Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Poster From The Grio that I can agree with

MSNBC's The Mitt Romney Goes To War For The White Middle Class


In your attempted rebuttal based on what you thought that I said you accidentally state a solution but miss the point.

1) I am NOT "pissed".  I am observing and making analysis

2) I never said anything about leaving America

3) You argue that people should VOTE for what they want in America.   I counter that the people of Newark, Detroit, Flint, Milwaukee, Chicago, Philly, DC and Cleveland did in fact VOTE - just as others before you have prescribed.  After they elected "Favorable People Into Power" - this still did not provide the "community salvation" that they were sold on.    NO ONE GOT FIRED for attaching the 'Black Community Development Consciousness" into VOTING and investing into a particular party and ideology.

4) "We Settle For The Bare Minimum".   You ironically are in line with my analysis.  What you are failing to admit is that a person who "IS CONTENT WITH SETTLING FOR THE BARE MINIMUM"  and given an EQUAL BLACK BALLOT in his hand is going to VOTE FOR HIS PROSPERITY even if it means Confiscation of other people's resources in the name of SOCIAL JUSTICE.  They will unfortunately apply this "Black Inferiority" in a manner in which they mistake "Being In Receipt of Benefit" is EQUAL TO being able to use their own INSTITUTIONS to provide their desired standard of living ORGANICALLY.  When the system goes bankrupt they will understand that they were CONSUMERS of the system that lifted them up, not sufficiently driving their own institutions.

5) . What we don't need is yet another "NAACP" type apologist, who will point every single excuse in the book that we have for failing as a people   I see the NAACP as merely a group of people with a METHODOLOGY though which they claim will "protect the interests of Black people".   The real problem is that among the Black Rank & File there is no structure by which the NAACP and others who HAVE OUR CONFIDENCE can be checked for their EFFECTIVENESS.   They are more interested in stopping state executions than then can do anything to reduce 50% homicide victimization rate for our people that are only 13% of the population.

My FUNDAMENTAL argument is that Black people need to see the difference between what is POPULARLY ACCEPTED as EFFECTIVE POLICIES for our people and what ACTUALLY WORKS.    They want some alternative  force that is more compelling to Blacks than the present Progressive-Fundamentalist domination, thus "taking away the flock".   In truth THE FLOCK needs to develop a more sophisticated architecture for governance WITHIN, limiting the ability of the 'Free Radicals' to use our plight for their agenda, moving the ball of "ORGANIC COMPETENCY" little to show for our INVESTMENTS.

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