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Zerlina Maxwell: "Economics Will Be The Focus In 2012 But Obama Should Slide In 'Gay Marriage' As He Won't Lose Blacks In Doing So
As I listen to the "more serious minded" Black Progressive journalists they always make note of how "no one in power seriously supports 'The INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE".

My suggestion to these "more serious minded Black Progressive journalists" is to do a bit of "Black Press scanning" to understand WHY.

I have just scanned the pages of "The Root", "The Grio" and "Loop21", in addition to the subject of my focus - "Zerlina Maxwell".    The 90% of the content was "Anti-Republican" but this is not the problem.   The problem is that none of the content REPRESENTED the "Black Community's INTERESTS".  This is merely a representation of the PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS among Black people.   If you can't see the difference then you'll be damned to repeat the same serial distraction 4 years from now, while complaining about the condition of our community.

I say to all of these operatives as I said to my fiend Filled Negro in the past - "Anti-Republican does NOT prove that you are PRO-Black".   In fact some of the biggest agents of distraction from what is necessary to properly manage our community affairs understand that the best way to allow an incompetent "Favorable Person In Power" off of the hook is to tell his critics that "They sound like Rush Limbaugh" in criticizing the Favorable Person.   He will surely win reelection in a landslide.

Zerlina Maxwell

I have learned over time that when an unstructured, untethered debate with Black people is allowed - the Progressive-Fundamentalist operative will win.

The best, most effective way to counter such a Progressive-Fundamentalist Operative is to REGAIN focus on the" permanent interests of the Black Community.   Ironically, it will soon come to common understanding that their weakest position to operate from is the PRESENT CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, after having accepted their theories for our development.  This is the heart of my "Dark Matter Analysis" - focus on the larger set of issues within the Black community that they desperately avoid talking about and thus remain unseen in their columns.   This requires that a person have a broad knowledge of all of the issues in the model of the communitty he maintains.

From Zerlina Maxwell's article:

With President Obama's sights set on his re-election, some decisions must be made about how the campaign can re-energize his base.
One segment, the gay community and their allies, has been frustrated with Obama and his "evolving" (at a snail's pace) stance on marriage equality. While the administration made good on its campaign promise on important issues such as the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell," failing to support full marriage rights for gay couples is still a sticking point.
Since the economy is the most important issue of this election cycle, wedge issues such as gay rights may take a backseat to jobs. But the public's view of marriage equality may not actually have the negative impact that the Obama administration fears. Public opinion on the issue is heavily in favor of equal rights for gay citizens and could give Obama the political cover necessary to come out publicly in support of marriage equality.
If President Obama expressed support for marriage equality before the 2012 elections, there would be both benefits and risks. He would surely excite some of his supporters, especially those who feel that he too often shies away from bold stances in favor of measured pragmatism and common ground. On the other hand, some voters who support Obama but still oppose marriage equality may abandon the president over this issue. That leaves the president with two choices: Endorse marriage equality now or wait and play it safe until he is re-elected.
There are recent signs that the administration's position is evolving. Just last month, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan came out in support of marriage equality. In an interview with Metro Weekly, Donovan said that he "absolutely" endorsed same-sex marriage.

Take a second and go to Zerlina Maxwell's own page from The Loop21.   Do you see any evidence that THE ECONOMY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE TO HER?  Based on the common topic at hand - what do you figure IS the most important issue to her?   "The Reelection Of Obama" by "Keeping Her Enemy On Trial".

This is the "I Was A Student Of Jack White's Journalism Class At Howard University And I Am Damaged From The Experience" style of journalism that young Black progressive operatives all over the Internet now display.  

This dynamic access to people's viewpoints on the web has been invaluable in assembling a better understanding of the forces at play that seek to influence opinion within the Black community.   It should be no surprise that our people continue to reside at the lower rungs of most economic and academic measures - despite having so much success at what the "Black Racial Services Machine" has promoted as our means to salvation.   Operatives like Ms Maxwell ensure that they continue to perpetuate the "congregational message", while showing no capability what so ever to defend the "Black Community INTERESTS" as a separate and distinct entity from the METHODOLOGY of politics which purports to GROW OUR TREASURES. 

