Sunday, February 26, 2012

Filled-Negro's Referential Integrity

When I read my dear friend Filled Negro's blog - I look past the foolishness that he so frequently presents and instead makes note of who in the larger "Blogging While Brown" peer community is pleased by the content.  It is also worthy to note that there are some Progressive-Fundamentalists who have Internet access through the "Minority Broadband Initiative" that register their approval as well.

Despite my observation that the most successful "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" performers do unmeasurable damage to the dignity of Black people - I have always credited them for their ability to pierce through the "Fake Front" of "Black Community Racial Pride And Dignity" and instead GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.   As such the real sentiment of the Black community should be indexed to:

  • The wild profits that the Hio Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate performer pulls in - some far more than a Wall Street Banker
  • The number of Protests made against him by those who seek to uphold a standard
The same is the case with the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist" segment of the Black Press and the affiliated "Black Progressive Blogger Understudies".

My general sentiment is that a CULTURE IS SCULPTED OVER TIME.   That culture which was "stolen" beaten out of the field slave that dared cleave to the name "Kunta" is not going to be restored as a concoction is poured into our heads today.

IF the culture of the Black Progressive Propaganda Media finds the ridiculous inference above as "award winning" then they should not be so surprised that when their MACHINE wins control over a Mission Accomplished Domain that they show themselves incompetent at delivering the promised benefit to the "Least Of These" that went along without protest.

I assure you that 'Blogging White Brown" is happy at the editorial foolishness BECAUSE my friend Filled Negro is merely case of "The Means Justifying Their Common Ends".  

This should not be a story about Charles Blow's Tweet about Mitt Romney the Republican Mormon.

The real story is that yet another no so clandestine Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is seen more "offended" by the words of a man who has no power at present than he seems to be able to bring himself to see the distinction between the ideology that appease him in his present consciousness, obtaining more power in the process versus the results that are garnered among the people that he purports to seek more favorable results on behalf of.

I refuse to get caught up in the "fake offense" routine over someone's Tweet.   While there is no doubt that the use of an associated property of Barack Obama that had no direct impact upon his political persona would have Mr Blow calling someone else a "racist(!!!)", Charles Blow a man who can't bring himself to call out Tom Joyner and others who suggest that Black people should vote for Obama because he is Black should be understood for who he is underneath the facade.

Mr Blow is merely a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist franchise for the New York Times, used within in the same way that the Washington Post Co's "The" and MSNBC's "The Grio" is used as an auxiliary.

The challenge for Mr Blow is NOT to get him to show evidence in which a single article of his has stood against a (Progressive) policy measure of President Obama.   A more comprehensive scrutiny of his work is to inspect for the any scrutiny of the entire body of Progressive-Fundamentalist assumptions at all levels of governance (including the "single parent" theories that triggered him to express what was already inside of him) and look out for his history of putting PROGRESSIVISM ON TRIAL, forcing it to PROVE that it can deliver the comprehensive results upon the greater society by primarily BUILDING UP STRONGER PEOPLE through the institutions that it takes over.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Know Who They Really Are: Washington Post's Jonathan Capart - Journalist Or Obama Position Spokesperson?

After having several discussions over the past month from my interactions with loved one's that I have not seen in an extended period of time (and thus extend a certain amount of deference to in discussions about the Black community that turn into political discussions) I have fine tuned my debate techniques by which I allow their previous agreement with the transactions that we mutually discussed earlier to bring them to the understanding that my conclusive arguments are not radical, it is THEY who are required to understand how THEIR OWN positions when it comes to GOVERNING the community with the goal of fixing what they had agreed with me earlier as a problem.

Normally I would make this post with the goal of asking everyone to understand that while New Jersey governor Christie is a politician - he debate adversary Jonathan Capehart is a journalist.   Strange but true that while journalist are human (as hard as this may be to accept with some of them) and thus have their opinions - the kind folks at MSNBC's "Morning Joe" understand that Capehart is a progressive-fundamentalist operative and fully competent in delivering the President's position on a matter.  This even IF President Obama never clearly articulated the position that Capehart is delivering.  

