Friday, January 13, 2012

The Slave Master Thought That Blacks Were "The Least Of These" Too

From Booker Rising

Ms Barber:

Please look at this video as a reference:

The White Racist Slave Master saw "The Blacks" as feeble, infantile creatures that needed the "care and feeding" of WHITE FOLKS to allow them to survive in a civilized manner.

* If you look at the docudrama "Goodbye Uncle Tom" you will see the dramatization of Black men employed to "sire" "Black Slave Babies" for his own profit as he increases his "Negro Head Count".   Please note that EVERYONE WHO SEEKS TO INCREASE THE "POPULATION OF NEGROES" are NOT working for the best interests of Black people

* If you consider the "3/5ths Compromise" this same WHITE SLAVE OWNER who were advocating for BLACKS BEING COUNTED AS EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS in the Pre-Civil War US Census counts - DID NOT intend to maximize the NEGRO HEAD COUNT, resulting in increased APPROPRIATIONS so that NEGROES WOULD BENEFIT from the "Nationalzied Redistribution".


1) WHY are you tricked by the antics of the NAACP which tries to MAXIMIZE THE BLACK VOTES as they claim that being CARDED is "Voter Surpression"?   GO LOOK at the NAACP and what they are doing in Newark, Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago - after the NEGRO VOTE HAS BEEN MAXIMIZED but the UNDERLYING PERMANENT INTERESTS have been MOLESTED.

Those who call us THE LEAST OF THESE are guilty of BLACK INFERIORITY not "Christian Grace".

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