Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama Loves The "Black Press Operatives" Who Function As An Extension To His Press Office Into The Black Community

Seattle Medium:  President Obama Expresses Love For The Black Press

I have already established that certain embedded operatives will seek to disarm you by putting forth a tag line that makes you believe that "THEIR messages" are "OUR messages.........or did MSNBC's "The" say "Our Stories" instead of "Our Messages"?   I'll have to check.

When "The Seattle Medium" - yet another "National Newspaper Publishers Association" syndicate told of President Obama's "love for the Black Press" - do you think that THEY THOUGHT that they'd have anything to worry about his views?

MORE IMPORTANTLY - do you think that President Obama (or any Democrat who received the investment of the EQUAL BLACK BALLOT) has to worry about what THE BLACK PRESS thinks about them as it shows in their critical analysis?

 It is important to understand that the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE sees President Obama as "ONE OF THEIR OWN IN THE WHITE HOUSE".  They would like to see a Democratic US Congress to accompany the Democratic Local Machines - as the most certain way that the BLACK PROGRESSIVE AGENDA can be accomplished in America.

They can't bring themselves to see that COMMANDER IN CHIEF OBAMA is also Americans top "Allied Imperialist American Military Machine".  

I stated before that when these two roles come into conflict ONE OF these INSTITUTIONS must compromise themselves to afford the other to retain their integrity.   Of course the US Military, US Foreign Service and US Treasury - have sufficient internal systems of governance to afford "checks and balances" so it is inevitable that the OTHER institutions - the Black Community Institutions that failed to defend itself against itself (and its whims) that must necessarily compromise.

The BLACK PRESS is the key institution that effects this compromised state of Black Institutions as it resists talking about the US Machine - with Obama atop - IF it forces them to fundamentally attack Obama.   In this way they are "Reverse Dr Kings".

Though many dress themselves up in Dr King's pastoral robes - they are not about to allow their planned "Progressive Social Policy" advancement to be derailed by consideration for some "damned Africans" that had their countries invaded by the US military or shot dead in a commando raid.

It stands to reason then that which this force that has proven their ability to remain silent at the appropriate time - both OBAMA and the AMERICAN MACHINE indeed have a friend in the Black Press.

They are pleased that FINALLY a "President Of The United States" is speaking to them.

In the future - they will come to see that those who later occupy the White House have learned from their present antics.  IF their silence can be purchased as such they their feigned "Unbought / Unsold" disposition is not as firmly rooted as they made it out to be.

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