Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Intern Zerlina Maxwell's Slight Of Hand On Cornel West's Criticism Of Obama's Help For The Poor

When I tell you that the two tools necessary to counter the arguments of a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is a 'Time Line' and an 'Architectural Blueprint' please believe it.

In their defense of Obama and the Progressive scaffolding that they have erected around "The Least Of These" after a long series of investments since the Progressive Era the progressive-fundamentalists who engage in political arguments of the day need to forget this history and the promises that they have made.

Zerlina Maxwell - The Loop21/The Grio/The Root/MSNBC/CNN

At the time, the interview inspired a response in The Nation from Dr. Harris-Perry  which then resulted in a joint interview where the two academics appeared back to back, but not head to head, to share their distinct viewpoints and political analysis on President Obama’s tenure.  Unfortunately, Dr. West’s critiques neglected to include any process analysis, where the Republican filibuster, and not President Obama’s lack of backbone or disregard for the concerns for the poor are to blame for the slow pace of change.

Most of you would accept the framing that Ms Maxwell has put forth.
She asks that we focus on the question of "President Obama's care for the poor" since 2009 in which he has been in office.  

This would be legitimate but for the fact that President Obama must be considered a part of the "Progressive Machine" and their continuum into power.   On the radio last week I listened to a local state representative on the radio discussing a "living wage" for the poor.  He made references to two Republican presidential candidates, this despite the fact that his proposed legislation is only focused on the state of Georgia.

It is preposterous to assume that the local and national PROGRESSIVE MACHINE is not of one accord, seeking to advance their agenda.

If Ms Maxwell had a transparent intent she would note the sameness in the progressive-fundamentalist strategy between President Obama, Prof Cornell West and herself and question why she is trying to focus the time frame of her defense of Obama upon Obama's time on office when the real defendant that needs to be on trial is Progressive-Fundamentalism and ITS ability to develop the 'Least Of These' into the "Un-least of These" after collecting so many ballots from them in support of the promises for uplift that they were told.

By far - the local economic forces and the associated "human resource development institutions" do more to define the economic standing of any American than what they can or should hope for the central federal government to provide for them.

Sadly Ms Maxwell does not seem to have her eye cast toward Europe to note the 'grand fail" of state quasi-socialism and the violence that is produced when austerity plans force the government to take entitlements away.

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