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Know Who They Really Are: Washington Post's Jonathan Capart - Journalist Or Obama Position Spokesperson?

After having several discussions over the past month from my interactions with loved one's that I have not seen in an extended period of time (and thus extend a certain amount of deference to in discussions about the Black community that turn into political discussions) I have fine tuned my debate techniques by which I allow their previous agreement with the transactions that we mutually discussed earlier to bring them to the understanding that my conclusive arguments are not radical, it is THEY who are required to understand how THEIR OWN positions when it comes to GOVERNING the community with the goal of fixing what they had agreed with me earlier as a problem.

Normally I would make this post with the goal of asking everyone to understand that while New Jersey governor Christie is a politician - he debate adversary Jonathan Capehart is a journalist.   Strange but true that while journalist are human (as hard as this may be to accept with some of them) and thus have their opinions - the kind folks at MSNBC's "Morning Joe" understand that Capehart is a progressive-fundamentalist operative and fully competent in delivering the President's position on a matter.  This even IF President Obama never clearly articulated the position that Capehart is delivering.  

Ultimately this is not the important consideration as this merely is a political jousting match.

I see this merely as yet more evidence that certain members of the "LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press" are primary agents in the "Obama Fist Bump Media".  They have long ago compromised their journalistic integrity.

It stands to reason that IF President Obama's action as Commander In Chief of the US Allied Forces violate the long enforced views of Black America - these same operatives will not passionately go after THIS President, instead spiking the story so they don't derail their larger domestic progressive agenda.  THEY are the "Anti-Dr King Force" as they get it wrong in this way.

Governor Christie Still Got It Wrong

While any reasonable person who saw this clip would say that NJ Governor Christie brought his skills from the court room into the debate I believe that he failed to frame the issue properly.

We are in the midst of an agenda by which "Progressive Base Hits" are being used to produce MOVEMENT while media operatives like Jonathan Capehart are providing the narrative that it is PROGRESSIVE FORWARD MOVEMENT.  

Just I as have modeled the individual moving parts in the "Black Racial Services Machine" and how they function to propel an agenda in aggregate.  It is also true that Progressive-Fundamentalist are waging a distributed attack on the societal traditions in an aggregate form.

 Governor Christie erred when he made the issue of the radical modification of traditional marriage into a METHODOLOGICAL CHOICE (a public vote versus a legislative and executive action).  Capehart planted the seed for rebuttal by claiming that the denial of same sex marriage is a CIVIL RIGHT that is being voted upon.

With this framing it is Capehart and his fellow progressive bigots who will operate with the moral flag in their possession.

Shifting Away From "Progressive Base Hits" To The Demand For A Comprehensive Plan That Will Result In A Population That Expresses A Mass Of Favorable Census Characteristics

By allowing a progressive bigot to function as a special interest group in which they advocate for one position but are not held responsible for the larger issues - those who claim the traditional position are placed on the defensive, explaining away their "bigotry".

The truth is that we are having this debate on the radical transformation of the traditional marriage standard at a time when the cornerstone heterosexual married relationship numbers are on a trajectory downward.

The conservative that fails to make use of this macro picture, detail the RESULTS (more severed relationships projected into the populace and the dysfunction that comes along) and then turns the tables on those who seek to make "progressive base hits" - is making a fatal mistake with their tactical arguments.

Yes it is true that we as a society are making decisions.  Yes POPULARITY of a notion as people say "Times Have Changed" are of a serious consideration.   However, since it is clear that "Popularity does not equal EFFECTIVENESS" if those who believe that certain order has allowed us to be prosperous as a nation are now given to believe that the entropy that we are experiencing is made better if they merely slow it down then such a person is no better than the radical special interest operative.

The use of the word BIGOT and then the framing of the argument in which the traditionalist is made to sound like the "CCC" of old should be countered by the use of "distillation".   Fear not pointing out how the oppressed minority during the "Jim Crow Era" received harm as a society that was intent on his suppression enforced certain strictures to cause his peril.  

From these distilled points, which are:

  • Severed relationships - as parents are killed, imprisoned 
  • Cultural Psychosis - (a relative who is a child of the Segregated South that accompanied recently on a boat ride in the South last week feared that WE as the only Blacks on the river boat might get thrown overboard by the "racist Whites" and thus was reluctant to go aboard until another Black man was seen walking aboard - this is a true story)

The argument IS NOT that "Gay Marriage will cause these ills to Americans.
The argument is that the entropy of our "Functional Culture" as those who take more power in our society via the use of EXTERNAL INDICTMENT for their forward movement and ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION to cover their tracks will produce a dysfunctional society in aggregate because we are all too focused on the transactional matters rather than applying due consideration of the comprehensive whole.

The best way to turn around Jonathan Capehart and other high minded, abstract intellectuals - is to put them on the spot and demand that they provide a master plan BUT THEN go more granular and force them to detail where it is the case that when THEY HAVE WON in getting their Progressive-Fundamentalist strategy entrenched as "The Last Man Standing" SOCIETY HAS WON rather than just a Progressive victory was placed at hand.

Progressivism Is In-Organic

Progressivism is fundamentally an "anti-establishment struggle" that makes use of high minded notions of:

  • Social Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Educational Justice
  • Food Justice
  • Health Care Justice
  • Marriage Justice
While those who listen in are enticed to "consider their better selves" in the context of a civilized society - we all are often tricked into looking past the central failing of Progressive-Fundamentalism and Secular Progressivism - it is unable to produce these outcomes IN ITS OWN "BELLY".  It instead frames the people who are in "the belly of the beast" as victims of the stomach acid.   With this framing they are placed on a perpetual struggle against the attempts by the beast to digest them, using them as pawns and prey for its own perpetuation as a going concern.

Until we step back and develop a model by which we proclaim that all "equal human beings" should be made stronger as a result of matriculating through a process and that our debate is not over a cascading set of RIGHTS that are synergized over time as a means of keeping an increasingly marginal STRUGGLE going, it is over the appraisal of the EFFECTIVENESS of competing systematic theories, appraised by its effectiveness to build up strong individuals while protecting their RIGHTS - then we are left to wage a transactional battle like the one we see today.

As the roof is aflame - certain operatives proclaim their victory at wresting control over the large bedroom on the second floor.

How many of our great public intellectuals have used the metaphor of "America the burning house that we have entered into"?

The new regulation that all such houses are to have unisex bathrooms does not adequately capture the crisis that we face.

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