Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Worst Type Of Unconscious Negro - The One Who Swears He Is "Too Black/Too Strong" But In Truth Is But A Sold Out Operative

It is so easy to see what is going on today, passing for "Black Community Political Discourse" when it is merely a game of mental tricks in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

I am not yet sure who the new poster on Booker Rising who calls himself Taharqa is just yet.  I have my suspicions based upon the debate techniques.  

This person, like many other "Democrats who are Black" are so used to engaging with the hated "Black Conservative" per the slanderous exposure that his ideological soulmates register that he can't manage to put forth a rational argument when a real one has a real time conversation with him.

WHY is someone who has taken a medical treatment for a long period of time now demanding that YOU provide him with a "better cure" IF his main goal is actual healing of his own body?

The sad part about Tahira Square is that HE SPOUTS White Progressive Cheshire Fox Talking Points as he attacks Chris G for repeating White Conservative Wolf Howls. 
Do you see how much of an intellectual coward you are?
**  At no time did Obama promise blacks wealth distribution. NO OBAMA DID NOT - The Black Racial Services Machine DID!!!When Professional Progressive Political Preacher Al Shaprton is running his newest MSNBC commercial where he says "THEY THINK that they are going to create an economy where THEY keep all of the money on top and WE are left to struggle at the bottom" WHO IS WE AND THEY that he speaks of? 
WILL THE NEGRO HAVE ANY NEW COMPETENCIES that will allow us to attract more MONEY in a TRANSACTION between EQUALS?  Or is he talking about SOCIAL JUSTICE as the prompt that has MONEY FLOWING our way using GOVERNMENT REGULATION and TAX POLICY?
** Okay Chris, tell us why blacks should consider the conservatives.   FRAUD!!!!   Why don't you tell us WITH THE PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALIST pill that you and others ingest WHY DO YOU KEEP ON TAKING IT FOR THE CURE?   WE DON'T NEED TO TALK ABOUT CONSERVATISM.  We need YOU to tell us WHY THE NEGRO should take another PILL when the PILL PUSHERS readily admit that IT IS FAILING!!!

*** The struggling economy was inherited from Bush and the GOPs incompetence. WHO did DETROIT inherit its economy from?WHO did PHILLY inherit its economy from? WHO did NEWARK inherit its economy from? WHO did BALTIMORE inherit its economy from? 
WHO did CLEVELAND inherit its economy from? 
*** Did you forget $4.00 a gallon gas during the summer of '08???  Fraud.  What drove the gas prices up last year? What is driving them up NOW? 

*** More jobs have been created under the Obama administration than in 8 years of Bush.  Straight up Nancy Pelosi.The BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE increased last month and this is that talking point that we have from this guy.
Let's talk about DETROIT.  Where there MORE JOBS IN DETROIT before the PROGRESSIVE FUNDAMENTALISTS took over and the NAACP said NOTHING along the way as the city shrunk or is NOW the growth phase for the city?
***** How come you rightwing negroes never open youir hypocritical mouths when government expands under Republican administrations which it has for the last 40 years???  WHAT IF BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE FRAUDS?  With $15 TRILLION in debt to prove it?WHY THEN are we not talking about the COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT that is being built up WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY in preparation for when this MUTHA COLLAPSES and you don't have anyone to indict for your Social Justice?

***In fact the only POTUS to downsize government in that period was Bill Clinton. FRAUD.  They hired CONTRACTORS to pick up the slack!!!There WAS NEVER A SURPLUS!!!   This brother named Will Gates who appeared on the Bev Smith Radio Show broke it down:

You say we shouldn't be concerned with the racism of Gingrich and Santorum.  Okay tell me why you feel they would be better for blacks than Obama.  IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT!!!We are saying TAKE WHAT THE "Supreme White Man" Gingrich has said and STACK RANK IT WITH:
1) The number of MURDER CAPITALS in the USA that have BLACK VICTIMS is its largest portion of the body count2) The number of MAJORITY BLACK SCHOOL SYSTEMS that have either lost their accreditation, gone fiscally insolvent or were said to be INFERIOR and thus the NAACP demanded that Blacks not go to their "community schools" but instead that "The Whites" SHARE THE POVERTY and thus allow more Negro "inferiors" into the "White Community Schools"3) Look past the BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS.  Instead set a target for the Black Community GDP that we need to be more self sufficient and then tell us HOW MANY BLACKS NEED TO BE GAINFULLY EMPLOYED to hit this target.  Then you can tell us HOW FAR SHORT WE ARE OF THIS NUMBER and thus NEWT GINGRICH'S WORDS ARE NOT MORE SUPERIOR THAN THIS MORE WORTHY TARGET
(Damn you are a pain in the behind)
*** And if Obama proposed a special "minority employment initiative" before this GOP Congress, negroes like you and your rightwing Massas will be the first ones screaming "entitlements and goodies". 
After King was murdered a group of "Progressives posing as Democrats posing as Black Leaders" gathered together to answer the question "What are we going to do now?"Rustin (LISTEN TO HIM in the new Malcolm X book) was the voice which said:
* The Black Community should VOTE* To place DEMOCRATS IN POWER* IN Every possible seat possible* To advance PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY* To allow Black people to CONTROL OUR COMMUNITIES* And PROSPER AS A RESULT
If you were an honest person you would note how this guidance SUCCESSFULLY compelled the NEGRO to take his "Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes" and channeled it INTO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!
The most disgusting part of your FRAUDULENCE is that you are such a NON-WHITE WHITE SUPREMACIST that you believe that  the REPUBLICANS have done more harm to you with GEORGE W BUSH than the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who have gotten you and 17 MILLION OTHER NEGROES to VOTE THEIR WAY TO THEIR SALVATION.............and when they now stand at the water's edge and should see JESUS - some of you all are willing to TAKE YET ANOTHER SET OF STEPS and VOTE HARDER because you believe that you are going to WALK ON WATER across the Pacific.
I have learned that I cannot FORCE A PEOPLE TO DEMAND RESPECT FOR the "contractual agreements" that they were induced into.HOWEVER when we look at the mortgage crisis and how 30 year contract terms were signed - MORE "VALUABLES FROM NEGROES" have been squandered per our POTENTIAL that is not being developed via the INSTITUTIONS that favorable people now control than ANYTHING that Citibank, WellsFargo, Bank Of America or Countrywide has taken from Black people with subprime mortgages.
The houses are stills standing and can be OCCUPIED by those who agree to kick down the door, property rights be damned.
FOR THE NEGRO CONSCIOUSNESS about himself, however, you single handedly prove that it has long ago collapsed.  

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