious Bigots to stand silently because they understand that through your actions you will bring THE CHURCH in line with their secular views.   You are then merely working the crowd from a different angle. 
The Evil

See the simulcast on Within The Black Community for the rebuttal of Mr Williams' arguments, first by setting him upon the right course in the argument about what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY instead of in the halls of the Mormon Temple. 
The Intended Result Of Their Conscious Usurpation

Of course I can't attack VOTER REGISTRATION.  It is everyone's right and duty to VOTE as an American of age.

The proper analysis of this Voter Registration , Voter Suppression And Voting Irregularity watch is to move past issues of VOTING and focus on the REWARDS that is is supposed to bring - if we vote FOR what the operatives suggest that we place into power.

In the 2012 elections there will be far fewer Black people denied the vote because of the lack of a photo id, a felony conviction or some other "trick" than there will be Black people denied the framework upon which our community will be made to prosper despite having "favorable people" in power.

The Mission Accomplished City of Flint Michigan poses a greater threat to the interests of Black America than does the request for photo ID in South Carolina.

Those who are quite silent on accepting accountability on the former while they seek to "get their groove back" in the later - by recreating the rituals of the "Civil Rights March" should be seen for who they really are.

Just as in the "Hollar'in Black Church" the signer with the microphone knows the song selection and emphasis necessary to cause 'Ms Bessy" to "Get The Spirit" - as she releases the penned up emotions that the stress of problem plagued young adult son - handing them over to "Jesus" so is the case with the Civil Rights Pharisees.   They know the importance of RITUALS within the Black Religious Experience and they seek to fuse the Black Church back into the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT OF TODAY.

It matters not that the majority of the "Civil Rights Violations" suffered by Black people today are not called "Civil Rights Violations" because the assailant disqualifies the labeling - by rattling the rusty chains of WHITE SUPREMACY - the Civil Rights Pharisees understand that many Blacks who are frustrated about the conditions within the Black community after so many tithes and offerings were made on election day for many decades, by making the case that the POLITICAL enemy is also the RACIAL enemy - the "Kill Two Birds With One Stone" story can be translated into the "Jesus turned our Equal Black Ballots cast for the Democrats into sufficient wine and loaves of bread" - as he answered our prayers.

As a Christian man I do not have contempt for CHRISTIANITY.  I have contempt for those who have no respect for themselves that they are seen HIJACKING the integrity of the intimate experience of religion in order to achieve their worldly ends - JUST LIKE our other OPPRESSORS have done over time.

The best thing that we can say about the Black Racial Services Machine Establishment is that unlike our oppressors they are USING US in the context of our democratic participation in the scheme. 

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