Monday, February 13, 2012

200 Years From Now Our Progeny Will Study Us In Order To Understand The Strategic Mistakes That Unconsciousnes And Ideological Bigotry Hath Wrought

Whom ever is recruiting content providers for The surely are following MSNBC's vision for what it hath spawned for the retention of the Negro's consciousness.

I challenge any Black Progressive Fundamentalist to tell me the logic of allowing the forces that you have INVESTED IN FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS to continue to "struggle" in their representation of you while they push the indictments of your stagnation upon the ENEMY - the very one who did not get your investments, who moved away from you and in your location ALL BY YOURSELF you call him a RACIST because he is not predisposed to allow you to come and work/live next to him - after the both of you know in your heart that when you took the keys to your present kingdom your ideological proclivities wrecked the car as you failed to develop the young people who matriculated through your Culture, Your Schools, Your Streets - just as you promised you would if the people INVESTED in you.

Mr Fulwood:

When I read yet another Black Progressive-Fundamentalist talk about latent "Income Inequality" - without fail you all fail to mention how "The Least Of These" have INVESTED their ballots and "Development Hopes" into (usually) the construction of a a progressive Democrat machine that had promised them for a long time that they would fix the situation once they took control over the INSTITUTIONS in their community.

Mr Fulwood - I get it.   I understand that with The funded by MSNBC that there is a high unlikelihood that the "fruit will fall far from the tree".   I  keep hoping against all evidence presented to me that there will appear just a small bit of Black consciousness that will compel you and your counterparts to begin to speak from the perspective of the INVESTMENTS/PURCHASES that the Black community has made for over 50 years for our DEVELOPMENT and not continue to run your "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friend" scheme.

Regardless of what Romney or any other Republican says in these next 9 months 3 essential facts will be so:

1) No Republican is going to get more than 10% of the INVESTMENT of the Black vote in November 2012

2) No Black Progressive Press Operative is going to inspect the "Black Community 401K Portfolio" for the investments that YOU ALL have been pushing since Bayard Rustin told us to "Vote and Vote Democrat for our salvation" almost 50 years ago

3) Come the year 2016 - after a "Groundhog Day" event is upon us there is NO RESULT in the Black community that can occur that will have you marketing at that time in the future what you had marked to us back in 2008.

The question IS NOT "What has the GOP done to earn the Black vote?".
The real question is - "WHEN will The and other operatives begin to DEFEND the interests of the Black community and ensure our organic advancement by first enforcing the fidelity of our Community Development INVESTMENTS that always seem to lose value despite the WINS that you and others promote as "OUR" wins?"

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