Ultimately this is not the important consideration as this merely is a political jousting match.

I see this merely as yet more evidence that certain members of the "LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press" are primary agents in the "Obama Fist Bump Media".  They have long ago compromised their journalistic integrity.

It stands to reason that IF President Obama's action as Commander In Chief of the US Allied Forces violate the long enforced views of Black America - these same operatives will not passionately go after THIS President, instead spiking the story so they don't derail their larger domestic progressive agenda.  THEY are the "Anti-Dr King Force" as they get it wrong in this way.

Governor Christie Still Got It Wrong

While any reasonable person who saw this clip would say that NJ Governor Christie brought his skills from the court room into the debate I believe that he failed to frame the issue properly.

We are in the midst of an agenda by which "Progressive Base Hits" are being used to produce MOVEMENT while media operatives like Jonathan Capehart are providing the narrative that it is PROGRESSIVE FORWARD MOVEMENT.  

Just I as have modeled the individual moving parts in the "Black Racial Services Machine" and how they function to propel an agenda in aggregate.  It is also true that Progressive-Fundamentalist are waging a distributed attack on the societal traditions in an aggregate form.

 Governor Christie erred when he made the issue of the radical modification of traditional marriage into a METHODOLOGICAL CHOICE (a public vote versus a legislative and executive action).  Capehart planted the seed for rebuttal by claiming that the denial of same sex marriage is a CIVIL RIGHT that is being voted upon.

With this framing it is Capehart and his fellow progressive bigots who will operate with the moral flag in their possession.

Shifting Away From "Progressive Base Hits" To The Demand For A Comprehensive Plan That Will Result In A Population That Expresses A Mass Of Favorable Census Characteristics

By allowing a progressive bigot to function as a special interest group in which they advocate for one position but are not held responsible for the larger issues - those who claim the traditional position are placed on the defensive, explaining away their "bigotry".

The truth is that we are having this debate on the radical transformation of the traditional marriage standard at a time when the cornerstone heterosexual married relationship numbers are on a trajectory downward.

The conservative that fails to make use of this macro picture, detail the RESULTS (more severed relationships projected into the populace and the dysfunction that comes along) and then turns the tables on those who seek to make "progressive base hits" - is making a fatal mistake with their tactical arguments.

Yes it is true that we as a society are making decisions.  Yes POPULARITY of a notion as people say "Times Have Changed" are of a serious consideration.   However, since it is clear that "Popularity does not equal EFFECTIVENESS" if those who believe that certain order has allowed us to be prosperous as a nation are now given to believe that the entropy that we are experiencing is made better if they merely slow it down then such a person is no better than the radical special interest operative.

The use of the word BIGOT and then the framing of the argument in which the traditionalist is made to sound like the "CCC" of old should be countered by the use of "distillation".   Fear not pointing out how the oppressed minority during the "Jim Crow Era" received harm as a society that was intent on his suppression enforced certain strictures to cause his peril.  

From these distilled points, which are:

  • Severed relationships - as parents are killed, imprisoned 
  • Cultural Psychosis - (a relative who is a child of the Segregated South that accompanied recently on a boat ride in the South last week feared that WE as the only Blacks on the river boat might get thrown overboard by the "racist Whites" and thus was reluctant to go aboard until another Black man was seen walking aboard - this is a true story)

The argument IS NOT that "Gay Marriage will cause these ills to Americans.
The argument is that the entropy of our "Functional Culture" as those who take more power in our society via the use of EXTERNAL INDICTMENT for their forward movement and ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION to cover their tracks will produce a dysfunctional society in aggregate because we are all too focused on the transactional matters rather than applying due consideration of the comprehensive whole.

