Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Raw Dawg Buffalo Blog (Torrance Stephens) Is Officially Reclassified Into A Different Category

Raw Dawg Buffalo Blog

I am less of a stickler for ideological conformity behind all that I believe - than many of you assume me to be.

After many years of marriage I have come to see the value of having a perspective that is different than my own.  (If it were left up to me my house would have some ugly furniture and interior decorating.  I am into functional over fashion but have no problem admitting that someone else has a special touch in that area.)

I have read and debated Torrance Stephens over the years, mostly on third party Black-Progressive-Fundamentalist blogs.   Maybe it is the case that you get a better understanding of a person upon reading his own material than when he is in with a crowd.

After reading several of RDB's articles and the subject matter covered I can say that I can appreciate Stephens' independent thought on certain subjects that he goes against the grain on.

More than anything else I ask for intellectual consistency over "congregational unity enforcement' using fraud, knowing that no one else will call you on it.

(Not that this matters as much as when Filled-Negro's "Anti-Republican Blog Posing As A Pro-Black Blog" won an award given by his Black Progressive-Fundamentalist friends but.................)

Raw Dawg Buffalo Blog has been removed from my:   Offending Blogs Where I Get My Best Material From" list (in the "right hand frame of shame)

Raw Dog Buffalo - Oh This Is Where Torrance Stephens Expresses His Ideas

I'll put him in the "Blogs That I Am Keeping An Eye On To Appraise Their Content" for now.

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