Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trying To "Connect" With Operatives From The Grio/Root

You have to give it to the Black Press - they are the finest "Republican Opposition Research team" .

When I listen to "Fight The Power Black-Wing talk radio" I marvel at their mastery of "White folks".

As the forces converge and force America to pay its credit card balance - I believe with everything in me - that the people who FAILED to think ahead, not developing the competencies that are needed to "survive on their own" (as a community) are going to be hit the hardest.

Edward Wyckoff Williams:

When I followed "Black" years ago I marveled at how it would feel to be an editorial cartoon writer in their offices in which 99% of my product that I had hanging on the walls in my office were images of MY IDEOLOGICAL ADVERSARY.  

I figured that it would be frightening to turn off the lights knowing that so many evil enemies were staring at me on the wall.

Here is what is perplexing about you, sir.  
With Barack Obama sitting in the chair of the "President and Commander In Chief".......................YOU COULD NOT BRING YOURSELF TO WRITE SUCH AN ARTICLE, SCRUTINIZING HIM.

Instead you follow your job description of The, the subsidiary of "MSNBC" and do "Opposition Research" yet call it "News".

Think about it this way........................."Brother".
The other day I read in the comments section of some blog a Black poster say: "EVERY point of opposition against Obama is RACIST".

I assure you, "Brother" that when the White people at MSNBC, the Democratic Party and "People For The American Way" read a BLACK PERSON making this case in defense of a sitting American President -------------------- they ask "HOW CAN WE CREATE MORE NEGROES WHO THINK THIS WAY???"

While you and the "cracked staff" at "The Grio/Root" are articulate about your enemy, can convince us that Herman Cain is the producer of "Housewives of Atlanta" and "Love And Hip Hop" and thus is the source of the latest attacks on the image of Black women and can "sell Obama" and other Progressives - better than their paid marketing staff members ever could - the problem is that as you execute your agenda - the REAL REASON why our ancestors desired a VOICE in GOVERNMENT that was not molested by the system:

* Quality Schools
* Safe Streets
* Thriving Local Economy
* Healthy Lifestyle and Relationship Outcomes..............

go UNMET within the Black Community - "Brother".

Here is your conundrum. 
In as much as you and your Progressive "Black Press" buddies SOLD OUR COMMUNITY on the vision of "Good Living Through Progressive Public Policy" - you understand that you cannot now set up a CHECKPOINT - where you demand EARNEST MONEY from the various campaigns that you are running cover for as they seek to collect another round of "Equal Black Ballots". 

Instead your job is to keep BASHING AND BASHING the Ideological Enemy - understanding that Black people - IN OUR PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS - hate our ideological enemy that resides in the "American Political Domain" more than we care to take a step back - make an assessment of the present VALUE of our "BLACK COMMUNITY 401K FUND" and then dare to ask "Where is the RETURN ON OUR INVESTMENTS - as we were promised?"

Do you see, "Brother" - an agent OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY would see the separation between the METHODOLOGY through which we will "See Development" and the need for an entity to provide FIDUCIARY PROTECTION of this "Community Fund" - ensuring that the POPULAR METHODOLOGY which your articles work to channel the masses into contributing - IS IN FACT producing RETURNS.

Fear not, Brother - I fully expect you to continue doing what you do.  
My new slogan as I watch the antics of "2012" is "IT DON'T MATTER BECAUSE IT DON'T MATTER ANYWAY".

It doesn't matter what the "Obama Fist Bump Black Press" does to converge the "Black Consciousness" into VOTING FOR OUR SALVATION.............................

None of this ultimately matters in our community's attempt to reach a FULLY MAXIMIZED EXISTENCE - because beyond the violations of "INTERNAL GOVERNANCE" (ie: no "investment guidance" on your part) - you and others are not confronting the PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS that seen our people "Consciously Integrated Into The System Of America" - that instead of producing "Organic Competencies" our collective fate is aligned with the "water level" in the lake called "America " indebted to the tune of $15T and still spending.

If you think that the US Post Office downsizing is problematic for Black folks - you haven't seen anything yet.

As a "Financial" guy - why aren't you educating our people with material such as this:

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