The best way to turn around Jonathan Capehart and other high minded, abstract intellectuals - is to put them on the spot and demand that they provide a master plan BUT THEN go more granular and force them to detail where it is the case that when THEY HAVE WON in getting their Progressive-Fundamentalist strategy entrenched as "The Last Man Standing" SOCIETY HAS WON rather than just a Progressive victory was placed at hand.

Progressivism Is In-Organic

Progressivism is fundamentally an "anti-establishment struggle" that makes use of high minded notions of:

  • Social Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Educational Justice
  • Food Justice
  • Health Care Justice
  • Marriage Justice
While those who listen in are enticed to "consider their better selves" in the context of a civilized society - we all are often tricked into looking past the central failing of Progressive-Fundamentalism and Secular Progressivism - it is unable to produce these outcomes IN ITS OWN "BELLY".  It instead frames the people who are in "the belly of the beast" as victims of the stomach acid.   With this framing they are placed on a perpetual struggle against the attempts by the beast to digest them, using them as pawns and prey for its own perpetuation as a going concern.

Until we step back and develop a model by which we proclaim that all "equal human beings" should be made stronger as a result of matriculating through a process and that our debate is not over a cascading set of RIGHTS that are synergized over time as a means of keeping an increasingly marginal STRUGGLE going, it is over the appraisal of the EFFECTIVENESS of competing systematic theories, appraised by its effectiveness to build up strong individuals while protecting their RIGHTS - then we are left to wage a transactional battle like the one we see today.

As the roof is aflame - certain operatives proclaim their victory at wresting control over the large bedroom on the second floor.

How many of our great public intellectuals have used the metaphor of "America the burning house that we have entered into"?

The new regulation that all such houses are to have unisex bathrooms does not adequately capture the crisis that we face.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Learn To Turn An Attack Into Lemonaide

How I respond to a personal attack as contrasted by the words of a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist that I posted the other day who said:  "Every time they attack President Obama by making him out to be a monkey - they strengthen the Democratic base".

True Progressive-Fundamentalist: 
You remind me of an insect....a fly is suited to you...always buzzing and landing in shyt....

Constructive Feedback
Indeed you are correct sir.  I love sh** as it is a reservoir of nutrients.

You see - all the while that YOU thought I was eating it.   I actually had little FLY GLOVES that I carried it to a storage container.
Do you ever notice those large ant mounds and think that they were constructed by ants who lifted ONE GRAIN AT A TIME?  This is what I did with SH**.   I dried the Sh*( out and then packaged it as FERTILIZER.)
I packed it on a truck and then sold it to a would be Klansman who otherwise does not like Black people as he said to me "You make the statement 'Ninjas and Flies' prove to be true. Are you sure you don't want to join my Mexicans in picking these crops that I sell to the Koreans?".    This as he PAID ME his money - which I marked up 6 times the margin that it took me to actually produce the sh*&. 

Just to make note of the benefit of my SH*% I was a "fly on the wall" at the local Korean owned Farmers Market that are frequented by Black folks who - 10 years ago protested that Kroger and Publix had NO URBAN MANDATE.   The Koreans responded and opened a store that they OWN.
My Sh&* has made the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, onions, beans and cabbage that appears on nearly all Black Democrat's table as they now live in a community THAT WAS a "Food Desert".
True Progressive Fundamentalist 4 Sure - I learned a lesson from a BLACK PROGRESSIVE that YOU could learn from- Fannie Lou Hamer.
Instead of focusing on what BIGOTS CALL YOU (just as YOU called me a fly)  - focus on the FUNCTION of your MISSION as you reside in a DEN OF BIGOTS.Turn their HARED, IGNORANCE AND BIGOTRY into something CONSTRUCTIVE.   The FEEDBACK you give to them with your success - despite their opposition that was rooted in their BIGOTRY will let you know that it is THEY who are FULL OF SH**&, with their large intestine about to bust open making have a toxic shock.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eugene Robinson And Stanley Crouch Scale The Indictments That They Typically Reserve For The State Level, Up To The International Level, Still Reluctant To "Go Local" With Their Inspections

An article by the Washington Post's  Black Progressive Fundamentalist Hit man Eugene Robinson begat a racism chasing article by Stanley Crouch.

