Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Am Joe Oliver

From the Dream And Hustle blog

[quote]they come to America trying to be next to the Whites and start speaking like they are Black people and speak on the behalf of African-Americans.[/quote]

Brother Ed:
Let me add some additional context to your statements quoted above.
I don't believe that the problem is that the INTEND to "Be Next To Whites".
The problem, as I have analyzed it, is that the Black Community has suffered from "CONSCIOUSNESS INTEGRATION" into the biorhythm of America.
We have lost our connectivity to the larger world "The Black Diaspora" and now what you are seeing is the damage that the marginal focus upon the TRANSACTIONS that America presents before us has done.
WITHIN the Black Community those who now control our institutions have failed to retain the "Institutional Integrity" that will allow our people who matriculate through these institutions to DEVELOP as we desire to.  
Now that we have the laws protecting Black people as we vacate from our local concentrated clusters, in pursuit of better living - we must understand that the ironic point that many Blacks move to the suburbs and live next door to their ideological adversaries because, ironically, they have a better chance of obtaining their 'Black Permanent interests' (education, safety, economic prosperity) in these places than in the places were we are concentrated is evidence of the problem WITHIN OUR OWN RANKS as this "Institutional Integrity" has been jettisoned for the sake of TRANSACTIONAL, POLITICAL GAMESMANSHIP in the 'Malcolm X Political Football Game".
For Joe Oliver, who I have not followed in dept - HE is only guilty of the "CHERRY PICKED FOCUS" in which he defends his friend George Zimmerman while dismissing the clear "racial profiling" that Zimmerman has conducted.
Keep in mind though, Ed, Mr Oliver's contextual focus is no different than those who are able to look past the dead carcasses that line the streets of Black America as they look past "Street Pirate On Black Crime", instead believing that "White on Black homicide" is a SUPERIOR focus.
If there were ever "I Am Joe Oliver" t-shirts printed THEY deserve to have the first batch.

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