Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Don't Care About Roland Martin's Gay Inferences, More Concerned About His Definition Of A "Real Bruh"

Lifted from Hinterland Gazette

In our world of transactional indictments, CNN/TVOne's Roland Martin is receiving criticism for his "gay inferences" used in a Super Bowl Tweet.

Beyond this as another example of the frivolity of allowing one man's personal thoughts to be broadcast to the world as he has a beer in his hand, watching television I don't care about the "gay inferences".  (I reject the word "homophobic" because it is an engineered word meant to convey an indictment).

I am far more concerned about what Mr Martin's definition of a "Real Bruh" is as I know in advance that HE will always make the cut in whatever definition he conjures up.

In this sense a "Real Bruh" is just like a "Real Black Person".   It is an exclusive group that the gatekeepers enforce the rites of passage.   There is little doubt that at the end of the matriculation process YOU will be transformed into a being who thinks just like THEM than when you first started.

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