In the article penned by Eugene Robinson the Asian nation of China is used as the "forward leaning" gravitational pull beckoning America to put aside its petty squabbles and focus on the important issues lest we perish with a copy of "The National Inquirer" in hand.

I am not so sure that I am ready to trust Mr Robinson.   A man who proves that he is not a serious arbiter of the truth as he makes use of his periodical dispatches to drive home such a heavy handed agenda for no other reason than the advancement of his ideology.

Mr Robinson

Quick Mr Robinson........ tell us the last time that you have rendered a stunning rebuke of the antics that are taking place in our "Mission Accomplished Cities" after the forces who were put into place to assemble the local pilings for the "Progressive Fortress" that you are assisting in erecting?

If the Chinese are growing powerful via the use of low waged workers - per the pay scale that is referenced to that of the United States, what should we conclude about the pay scales in certain markets within the United States in which the "labor suppliers" WON at holding out for larger pay and benefits packages in the short run but the laborers and the cities that they live within ultimately lost as the "consumer of their labor" exited the market?

There is nothing about the line of thinking that you constantly express that has me to believe that the prime option that you would choose to avoid this problem in the future is to prevent these consumers of labor from exiting these protected markets and thus harming these suppliers.

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

You see, Mr Robinson - and please afford me the leeway to project upon you what I assume based on the reading of your works - when I believe that when you see the consciousness, desperation and grievances as voiced in the video above you see an OPPORTUNITY to direct them toward your column in which they can gain a better understanding of how the forces converged to render the outcomes that they now suffer from.   If you can harvest their "Equal Black Ballots" into your cause the grand solution will one day be had.  If THEY are "had" along the way in the struggle that you compel them in - All is good because the "struggle" that you take them on has passed your inspection.

When I see the consciousness that has been captured on the film I see evidence of your handiwork and those of your peers.
Each of these voices represent an "Equal Black Ballot" for the taking.
It matters NOT if they make rational sense but only that YOUR CAUSE ultimately stand as the beneficiary of their deposit.

If the late Senator Barry Goldwater was called a RACIST(!!!) for his joke that said:
"Give 'The Blacks' all of the money in the world and give me a bunch of costume jewelry.  Soon I will have all of the money in the world and they'll still be happy"...............................

..................then what should we call the confidence men who observe the desperation of Black people  and do the very same thing with the lifting of their ballots in exchange for HOPE rather than their money in exchange for faux gold?

With China building infrastructure in various African nations for the purposes of enabling the free flow of raw materials inside of its continental boundaries why not focus on THIS LAND rather than China?
The top news about America on the African continent is that a US military aircraft that is based in the American military base in Djibouti has crashed.   This plane was attached to the same base from which the US attack on Libya and the commando raid on Somalia was launched.

After so many years of "Dangling Africa" in front of the eyes of the "Free African Americans" does it feel to you to know that the present consciousness that integration into the "American Political Domain" has rendered Negroes seen CHEERING as the US Military executed these actions on "The Motherland"?

Here is the ironic point that you don't seem to get:

  • While the White Right Wing CHEERED the perfect execution of the multi-trillion dollar US military war machine in a relatively defenseless African nation
  • While the White Left Wing in the media cheered and then hinted that Obama does a good job in "keeping those African in check"  (See Tina Brown)
  • The Black Progressive Fundamentalists use this event to CHEER OBAMA, all at the expense of the dead Africans that served as the flora and the fauna atop which Obama stood tall.
Do you see, Mr Robinson that with such DIVERSITY - a group of people can be in the very same sporting arena and are seen CHEERING but they all are motivated by very different things.

