Saturday, January 7, 2012

Media Matters: Depiction Of Michelle Obama As Marie Antoinette RACIST!!!

I actually give credit to Media Matters and the entire "back channel Twitter feed" that flows from White Progressive Cheshire Foxes into "Black Progressive Syndicates" who otherwise don't have time to scour the media looking for "offensive material".

After years of observing Black people and our popular sensibilities they understand that the primary means of compelling Black people to stay UNITED with them in their "Progressive/Social Justice Struggle" is to keep throwing RACISM into the attention of Black Americans.

Black voters are known to:

  • Prioritize Racial defensiveness over punitive consequences for Failed Schools 
  • Prioritize Racial defensiveness over protests against Favorable People In Power who have not changed the "New Jim Crow" outcomes in the Criminal Justice System
  • Prioritize Racial defensiveness over Blacks as a group having the highest unemployment rate in the nation.   Agreeing that this is NOT evidence of failed economic theories but that RACISM in the public sector is the leading reason.
It is a good thing that the Korean Merchants that dominate the Black community don't accept the Twitter feeds from Media Matters.   They are busy Tweeting among themselves about the latest consumer trends among their Black customers. 

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