Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Issues That Obama/Holder/Perez And Ali CAN'T Fix Are Greater Than That Which They Can Appease The Negro In His Present Consciousness With

These are truly sad days for anyone taking a step back and noting how the ungoverned access to the 'Black Community Consciousness' has left the fingerprints of the hijackers for all to see.
What do you do when you see the Negro living vicariously through his POLITICAL self, unable to relate this to his own existence in the streets?

He will be heard telling of VICTORIES in fighting his enemy, selling the "accomplishment" when he knows full well that if he was ever all alone, by himself, such hollow trophies would melt.

(Again I give credit to the executives of NBC Universal.  You all are wise beyond your years.  My criticism is reserved for your employees that left their consciousness at the metal detector at your front door)

OUR STORIES?   Really?  

Mr Love:
Put your thinking cap on for a second.Take all that you have said about the REPUBLICAN'S motivations and then look at the other side of the coin.
If you listen to the chatter among the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist politicos they talk about a VICTORY in having STOPPED the Republican threat from photo id.
Think real, real hard about that one.
In my "on the ground" surveillance I can confidently say that "The Least Of These" (the Un-banked) have MORE requirements to show ID to conduct transactions than do people like us who only need to remember our 4 digit PIN.   Even the post office that I recently went to had a sign that said TWO forms of picture ID is required to cash a money order.
We have to endure the contorted logic which says that the above is merely a privilege and not a RIGHT but the good brother Attorney General could not bring himself to explain why he doesn't think the same about photo id requirements to pursue one's Second Amendment RIGHTS.
Still none of this compares to the greatest indictment - the selling of BLACK INFERIORITY as a means of countering your enemy.   When the entire US voting populous is "carded", Mr Love - we are told that it is a trick to cull the weak and infirmed from the flock.Like a prescision clock - as if you are working in close conjunction with some larger operative force you agree to be the voice of our infeiority, using the "Jim Crow Laws" as your moral reference in this which is INDEED A POLITICAL GAME.
My problem with you, brother, is that you are able to show that your adversary is playing politics AT THE EXPENSE OF BLACK PEOPLE - but you can't bring yourself to see your mirror image is that of your enemy's antics.
IF this enemy is a big trixter - then what must we call the counter-trixter - especially when we look at the places where "The Blacks" vote favorably, in an unmolested manner yet the results fall far short of the promises?  Since these are the places that you are not "occupying" with your journalistic scope - I must conclude that you are content because these are places where PROGRESSIVISM stands unchecked.  
Let me ask you a question, brother, when you see "Kony's Kids" and what they have to endure - does it make you feel cheap about the running plays that your blog orchestrates in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"? 


[quote] "We talk about the need for ID to do a variety of things that are privileges," he said, referring to riding an airplane. "We are talking now about a constitutional right, something that is a fundamental right."[/quote]

Mr Bacon - if you were a journalist and not a stenographer you and your co-worker at NBC Night News would have asked Mr Holder to explain why a photo ID is necessary to express your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to acquire a gun.
I give credit to Progressive-Fundamentalists though.   We are talking about VOTING rather than the results of your VICTORY as it relates to the Permanent Interests of the Black Community in various "Mission Accomplished Cities" like Newark, Detroit, Philly, Chicago and St Louis. 
The sad and disappointing part of it all, Mr Bacon, is that the key issues for Black America - when we remove all of the propaganda filters - of:
* Comprehensive Quality Education to prepare our young people* Safe Communities to allow us to congregate on our own streets* Thriving Local Economies so that we can produce the desired goods and services for sale within
CAN'T BE ADDRESSED by the Holder/ Thomas Perez nor Russlynn Ali.
I am not sure if you even understand what you are doing.
Instead of defining the "Black Community's Permanent Interests" as a DISTINCT entity from what YOU and your MSNBC cohorts BELIEVE is the best METHODOLOGY to obtain them - as you sit as transparent appraisers of the EFFECTIVENESS - you instead are seen as transactional processors of the latest "bread and circuses" that the Malcolm X Political Football Game sends our way.
While there are 5 million people that MIGHT be impacted by voter ID enforcement, Mr Bacon - how many more MILLIONS of Black people that live in areas where the government is full of Progressive Democrats, to your liking, but that which they INVESTED their "Equal Black Ballots" into - unmolested by a Republican at the polling station - yet they did not get a RETURN ON INVESTMENT?
The saddest part of the entire scheme, Mr Bacon is that IF we removed all distractions that you and other operatives CLAIM is suppressing our people from voicing our opinions - you will never get to the point in which you look at the RESULTS that fall short of the congregation's expectations and then wonder if THE CONGREGATION'S VOICE needs some singing lessons in order to change it to sing a different tune. 

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