Mr Crouch

Mr Crouch - you'll never know how much regard that I have lost for you over the years.  No hit piece on Dr Cornell West will ever cure this.  

With Dr West attacking Dr Melissa Harris-Perry as "a fraud" the theory which says "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" DOES NOT WORK with me, for I am more firmly rooted.

You see, Mr Crouch, I see the present snipping fight between various Black Progressive-Fundamentalist media sources as your version of the "Black Democratic Primary" or a "Alpha Black Donkey Fight" as the hormones flow from your glands to your brain sensors.

In your arrogance you are fighting an intellectual pissing contest among noted "Public Intellectuals" while Rome Burns.   The Black community is Rome - in case you didn't get it.

Tell me this, Mr Crouch because this is how you had me fooled about your "conservatism" - even though TheGrio's David A. Wilson labeled you as such as punishment for your criticism of his "bread and circuses" operation funded by MSNBC to keep "The Blacks" mentally satisfied in their present consciousness:

You peg yourself as a (slightly) cultural conservative.  This requires the establishment of some INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY among cultural institutions that you believe produce desirable outcomes. 

You appear to have no problem calling out the forces that make a mockery out of these institutions.  In the case of "The Grio" you believed that they were wasting valuable time of Black people should be focused on addressing more serious community issues at hand.

 The ironic point is that they are molesting the "Institutional Integrity" of the Black Community - right before your eyes.  The only problem is that their corruption skews in a manner that is favorable to you so you don't hit them in a meaningful way.  (See my analysis of your article on this blog with reference to the Grio dust up).

The Black Press is the most corrupt of them all.

The Lamped Black Yellow Journalist Press has yielded its mandate to check the forces that bear down upon the Black community, preventing them from usurping our discrete interests.

Mr Crouch - do you figure that some time in the future that a people who assisted in building up a power base by perpetually acknowledging their INFERIORITY and DAMAGED STATE is going to one day achieve a victory and then reach this promised land with their full competencies in tact?

 Tell me, Mr Crouch, exactly WHEN will this inflection point from INFERIORITY to EQUAL stature going to take place?

While indeed the government might enforce the equality of the downtrodden masses - we all know that THEY THEMSELVES must first assume their own equality per the consciousness that has been built up in them over time.
Why then do you have such a problem making an inspection of the "Black Racial Services Machine" and their propensity to

How is it that you are so concerned with the RACISM that the Chinese hold for "diasporatic Blacks" more than you appear to concern yourself that they see a CUSTOMER BASE to which they provide SERVICES TO DEPENDENTS?

If the Asians in their homeland see Blacks in this manner - what do you figure the stir-fry cooks that I saw lining the length of Lansdowne Ave of the "Mission Accomplished City" of Philadelphia this past summer?
After I went home from a local sports bar after the NBA Finals, at 11pm, all of the stores had their lights out after closing, except the Asian stir fry joints that sold food and beer to the consumers.

The frustration that I have with the Black Progressive Intellectual is NOT you all's lack of intelligence or penmanship.  Indeed many of you can teach me with your "English Lessons" that you give out to those who offend your sensibilities with their inability to communicate their thoughts as succinctly as your weekly articles that must past through your publisher's hands have trained you to do so.  they must all fit within your column space after all.

My frustration with you all is that YOU are the "Bound Men" that Shelby Steele should have focused upon in his book on "why Obama can't win".  Who would have "thunk" that as the masses of Chinese around the world were focusing on the "Black man who needs to wash is now in the White House".......that so many Black INSTITUTIONS would compromise themselves in support of the man who now sits in the seat of power of the American Imperialist Empire.

The vast majority of you come close to the edge in which, if you were honest, you would be forced to defend the interests of Black people as a separate and distinct interest from the American Empire.  You know - like the way it was BEFORE OBAMA!!!    As I read your serial deposits and the events around us would logically bring you to that point of recognizing this distinction - you are seen compromising yourselves so you don't have to talk about Obama.

