Sunday, February 26, 2012

This should not be a story about Charles Blow's Tweet about Mitt Romney the Republican Mormon.

The real story is that yet another no so clandestine Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is seen more "offended" by the words of a man who has no power at present than he seems to be able to bring himself to see the distinction between the ideology that appease him in his present consciousness, obtaining more power in the process versus the results that are garnered among the people that he purports to seek more favorable results on behalf of.

I refuse to get caught up in the "fake offense" routine over someone's Tweet.   While there is no doubt that the use of an associated property of Barack Obama that had no direct impact upon his political persona would have Mr Blow calling someone else a "racist(!!!)", Charles Blow a man who can't bring himself to call out Tom Joyner and others who suggest that Black people should vote for Obama because he is Black should be understood for who he is underneath the facade.

Mr Blow is merely a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist franchise for the New York Times, used within in the same way that the Washington Post Co's "The" and MSNBC's "The Grio" is used as an auxiliary.

The challenge for Mr Blow is NOT to get him to show evidence in which a single article of his has stood against a (Progressive) policy measure of President Obama.   A more comprehensive scrutiny of his work is to inspect for the any scrutiny of the entire body of Progressive-Fundamentalist assumptions at all levels of governance (including the "single parent" theories that triggered him to express what was already inside of him) and look out for his history of putting PROGRESSIVISM ON TRIAL, forcing it to PROVE that it can deliver the comprehensive results upon the greater society by primarily BUILDING UP STRONGER PEOPLE through the institutions that it takes over.

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