Friday, March 16, 2012

Voting = Methodology / Institutional Governance = End Game

From Booker Rising
Ms Borelli: You err when you focus so much on the transactional battle of voter photo id being voter suppressive and motivated by RACISM or not. This is but a ruse that is placed in front of a larger issue. In my "Dark Matter Analysis" technique I choose to go past the issue of 'Ballot Access'' and instead focus on the areas where the ballot IS NOT CONTESTED. Since voting is a means to an end - it is more rational to go over to the areas where the BLACK INFERIORISTS have assembled a government of their linking per their vote and then note IF THE BLACK PERMANENT INTERESTS have been delivered upon in these zones. We soon see that these "Mission Accomplished Zones", in fact FAIL to deliver. They only thing that they produce is a PROTECTION RACKET in support of the progressive elected officials that the Black Racial Services Machine are pleased with per their ideology rather than realization of the promises. We thus should understand that the NAACP is actually NOT INTERESTED in doing what is necessary to actually deliver "Black Permanent Interests", managing this through the institutions that are now in favorable hands. They are instead interested in CONGREGATIONAL UNITY, surmounting a permanent struggle against an IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY, constantly scaling the scope of their battle with the hopes that more land can be amassed in their Progressive Fundamentalist Empire. The key ingredient to their scheme is the COMPLICIT NEGRO who agrees to yield his notions of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY, agreeing to allow a constant state of "Community Consciousness Martial Law" in which these special circumstances has them agreeing to suspend the normal checks and balances against the aggregation of POWER by the executive. They agree that by criticizing the executive leadership of the Black Racial Services Machine at a time of war - THE ENEMY may be made stronger because of this internal congregational disunity. The truth is, Ms Borelli - if every citizen of Detroit or Newark were given TWO BALLOTS to deposit for use only in their municipal elections this double voting would not do a DAMNED THING to improve their present lot in life. \ Since the Black Progressive vote is an OPPOSITION vote its value is diminished when it is ALL ALONE BY ITSELF. Its only value is when it is placed in the same arena with its CONSERVATIVE ENEMY and the scheme called "Racism Chasing" is used to get the Black Rank & File to walk past the carcasses of past broken promises from elections passed and look forward to striking a blow against their enemy in the upcoming election as their ENEMY has RACIALLY INSULTED THEM. When this segment of Negrodom begin to understand that the greatest INSULT that one can render upon a Black person is to CONVINCE HIM to yield his own INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY in support of a fight that he has been convinced is MORE IMPORTANT - then and only then will the cultural consciousness that the Slavers have taken away begin to bloom like spring flowers after a long winter of frozen water that had blanketed it. CULTURE is NOT the RITUALS that we point to. CULTURE is the enforcement of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY in the production of certain favored outcomes for the benefit of the people - in reference to the EARTHLY CHALLENGES that they face as they desire to not only survive through eating and protection but to THRIVE as their people are focused upon productive matters.

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