In truth you don't want to talk about THE PROGRESSIVE MACHINE that has been erected and its ability to develop our people.  Obama is merely "The Man On Stage" that provides cover for what the Progressive Joint-Venture has erected as a diversion.

Though the likelihood of another Black President coming along in the next 4 or 5 presidential elections is quite slim - the damage that you and others have elicited upon the integrity of our Black Community Institution will take far longer to repair.

Get this, Mr Crouch -

  • When the Black Racial Services Machine goes back to attacking the next Republican President he/she will look back at this period in time, making note of the Black community's vital statistics and see that "The Blacks" were not protesting then so the present protests are merely a politically motivated attack
  • Worse yet, however, is what the White Democratic President will do.   He will see the game that you fixed for Obama and demand that you do the same for him lest YOU be called a RACIST for failing to allot to him his due share Negroes publicly vowing to not criticize the President lest their common enemies be provided with ammunition.   
 I am not sure that you will be ever taken seriously again.

Of course, the very worst possible outcome, trumping these other two bullet points is the possibility that the national and global financial condition that will necessitate that the "diasporic Blacks" that have adopted the American Political Consciousness about themselves are some day required to tap upon the COMPETENCIES that our ancestors had hoped would be developed during our period as free men.  When they are forced to draw upon this well, the unfortunate fact will be that more sand than water will be hoisted.  

The "Community Cultural Consciousness & Competency Development" that would have come their way after they properly handled the streams of events that came their way had they been more insightful will sound vastly like the voices heard in the video from Flint Michigan, where the masses of grieving Black people - the loyal readers of your column are heard talking about "America the HUSBAND who had a heart attack and upon slightly recuperating but in a weakened state HE chose to shake up with a younger model - the gender of which was deemed irrelevant thanks to "progression". 

Friday, February 17, 2012

The - Bacon Dipped In Obama Chocolate

The's Political Team Has It All Covered

[quote] Most Democrats, and nearly all black ones, had praised Obama's budget, which included billions in spending designed to create jobs as well as tax hikes on the wealthy, both of which liberals have long called for.[/quote]

Mr Bacon:
Do you ever "step away from YOURSELF" and re-read your articles?
Your content is not ANALYSIS but instead reads like that of a "spokesperson" for some entity that I will allow you to determine 'WHO'.
"Most Democrats praised......................"
OK.  This may indeed be factual.  You then note the "Job Creation" SPENDING.
But wait, Mr Bacon - what about the $1,000BILLION + deficits that are 4 years running?
In the folklore of Black Progressive Economic History of "when things all changed" it was Ronald Reagan's DEBT SPENDING that sent America on its death spiral.   
Just as they say that "character is what you display when you are all alone" sir, YOU had the opportunity to make note of 4 years of $1Trillion+ deficits and wonder if this short term focus on SPENDING BILLS that are labeled "Jobs Bills" is equivalent to PRIVATE SECTOR jobs growth.
We all saw the initial good news during the "Internet Bubble" where Wall Street teamed with Silicon Valley as the venture capital financiers in support of job growth.  23 million jobs were created.  Then when the capital allocation went awry the bubble popped and the nation faced a serious recession.
What happens, sir, when the GOVERNMENT (Federal Reserve) becomes the "Venture Capitalist", pumping DEBT MONEY in excess to make up the revenues that the natural economy is not putting into the treasury?   Take a look at any chart that shows Federal revenues versus federal spending and see the gap.  And NOT "Tax Cuts On The Rich" - which at most means $200 billion in less revenue is NOT the total cause of the gaping hole.  
Its ironic that the policies adopted in the short run to keep the pain off of the people today are setting up a long term, unstable situation where the very programs that Progressive-Fundamentalists lobby for will be necessarily cut in order to keep the ship from listing.
Where is your ANALYSIS Mr Bacon?I have not read a single article from you in which you present ANY CONSEQUENCES for an Progressive-leaning policy or proposal.  There is only upside for these plans and upside for Obama. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Intern Zerlina Maxwell's Slight Of Hand On Cornel West's Criticism Of Obama's Help For The Poor

When I tell you that the two tools necessary to counter the arguments of a Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is a 'Time Line' and an 'Architectural Blueprint' please believe it.

