Monday, January 9, 2012

"Think Like A Progressive" Blog Provides Clues On The SUPERIOR Interests In The Minds Of Black Progressive-Fundamentalists

Do you notice a pattern here?

No, no, no.  I am not talking about the "White Conservative Republican" that makes "racially offensive remarks about Black people" that gets some Black folks riled  up and doubly committed to voting for the Democrats.

I am speaking about the array of content on the Progressive-Fundamentalists propaganda news outlets that DEFINE what is MOST IMPORTANT to Black folks.

You are witnessing what I call "Non-White White Supremacy".
They would like to rebut my charge by saying "So YOU expect us to ignore what these WHITE FOLKS are saying at the expense of Black people?"

ANSWER - I have yielded a long time ago that it is frivolous to try and define what people SHOULD BE offended by.

Instead I can only document the weight of their antics upon their own interests.

What we are seeing is how the "Black Vote Is Nullified From The Results That Favorable People Deliver" as they get into power over all of our institutions.  

Even though the past 4 years have shown an embarrssing number of "Majority Black School Systems" - losing accreditation, becoming functionally fiscally insolvent or caught up in cheating scandals - NO ONE EVER GETS FIRED at the hands of the Black Electorate BECAUSE - there are SUPERIOR threats that are put into our conscious vision that produce a "Circle The Wagon" racial defensiveness - preventing the needed management purging and replanting from taking place WITHIN.

FOR ME - It is more important to look at a TIME LINE and note the number of BLACK FOLKS who no longer need supplemental assistance to live up to the desired STANDARD OF LIVING because the forces that dominate the "Commanding Heights Within The Black Community" - the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS are sufficiently developing our people.

It comes as no surprise that the "Black Racial Services Machine" that dominates these Institutions has a vested interest in having their "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism" cog - focused on what their WHITE CONSERVATIVE ENEMIES are saying - all with the agenda of triggering the "defensive curl" that the Black voters will no doubt make.

If we hear "White Conservative Wolves" saying these things.................
What are the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" doing in relation to Black people?
ANSWER - Sending us TWITTER FEEDS about all of the RACISM that they heard their conservative brother in-law say about Black people in the family event in which there were only White people present.

Those with a "Non-White White Supremacist" consciousness about them are thankful to their Progressive joint venture partner for "warning then" about the danger they face.

They can't see that their "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Partners" WATCH BLACK PEOPLE - just as the Koreans do!!

They understand that "The Blacks" would logically have to "Occupy THEMSELVES" if they were to be transparent about the present situation in our communities after more than 50 years of electoral success in taking over our "Human Resource Development Institutions".  

Since the threat of "White Supremacy" rings more powerful in the minds of some Black people than is the case of the VISION of our "Fully Equal Status" - as developed through our INSTITUTIONS - the "White Progressive Cheshire Foxes" execute their BLACK INFERIORITY strategy by pointing us to what their "White Wolf" brothers are doing - KNOWING that at the end of the process they will hold "All Of The Negro's Gold".

To be clear - this is NOT a defense of Ginrich or Santorum.   They too are purposefully dropping "loaded words" to have the intended effect on their base.

MY ARGUMENT IS - that even when "Their Base" LEAVES US ALL ALONE and "Favorable People" come into power - the INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS NOT ADVANCED.   Despite having control over our institutions - THE WHITE MAN'S COMMENTS are more important to far too many Black people than is the proper governance of what is proven to be the essential catalyst for our uplift.

If The White Man Speaks or the White Man Is Silent - does it really make any difference?
When they start shooting us THEN come and talk to me.

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