Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eugene Robinson And Stanley Crouch Scale The Indictments That They Typically Reserve For The State Level, Up To The International Level, Still Reluctant To "Go Local" With Their Inspections

An article by the Washington Post's  Black Progressive Fundamentalist Hit man Eugene Robinson begat a racism chasing article by Stanley Crouch.

In the article penned by Eugene Robinson the Asian nation of China is used as the "forward leaning" gravitational pull beckoning America to put aside its petty squabbles and focus on the important issues lest we perish with a copy of "The National Inquirer" in hand.

I am not so sure that I am ready to trust Mr Robinson.   A man who proves that he is not a serious arbiter of the truth as he makes use of his periodical dispatches to drive home such a heavy handed agenda for no other reason than the advancement of his ideology.

Mr Robinson

Quick Mr Robinson........ tell us the last time that you have rendered a stunning rebuke of the antics that are taking place in our "Mission Accomplished Cities" after the forces who were put into place to assemble the local pilings for the "Progressive Fortress" that you are assisting in erecting?

If the Chinese are growing powerful via the use of low waged workers - per the pay scale that is referenced to that of the United States, what should we conclude about the pay scales in certain markets within the United States in which the "labor suppliers" WON at holding out for larger pay and benefits packages in the short run but the laborers and the cities that they live within ultimately lost as the "consumer of their labor" exited the market?

There is nothing about the line of thinking that you constantly express that has me to believe that the prime option that you would choose to avoid this problem in the future is to prevent these consumers of labor from exiting these protected markets and thus harming these suppliers.

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You see, Mr Robinson - and please afford me the leeway to project upon you what I assume based on the reading of your works - when I believe that when you see the consciousness, desperation and grievances as voiced in the video above you see an OPPORTUNITY to direct them toward your column in which they can gain a better understanding of how the forces converged to render the outcomes that they now suffer from.   If you can harvest their "Equal Black Ballots" into your cause the grand solution will one day be had.  If THEY are "had" along the way in the struggle that you compel them in - All is good because the "struggle" that you take them on has passed your inspection.

When I see the consciousness that has been captured on the film I see evidence of your handiwork and those of your peers.
Each of these voices represent an "Equal Black Ballot" for the taking.
It matters NOT if they make rational sense but only that YOUR CAUSE ultimately stand as the beneficiary of their deposit.

If the late Senator Barry Goldwater was called a RACIST(!!!) for his joke that said:
"Give 'The Blacks' all of the money in the world and give me a bunch of costume jewelry.  Soon I will have all of the money in the world and they'll still be happy"...............................

..................then what should we call the confidence men who observe the desperation of Black people  and do the very same thing with the lifting of their ballots in exchange for HOPE rather than their money in exchange for faux gold?

With China building infrastructure in various African nations for the purposes of enabling the free flow of raw materials inside of its continental boundaries why not focus on THIS LAND rather than China?
The top news about America on the African continent is that a US military aircraft that is based in the American military base in Djibouti has crashed.   This plane was attached to the same base from which the US attack on Libya and the commando raid on Somalia was launched.

After so many years of "Dangling Africa" in front of the eyes of the "Free African Americans"......how does it feel to you to know that the present consciousness that integration into the "American Political Domain" has rendered Negroes seen CHEERING as the US Military executed these actions on "The Motherland"?

Here is the ironic point that you don't seem to get:

  • While the White Right Wing CHEERED the perfect execution of the multi-trillion dollar US military war machine in a relatively defenseless African nation
  • While the White Left Wing in the media cheered and then hinted that Obama does a good job in "keeping those African in check"  (See Tina Brown)
  • The Black Progressive Fundamentalists use this event to CHEER OBAMA, all at the expense of the dead Africans that served as the flora and the fauna atop which Obama stood tall.
Do you see, Mr Robinson that with such DIVERSITY - a group of people can be in the very same sporting arena and are seen CHEERING but they all are motivated by very different things.

Mr Crouch

Mr Crouch - you'll never know how much regard that I have lost for you over the years.  No hit piece on Dr Cornell West will ever cure this.  

With Dr West attacking Dr Melissa Harris-Perry as "a fraud" the theory which says "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" DOES NOT WORK with me, for I am more firmly rooted.

You see, Mr Crouch, I see the present snipping fight between various Black Progressive-Fundamentalist media sources as your version of the "Black Democratic Primary" or a "Alpha Black Donkey Fight" as the hormones flow from your glands to your brain sensors.

In your arrogance you are fighting an intellectual pissing contest among noted "Public Intellectuals" while Rome Burns.   The Black community is Rome - in case you didn't get it.

