Thursday, February 23, 2012

Learn To Turn An Attack Into Lemonaide

How I respond to a personal attack as contrasted by the words of a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist that I posted the other day who said:  "Every time they attack President Obama by making him out to be a monkey - they strengthen the Democratic base".

True Progressive-Fundamentalist: 
You remind me of an insect....a fly is suited to you...always buzzing and landing in shyt....

Constructive Feedback
Indeed you are correct sir.  I love sh** as it is a reservoir of nutrients.

You see - all the while that YOU thought I was eating it.   I actually had little FLY GLOVES that I carried it to a storage container.
Do you ever notice those large ant mounds and think that they were constructed by ants who lifted ONE GRAIN AT A TIME?  This is what I did with SH**.   I dried the Sh*( out and then packaged it as FERTILIZER.)
I packed it on a truck and then sold it to a would be Klansman who otherwise does not like Black people as he said to me "You make the statement 'Ninjas and Flies' prove to be true. Are you sure you don't want to join my Mexicans in picking these crops that I sell to the Koreans?".    This as he PAID ME his money - which I marked up 6 times the margin that it took me to actually produce the sh*&. 

Just to make note of the benefit of my SH*% I was a "fly on the wall" at the local Korean owned Farmers Market that are frequented by Black folks who - 10 years ago protested that Kroger and Publix had NO URBAN MANDATE.   The Koreans responded and opened a store that they OWN.
My Sh&* has made the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, onions, beans and cabbage that appears on nearly all Black Democrat's table as they now live in a community THAT WAS a "Food Desert".
True Progressive Fundamentalist 4 Sure - I learned a lesson from a BLACK PROGRESSIVE that YOU could learn from- Fannie Lou Hamer.
Instead of focusing on what BIGOTS CALL YOU (just as YOU called me a fly)  - focus on the FUNCTION of your MISSION as you reside in a DEN OF BIGOTS.Turn their HARED, IGNORANCE AND BIGOTRY into something CONSTRUCTIVE.   The FEEDBACK you give to them with your success - despite their opposition that was rooted in their BIGOTRY will let you know that it is THEY who are FULL OF SH**&, with their large intestine about to bust open making have a toxic shock.

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