Sunday, February 26, 2012

Filled-Negro's Referential Integrity

When I read my dear friend Filled Negro's blog - I look past the foolishness that he so frequently presents and instead makes note of who in the larger "Blogging While Brown" peer community is pleased by the content.  It is also worthy to note that there are some Progressive-Fundamentalists who have Internet access through the "Minority Broadband Initiative" that register their approval as well.

Despite my observation that the most successful "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" performers do unmeasurable damage to the dignity of Black people - I have always credited them for their ability to pierce through the "Fake Front" of "Black Community Racial Pride And Dignity" and instead GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.   As such the real sentiment of the Black community should be indexed to:

  • The wild profits that the Hio Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate performer pulls in - some far more than a Wall Street Banker
  • The number of Protests made against him by those who seek to uphold a standard
The same is the case with the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" segment of the Black Press and the affiliated "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies".

My general sentiment is that a CULTURE IS SCULPTED OVER TIME.   That culture which was "stolen" beaten out of the field slave that dared cleave to the name "Kunta" is not going to be restored as a concoction is poured into our heads today.

IF the culture of the Black Progressive Propaganda Media finds the ridiculous inference above as "award winning" then they should not be so surprised that when their MACHINE wins control over a Mission Accomplished Domain that they show themselves incompetent at delivering the promised benefit to the "Least Of These" that went along without protest.

I assure you that 'Blogging White Brown" is happy at the editorial foolishness BECAUSE my friend Filled Negro is merely case of "The Means Justifying Their Common Ends".  

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