Tell me this, Mr Crouch because this is how you had me fooled about your "conservatism" - even though TheGrio's David A. Wilson labeled you as such as punishment for your criticism of his "bread and circuses" operation funded by MSNBC to keep "The Blacks" mentally satisfied in their present consciousness:

You peg yourself as a (slightly) cultural conservative.  This requires the establishment of some INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY among cultural institutions that you believe produce desirable outcomes. 

You appear to have no problem calling out the forces that make a mockery out of these institutions.  In the case of "The Grio" you believed that they were wasting valuable time of Black people should be focused on addressing more serious community issues at hand.

 The ironic point is that they are molesting the "Institutional Integrity" of the Black Community - right before your eyes.  The only problem is that their corruption skews in a manner that is favorable to you so you don't hit them in a meaningful way.  (See my analysis of your article on this blog with reference to the Grio dust up).

The Black Press is the most corrupt of them all.

The Lamped Black Yellow Journalist Press has yielded its mandate to check the forces that bear down upon the Black community, preventing them from usurping our discrete interests.

Mr Crouch - do you figure that some time in the future that a people who assisted in building up a power base by perpetually acknowledging their INFERIORITY and DAMAGED STATE is going to one day achieve a victory and then reach this promised land with their full competencies in tact?

 Tell me, Mr Crouch, exactly WHEN will this inflection point from INFERIORITY to EQUAL stature going to take place?

While indeed the government might enforce the equality of the downtrodden masses - we all know that THEY THEMSELVES must first assume their own equality per the consciousness that has been built up in them over time.
Why then do you have such a problem making an inspection of the "Black Racial Services Machine" and their propensity to

How is it that you are so concerned with the RACISM that the Chinese hold for "diasporatic Blacks" more than you appear to concern yourself that they see a CUSTOMER BASE to which they provide SERVICES TO DEPENDENTS?

If the Asians in their homeland see Blacks in this manner - what do you figure the stir-fry cooks that I saw lining the length of Lansdowne Ave of the "Mission Accomplished City" of Philadelphia this past summer?
After I went home from a local sports bar after the NBA Finals, at 11pm, all of the stores had their lights out after closing, except the Asian stir fry joints that sold food and beer to the consumers.

The frustration that I have with the Black Progressive Intellectual is NOT you all's lack of intelligence or penmanship.  Indeed many of you can teach me with your "English Lessons" that you give out to those who offend your sensibilities with their inability to communicate their thoughts as succinctly as your weekly articles that must past through your publisher's hands have trained you to do so.  they must all fit within your column space after all.

My frustration with you all is that YOU are the "Bound Men" that Shelby Steele should have focused upon in his book on "why Obama can't win".  Who would have "thunk" that as the masses of Chinese around the world were focusing on the "Black man who needs to wash is now in the White House".......that so many Black INSTITUTIONS would compromise themselves in support of the man who now sits in the seat of power of the American Imperialist Empire.

The vast majority of you come close to the edge in which, if you were honest, you would be forced to defend the interests of Black people as a separate and distinct interest from the American Empire.  You know - like the way it was BEFORE OBAMA!!!    As I read your serial deposits and the events around us would logically bring you to that point of recognizing this distinction - you are seen compromising yourselves so you don't have to talk about Obama.

In truth you don't want to talk about THE PROGRESSIVE MACHINE that has been erected and its ability to develop our people.  Obama is merely "The Man On Stage" that provides cover for what the Progressive Joint-Venture has erected as a diversion.

Though the likelihood of another Black President coming along in the next 4 or 5 presidential elections is quite slim - the damage that you and others have elicited upon the integrity of our Black Community Institution will take far longer to repair.

Get this, Mr Crouch -

  • When the Black Racial Services Machine goes back to attacking the next Republican President he/she will look back at this period in time, making note of the Black community's vital statistics and see that "The Blacks" were not protesting then so the present protests are merely a politically motivated attack
  • Worse yet, however, is what the White Democratic President will do.   He will see the game that you fixed for Obama and demand that you do the same for him lest YOU be called a RACIST for failing to allot to him his due share Negroes publicly vowing to not criticize the President lest their common enemies be provided with ammunition.   
 I am not sure that you will be ever taken seriously again.

Of course, the very worst possible outcome, trumping these other two bullet points is the possibility that the national and global financial condition that will necessitate that the "diasporic Blacks" that have adopted the American Political Consciousness about themselves are some day required to tap upon the COMPETENCIES that our ancestors had hoped would be developed during our period as free men.  When they are forced to draw upon this well, the unfortunate fact will be that more sand than water will be hoisted.  

The "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development" that would have come their way after they properly handled the streams of events that came their way had they been more insightful will sound vastly like the voices heard in the video from Flint Michigan, where the masses of grieving Black people - the loyal readers of your column are heard talking about "America the HUSBAND who had a heart attack and upon slightly recuperating but in a weakened state HE chose to shake up with a younger model - the gender of which was deemed irrelevant thanks to "progression". 

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