Friday, January 13, 2012

Reaching Out To "The Black Rank & File", Hoping They'll Make Clear Demands Of The Black Propaganda Press

MSNBC's The Grio Focuses On Mitt Romney - Their Readers Continue To Bite

Walter Thompson III

Did you see that you "Put WHITE FOLKS on trial".

Tell us about BLACK FOLKS!!!!!!

My challenge to you is:

"WHY are you and The Grio still suggesting to us that our SALVATION is going to come through voting?"

I am still waiting for one transparent Black journalist who knows that in 2008 95% of Black folks who voted and no less than 90% of total Black folks (of all ages and incarceration status) SUPPORTED the plan that the Black Racial Services Machine which includes all Black Press outlets MARKETED TO THEM as the means by which our community would advance.    This did not start in 2008, by the way.  The Black community is on a more than 50 year track of VOTING FOR OUR SALVATION.

When you and  others are forced to talk about the 'sense that WHITE FOLKS" have or don't have and when you are forced to be the best source of "opposition research" - do you ever step back, make note of the statics about THE BLACK COMMUNITY?

Do you make notice of the stature that GOD intended us to stand?  Do you look across the seas at the Black Diaspora?  Do you note that NOT ONLY are you not prepared to HELP are fighting at the margins seeking to HELP YOUR SELF in the context of an American system that is all based on a $15T debt.

If you can't defend your own interests from the "editorial slant" of The Grio which wants you to LOOK PAST the INNER SPACE of our community and instead be guided to the shiny light coming from the Diebold voting machine on November then I am forced to say that the line up of operatives at "The Grio/Root/21" is NOT the problem.    The problem is with your own SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.

Is "We got white folks to stop being us" really an ORGANIC accomplishment for the Black community.  WHILE YES THIS WAS AN IMPORTANT STEP - it was accomplished via the GOVERNMENT and its enforcement of laws.

TODAY the Black community stands FREE.  The attacks and insults are EXCEPTIONS and NO WHITE REPUBLICAN can attack you without being prosecuted by law.  

Yet in our own community there are some areas with a homicide closure rate of less than 45% and , for some reason this is an INFERIOR insult to our people as we are looking out for KKK snowmen in Idaho.

Mr Thompson - are we on a track by which you feel confident that beyond our condition in 2016, at the cusp of another American election, you will feel comfortable that 2056 will be much different for the Black community as "America BROWNS"?

The failure of The Grio as a TRANSPARENT resource for advancing the Black Community's interests is that they can't bring themselves to see that the other cogs of the "Black Racial Services Machine", while indeed being BLACK, must be judged as a PROPOSAL for our development and that THEY as "Black Press Agents" must hold them to some road map.

NOT a road map of PROGRESSIVE WINS in elections.
Our ancestors did not want conservative or progressive - they wanted schools, jobs, health and safety     Do you see The Grio reporting on the CONDITION OF BLACK PEOPLE or the fact that they believe that PROGRESSIVE-FUNDAMENTALISM is the pathway to achieving the attributes above, though they avoid serving as the collector of EARNEST MONEY from Black Leaders at increments along the journey.

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