Friday, January 27, 2012

From Booker Rising:

[quote]Black conservatives affiliated with the Project 21 leadership network are unimpressed with President Barack Obama’s progress during his three years in office.[/quote]

Dear Project 21:

On that fateful eve we learned that 9 Somalians were killed by US Seals inside of the sovereign nation of Somalia.  They ventured into this nation from a US military base in the nation of Djibouti.  This the same base from which drones that struck Libya were launched.  Far closer than the European bases that the European colonial powers flew their air force fighters from as they bombed Libya. 

Obama should be understood as the "More Efficient American Imperialist".
The Negroes who were heard cheering this latest action are unable to string together what they watched yesterday on the progressive "Democracy Now" regarding the Hydetha Massacre in Iraq, where Us Troops are trained to throw a granade into a room and then shoot everything that is moving WITH THE 9 DEAD NEGROES IN SOMALIA - all done to save 2 non-Africans.

As the SEAL TEAM retires from active military service and are seen as valuable commodities by various urban police forces in America that have "Negro Problems" that these advance techniques are deemed useful to immobilize Street Pirates , fear not Project 21, the protests that you DO NOT SEE TODAY by those who say "Free Mumia.  Free The land" ( at 6pm eastern on fridays) will be seen at some future date as a figure less regarded than Obama gives the urban police the green light to ENGAGE THE NEGRO SUSPECTS and thus a pressure washer is needed to clean the blood and guts from the walls and floor.

The fact that a DBE vendor to the city has been contracted to supply the cleaning supplies to the city will not be sufficient to cool down the Negroes that are presently compliant, living vicariously through the Commander in Chief Of the US Allied Military forces - THE OCCUPIERS OF AFRICA - their sovereignty be damned.  Those who first drew the lines in the first place are back in control.

The Black Nationalists with the fanciful dreams of returning to the mother land to reunite the diaspora can't bear to see that their present support of the disrespect of the sovereignty of these nations will be used as  a precedent to kill their asses upon their return.  Those in the future watching the imperialists will venerate their leaders just as the unconscious Negro once did.

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