Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trayvon Martin - How The Progressive-Joint Venture Back Channel Communications System Works

If you don't listen to all of the key components of the Progressive-Joint Venture machine you will fail to see how "Progressive Messages" flow into what represents itself as the "Pro-Black Community Domain".

Black Wing Talk Radio, per the people calling in to express their outrage over selective incidents which, in their mind, convince them that IF Obama does not win in 2012..............Jim Crow will be back in effect.

It stands to reason that if there is a large body of "Feigned Outrage" for the sake of "Congregational Unity Generation" then there are also Black people who make use of their resulting rally to tell of the importance of voting for the Democrats so that "This Injustice Of OUR PEOPLE Never Happens Again"

I am beginning to see that the force that "don't give a damn about Black people", worse than what a Street Pirate exhibits, is the force that failed to teach the "would be pillar of the Black community" but who "wasn't finished right".

The Embedded Confidence Men do not mind walking past tens of "Black Carcasses" laying in the street in order to target an "interesting controversy", knowing that they can team with their Progressive-Joint Venture Partners to convince the Black people who have an "Equal Black Ballot" that will ripen come November 2012 - that the only way to mitigate this THREAT which seeks to kill us all is to VOTE FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

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