Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Perils Of Misplaced Veneration And Black Inferiority

My reply on the Booker Rising blog: (which got ensnared in the content filter for some reason)

Some people can't accept that the "office of the President of the United States" is resident inside of the "American Political Domain" while their children were provided to them as a gift from God, that they were asked to VENERATE THAT OF THEIR OWN, not that which "Caesar has constructed". 

 [quote]. His White daughters cleaning in a White church, and Blacks kids cleaning a public school are not even similar.[/quote]

Chris G:

If news was released that Barack Obama was planning to attend a rally in a high school in Newark NJ - we would see on the next season of "Brick City" the Negro Democrats in the community coming into  buidling with their own household cleaning supplies to scrub the school and make it spic and span.

The local city council Black caucus would lead the way, saying 'We are NOT going to embarrass ourselves like this, allowing THIS President of the United States to come into our school with so much squalor.

There would be a bath room crew that paid specially attention to all of the restroom facilities.  The loudest of the Fight The Power activists commanding her underlings saying:  'We need to make sure that there is not a single mark on the wall of any toilet stall, in case Obama has to 'Occupy' one of the facilities"

shamefully those who live vicariously through Obama can't "venerate" their own children in the same manner.

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