Monday, March 12, 2012

The Grio's Intern Tells Us Why Bill Maher Is No Rush Limbaugh

Why Bill Maher is no Rush Limbaugh

Secret - When you are studying how Black Progressive-Fundamentalist bigots work - don't look at who and what they attack - this is easy.    Instead just wait and make note of what they affirm and then make your appraisal.

In the case of MSNBC's "The's" intern Zerlina Maxwell we know that Commander In Chief' Barack Obama's invasion of Libya and killing of Osama Bin Laden was proof that he is fully alert at 3am.  There was no talk of justification of Libya nor of "due process" or torture for Obama.  A bullet tot he head by the US Navy SEALS was "justice done" - just as Obama told us.

As if anyone is surprised - we now must look past the track record of the bigoted Bill Maher because the right-wing is attempting to deflect attention off of Rush Limbaugh, onto Maher.  Ms Maxwell is not biting.

It is curious that for a person who lives off of defection and/or "Why are you attacking OUR guy when YOUR guy did the same?" is now asking us to look past the antics of Bill Maher because:

  • Sarah Palin is a politician and not a private citizen
  • Bill Maher doesn't have the power with the Democrats as Limbaugh has with the GOP
    • It should be noted that Maher is a featured speaker at an official Democratic sponsored event in Alabama coming up shortly.

Do you see my problem people?

You only need to take a look at The "Our Lives.....Our Voices......Our Stories" to see that MSNBC indeed is getting their money's worth in their investment as they assembled Black Progressive-Fundamentalists who can't bring themselves to speak for the INTERESTS OF the Black community as they remain ensconced in the POPULAR CONSCIOUSNESS of Black people today.   As such The provides them with the "self-chum" that their audience demands while rarely CHALLENGING the STATUS QUO.  Not the ELECTED status quo in the "American Political Domain" but the CONSCIOUS STATUS QUO that connects together their self-admissions that "We have massive problems within the Black Community" (see Dr Boyce Watkins) with the "Bread And Circuses" that outlets like The Grio feeds to the Black electorate.


I don't know Ms Maxwell's personal faith.   
The reason why I call Bill Maher a bigot is because he understands that his progressive audience love his attacks on conservatives more than they care about his attacks on organized religion and the Christian faith specifically. 

As such I have called these Black people who have their priorities out of kilter "Thomas-Cain Progressive Black Christians".   As long as they are comfortable that bigots like Bill Maher are not talking about THEM - they don't mind his attacks on Christianity.   They are like Peter the disciple who denied knowing Jesus when such acknowledgement would bring consequences upon them personally.

Add this to the long list of BLACK INSTITUTIONS that have become irreparably compromised as they show who their "True Jesus" is - THEIR IDEOLOGY AND POLITICS - all the while they have lost their soul.

(Again MSNBC - I am not mad at you.  You study Black people like the Koreans do and you are developing your base by which to collect "Black Consciousness" in support of Progressivism just as the Korean Merchants are collecting "Black Dollars".  

I don't blame your Black employees as they are fully marinated.

I blame the BLACK RANK & FILE that is watching all of these trix and are quiet pleased that their POLITICAL ENEMIES are the primary focus of the Black Racial Services Machine - despite the condition of our community. )

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