Friday, February 17, 2012

The - Bacon Dipped In Obama Chocolate

The's Political Team Has It All Covered

[quote] Most Democrats, and nearly all black ones, had praised Obama's budget, which included billions in spending designed to create jobs as well as tax hikes on the wealthy, both of which liberals have long called for.[/quote]

Mr Bacon:
Do you ever "step away from YOURSELF" and re-read your articles?
Your content is not ANALYSIS but instead reads like that of a "spokesperson" for some entity that I will allow you to determine 'WHO'.
"Most Democrats praised......................"
OK.  This may indeed be factual.  You then note the "Job Creation" SPENDING.
But wait, Mr Bacon - what about the $1,000BILLION + deficits that are 4 years running?
In the folklore of Black Progressive Economic History of "when things all changed" it was Ronald Reagan's DEBT SPENDING that sent America on its death spiral.   
Just as they say that "character is what you display when you are all alone" sir, YOU had the opportunity to make note of 4 years of $1Trillion+ deficits and wonder if this short term focus on SPENDING BILLS that are labeled "Jobs Bills" is equivalent to PRIVATE SECTOR jobs growth.
We all saw the initial good news during the "Internet Bubble" where Wall Street teamed with Silicon Valley as the venture capital financiers in support of job growth.  23 million jobs were created.  Then when the capital allocation went awry the bubble popped and the nation faced a serious recession.
What happens, sir, when the GOVERNMENT (Federal Reserve) becomes the "Venture Capitalist", pumping DEBT MONEY in excess to make up the revenues that the natural economy is not putting into the treasury?   Take a look at any chart that shows Federal revenues versus federal spending and see the gap.  And NOT "Tax Cuts On The Rich" - which at most means $200 billion in less revenue is NOT the total cause of the gaping hole.  
Its ironic that the policies adopted in the short run to keep the pain off of the people today are setting up a long term, unstable situation where the very programs that Progressive-Fundamentalists lobby for will be necessarily cut in order to keep the ship from listing.
Where is your ANALYSIS Mr Bacon?I have not read a single article from you in which you present ANY CONSEQUENCES for an Progressive-leaning policy or proposal.  There is only upside for these plans and upside for Obama. 

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