In their defense of Obama and the Progressive scaffolding that they have erected around "The Least Of These" after a long series of investments since the Progressive Era the progressive-fundamentalists who engage in political arguments of the day need to forget this history and the promises that they have made.

Zerlina Maxwell - The Loop21/The Grio/The Root/MSNBC/CNN

At the time, the interview inspired a response in The Nation from Dr. Harris-Perry  which then resulted in a joint interview where the two academics appeared back to back, but not head to head, to share their distinct viewpoints and political analysis on President Obama’s tenure.  Unfortunately, Dr. West’s critiques neglected to include any process analysis, where the Republican filibuster, and not President Obama’s lack of backbone or disregard for the concerns for the poor are to blame for the slow pace of change.

Most of you would accept the framing that Ms Maxwell has put forth.
She asks that we focus on the question of "President Obama's care for the poor" since 2009 in which he has been in office.  

This would be legitimate but for the fact that President Obama must be considered a part of the "Progressive Machine" and their continuum into power.   On the radio last week I listened to a local state representative on the radio discussing a "living wage" for the poor.  He made references to two Republican presidential candidates, this despite the fact that his proposed legislation is only focused on the state of Georgia.

It is preposterous to assume that the local and national PROGRESSIVE MACHINE is not of one accord, seeking to advance their agenda.

If Ms Maxwell had a transparent intent she would note the sameness in the progressive-fundamentalist strategy between President Obama, Prof Cornell West and herself and question why she is trying to focus the time frame of her defense of Obama upon Obama's time on office when the real defendant that needs to be on trial is Progressive-Fundamentalism and ITS ability to develop the 'Least Of These' into the "Un-least of These" after collecting so many ballots from them in support of the promises for uplift that they were told.

By far - the local economic forces and the associated "human resource development institutions" do more to define the economic standing of any American than what they can or should hope for the central federal government to provide for them.

Sadly Ms Maxwell does not seem to have her eye cast toward Europe to note the 'grand fail" of state quasi-socialism and the violence that is produced when austerity plans force the government to take entitlements away.

Monday, February 13, 2012

200 Years From Now Our Progeny Will Study Us In Order To Understand The Strategic Mistakes That Unconsciousnes And Ideological Bigotry Hath Wrought

Whom ever is recruiting content providers for The surely are following MSNBC's vision for what it hath spawned for the retention of the Negro's consciousness.

I challenge any Black Progressive Fundamentalist to tell me the logic of allowing the forces that you have INVESTED IN FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS to continue to "struggle" in their representation of you while they push the indictments of your stagnation upon the ENEMY - the very one who did not get your investments, who moved away from you and in your location ALL BY YOURSELF you call him a RACIST because he is not predisposed to allow you to come and work/live next to him - after the both of you know in your heart that when you took the keys to your present kingdom your ideological proclivities wrecked the car as you failed to develop the young people who matriculated through your Culture, Your Schools, Your Streets - just as you promised you would if the people INVESTED in you.

Mr Fulwood:

When I read yet another Black Progressive-Fundamentalist talk about latent "Income Inequality" - without fail you all fail to mention how "The Least Of These" have INVESTED their ballots and "Development Hopes" into (usually) the construction of a a progressive Democrat machine that had promised them for a long time that they would fix the situation once they took control over the INSTITUTIONS in their community.

Mr Fulwood - I get it.   I understand that with The funded by MSNBC that there is a high unlikelihood that the "fruit will fall far from the tree".   I  keep hoping against all evidence presented to me that there will appear just a small bit of Black consciousness that will compel you and your counterparts to begin to speak from the perspective of the INVESTMENTS/PURCHASES that the Black community has made for over 50 years for our DEVELOPMENT and not continue to run your "Keep Your Enemies On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friend" scheme.

