Friday, January 13, 2012

"Republicans Who Are Black" - You Suck!

From Booker Rising

The "Republican who is Black" is clueless.
Most of them are unable to move beyond a TRANSACTIONAL view of events and make note that the BIGOTS who look to them to "DEFEND THEIR PARTY'S 'RACISM' " have no intention what so ever to account for the "Negro's Pots Of Gold" that the Democratic Party has collected.

WHAT GOOD IS RACISM CHASING when the greatest assaults upon the "Negro" today are done WITHOUT saying the word "Ninja" upon the execution of the attacks against our Permanent Interests?  

When their party is able to get the Negro to look past the assaults and INVEST MORE into the scheme - the OBVIOUS counter is to stop allowing them to "KEEP YOU ON TRIAL" and force them to TURN AROUND INTO THE BLACK CROWD that they are leading and ITEMIZE TO THEM THE ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT that has been bestowed upon them.

(Note:  I got the White cops to stop killing us IS NOT ORGANIC.   You now have STREET PIRATES more proficient than the White Cop at a 7 to 1 ratio)

This is why the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN is the enemy of ORGANIC BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.   It makes everyone not think straight. 

This is why "Republicans Who Are Black" are ultimately WORTHLESS in addressing the PRIMARY ISSUES that Black America faces to-damned-day.
As operatives within the "American Political Domain" they are forced to "Defend Their Party" - to the "delight" of IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTS who don't have to DEFEND THEIR PARTY.

POINT BLANK:  If the Republicans called Black people "Ninjas" every day and DID NOTHING ELSE -
PER MY VALUE SYSTEM this would pale in comparison to the FORCE that has:

* Convinced Black people to fuse our "Black Community Development Consciousness" onto their vehcile

* Has SUCCESSFULLY provoked EVERY cog in the "Black Racial Services Machine" to destroy their INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY - especially the "LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press

* And after 50 years of this HIJACKING - instead of being able to look WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY and stand on their ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT SUCCESS...................

They compel Negroes to:

1) VENERATE THIS President Of The United States in a protection racket
2) Compel Black folks to NOT SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER about our:
* Failing Schools
* Highest In The Nation UNEMPLOYMENT RATES
* Focus on stopping the 'State Sponsored Executions" while not being able to do a DAMNED THING about the "STREET PIRATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS" which has 13% of the population registered as 50% of the HOMICIDE VICTIMS

* CONVINCES "compliant Negroes" that the LINGERING DAMAGE FROM SLAVERY is a more powerful force on a 6 year old Black Child as he/she matriculates through the INSTITUTIONS that THEY NOW CONTROL - than is the FAILURE of these EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN to install the proper CONSCIOUSNESS in them.

Coby Dillard, other Loyal "Republicans Who Are Black" YOU ARE WORTHLESS.
You DESERVE the roasting that the "Progressive Fundamentalist BIGOTS" give you.
FIRST for "Associating with the Enemy" where you get called an "Uncle Tom"
and then for looking past the MOLESTATION that the people who COLLECTED THE EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS have wrought upon our people as you are too blind to look above the latest RACIST TRANSACTION that they look for you to APOLOGIZE FOR and instead make note that THEY DON'T APPOLOGIZE FOR SH383#&$$&.  

They blame YOUR PARTY for their failure and keep on collecting Votes From Ninjas who, upon failing to be DEVELOPED - they understand that THEIR VOTE is nullified from the REALITY ON THEIR STREETS but it can make them feel good as they "beat the enemy" !!!

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