Its The Economy Stupid That's Why I Must Keep Republicans On Trial

When I argue that "Non White White Supremacy" and "Black Inferiority" are far more pervasive antagonistic forces than the blows that "White Conservatives" are able to land today without rebuttal from the forces of authority - we need to look at the prevailing antics of these Jack White graduates.  

There is little discipline among them, holding fast to the fact that the Black community is on a 50 year run in which we invested our "Community Development Consciousness" into VOTING and that standing up FOR the Black Community means protecting this nest egg. 

With every post they prove the racist joke said by the late Senator Barry Goldwater true - "Give a Negro a pocket full of money and give me some costume jewelry and I'll have all of that money in my pocket in no time".    Replace "money" with an "Equal Black Ballots" and run the scenario today - after the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press" gets through with scultping the PRIORITIES of Black people and they indeed will have all of the "Equal Black Ballots" invested in the name of the DEFENSE of the Black Community but physically transacted through the Democratic Party Financial Services Corporation.

In effect the consciousness exhibited by Zerlina Maxwell and her contemporary Black Progressive activist opinion writers is that "the Blacks" can be compelled to make note of our sullen economic condition and look past our previous investments but instead "invest harder" in the "investment opportunity" at hand after the media frames the "Threat Matrix" accordingly.

I credit these operatives for their expertise in harvesting their desired ends from the Black community.  The only thing that exceeds this ability is their incompetency at promoting that which is of absolute importance to our community when such promotion would force them to stand at a distance with the prevailing machine which they are a part of.

Selling "Marriage Equality" While Being Incompetent At Increasing Black Traditional Marriage

But one group is certainly a factor in the administration's decision about whether to support marriage equality: socially conservative African Americans. They may not jump for joy if President Obama grants equal marriage rights to gay couples. It is important to note, however, that polling immediately after the administration's shift on DOMA revealed that the decision didn't affect Obama's support from socially conservative blacks.
President Obama likes to quote Martin Luther King's famous observation "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." It appears that perhaps Obama, after a long evolutionary process, is finally ready to bend in the direction of equality and full marriage rights for all people.
Ms Maxwell - please allow me to lend you a clue. 

At our present state of consciousness the majority of Black people THINK LIKE the "Lumpen Proletariat".  This means that they do not believe that their present thoughts, actions and contributions represent THE "Authoritative View" in the society that they live in.  Instead, they are encapsulated and oppressed by greater forces.  

IF Blacks were "Socially Conservatives" you would see evidence of this WITHIN the ranks of the Black community where we have the final say:   The policies of our churches, our civic groups, our local schools or politicians.   The truth is - When it comes to OPERATIONALIZING this "Social Conservatism" where the HOMOSEXUAL IS TOLD "NO you can't get married because we affirm TRADITIONAL MALE/FEMALE MARRIAGE" - you won't find it. 

Let's be honest with each other Ms Maxwell - your goal is to USE Black people for your Progressive-Fundamentalist agenda.   We will have "GOTTEN RIGHT" once we agree with you.  RESULTS BE DAMNED!!!

Let's talk about the RESULTS though, Ms Maxwell.

The perverted part of your argument is that you are forced to advocate for (the latest marketing term called) "Marriage Equality" in the wake of unustainably low Black Heterosexual Marriage rates.    In as much as you are an ideologue rather than you have any intention of standing with the outcomes that are produced in our community - just as you are able to avoid talking about the ECONOMIC priorities within the Black community, this choice on marriage priorities are similarly put forth as a novelty.

I suspect, Ms Maxwell that the "Victory" that you amass for your agenda will be about as effective in lifting up the Black Community that the previous POLITICAL victories that were won in Detroit, Newark and Philadelphia has translated into for our people. 

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