Friday, February 3, 2012

The The Best Opposition Research Repository With The Same Diversionary Agenda As A Supermarket Tabloid

Ms Reid:
Have you ever in your life written an article from the vantage point that the BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS is for a "High Standard Of Living That Is Achieved Though Enabling Our People To Become Pillars In Support Of These Goals As They Are Sculpted By The Institutions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY"?
Is there anything within you that could be made to believe that this goal is separate and distinct from Obama, the Democrats vs Republicans and the majority of what you spend your time focusing upon?
Not only is "The"t the best source of "Republican Opposition Research" and the "Marketing Arm Of The Democratic Party" you all also are the most glowing piece of evidence that the Black Community's "STRUGGLE" has been fully engulfed by the THE CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION INTO AMERICAN POLITICS.
Do you see how you paint yourself in the corner, Ms Reid?  You necessarily must avoid scrutiny of the "Mission Accomplished Zones" like Detroit, Philly, Newark, Cleveland because these VICTORIES in the areas that you advocate have NOT produced benefit for the interests of Black people in:
* Education
* Public Safety
* Economic Development
* Health And Family Structure for Black people
It is clear that you FEED THE PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK PEOPLE - strengthening the bond of "Vicarious Living Through Obama".  
Your cracked squad is what Malcolm X warned us about as you all are the "Red Tail Special Teams" in the foot ball game.   You believe that PROGRESS has been made because now you are allowed into the game as starters, rather than being forced to sit in the segregated seats.
Ms Reid - could you be so kind and detail for me - of the MASSIVE INVESTMENT of our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS - both 3 years ago and over the past 50 years - where are the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that have been developed WITHIN the Black Community that a select few of us would be able to transplant for the benefit of any other location around the world were our "diasporatic footprint" exists?
You know they don't have Republicans in the Ivory Coast or Haiti.  

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