Regardless of what Romney or any other Republican says in these next 9 months 3 essential facts will be so:

1) No Republican is going to get more than 10% of the INVESTMENT of the Black vote in November 2012

2) No Black Progressive Press Operative is going to inspect the "Black Community 401K Portfolio" for the investments that YOU ALL have been pushing since Bayard Rustin told us to "Vote and Vote Democrat for our salvation" almost 50 years ago

3) Come the year 2016 - after a "Groundhog Day" event is upon us there is NO RESULT in the Black community that can occur that will have you marketing at that time in the future what you had marked to us back in 2008.

The question IS NOT "What has the GOP done to earn the Black vote?".
The real question is - "WHEN will The and other operatives begin to DEFEND the interests of the Black community and ensure our organic advancement by first enforcing the fidelity of our Community Development INVESTMENTS that always seem to lose value despite the WINS that you and others promote as "OUR" wins?"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Don't Care About Roland Martin's Gay Inferences, More Concerned About His Definition Of A "Real Bruh"

Lifted from Hinterland Gazette

In our world of transactional indictments, CNN/TVOne's Roland Martin is receiving criticism for his "gay inferences" used in a Super Bowl Tweet.

Beyond this as another example of the frivolity of allowing one man's personal thoughts to be broadcast to the world as he has a beer in his hand, watching television I don't care about the "gay inferences".  (I reject the word "homophobic" because it is an engineered word meant to convey an indictment).

I am far more concerned about what Mr Martin's definition of a "Real Bruh" is as I know in advance that HE will always make the cut in whatever definition he conjures up.

In this sense a "Real Bruh" is just like a "Real Black Person".   It is an exclusive group that the gatekeepers enforce the rites of passage.   There is little doubt that at the end of the matriculation process YOU will be transformed into a being who thinks just like THEM than when you first started.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The The Best Opposition Research Repository With The Same Diversionary Agenda As A Supermarket Tabloid

Ms Reid:
Have you ever in your life written an article from the vantage point that the BLACK COMMUNITY'S INTERESTS is for a "High Standard Of Living That Is Achieved Though Enabling Our People To Become Pillars In Support Of These Goals As They Are Sculpted By The Institutions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY"?
Is there anything within you that could be made to believe that this goal is separate and distinct from Obama, the Democrats vs Republicans and the majority of what you spend your time focusing upon?
Not only is "The"t the best source of "Republican Opposition Research" and the "Marketing Arm Of The Democratic Party" you all also are the most glowing piece of evidence that the Black Community's "STRUGGLE" has been fully engulfed by the THE CONSCIOUS INTEGRATION INTO AMERICAN POLITICS.
Do you see how you paint yourself in the corner, Ms Reid?  You necessarily must avoid scrutiny of the "Mission Accomplished Zones" like Detroit, Philly, Newark, Cleveland because these VICTORIES in the areas that you advocate have NOT produced benefit for the interests of Black people in:
* Education
* Public Safety
* Economic Development
* Health And Family Structure for Black people
It is clear that you FEED THE PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS OF BLACK PEOPLE - strengthening the bond of "Vicarious Living Through Obama".  
Your cracked squad is what Malcolm X warned us about as you all are the "Red Tail Special Teams" in the foot ball game.   You believe that PROGRESS has been made because now you are allowed into the game as starters, rather than being forced to sit in the segregated seats.
Ms Reid - could you be so kind and detail for me - of the MASSIVE INVESTMENT of our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS - both 3 years ago and over the past 50 years - where are the ORGANIC COMPETENCIES that have been developed WITHIN the Black Community that a select few of us would be able to transplant for the benefit of any other location around the world were our "diasporatic footprint" exists?
You know they don't have Republicans in the Ivory Coast or Haiti.